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Robin Zimm - known as "packbat" on most Friending Networks - is a grad school dropout, nonbinary trans lady, and enthusiastic fan of quite a lot of things. Still prone to hitting Save before Preview and having to do another edit to fix.

Circa 2017, she's still playing a lot of Dungeons & Dragons (3.5e and Next i.e. 5e) and watching a lot of Let's Play videos, but she's also taken to hanging out on a number of group chats and occasionally talking about writing fanfic without ever actually finishing much.


Some of her more noteworthy edits:

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    Adding images to 
    Writing reviews for 
    Performing major edits on 
    Adding pages for 

...and plugging Roman à Clef among the other Based on a True Story tropes and adding material from her superfluous YKTTW.