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WARNING! Contains unavoidable spoilers

The main contributors of this page are very considerate in the use of virtual masking tape, however many spoilers (e.g. new characters introduced as part of an existing team or cape name changes) cannot be avoided. Continue reading at your own risk (or go back to the main page).

In addition to the Character Sheets here, a relatively spoiler-free cast page may be found on the work's website here, and a relatively spoiler-full cast page here.


For characters first appearing in the sequel, Ward, see here.

  • Undersiders (Undersiders, Minions of the Undersiders)
  • Heroes in Brockton Bay
  • Gangs of Brockton Bay (The ABBnote , The Pure, Fenrir's Chosen, Coil, Faultline's Crew, The Merchants, The Travelers)
  • Sponsored Heroes (The Protectorate, The PRTnote , The Wards, New Wave, Haven, The Yàngbǎn)
  • Worldwide Threats (The Endbringers, The Slaughterhouse Nine, Cauldron, Other S-Class Threats)
  • Other Characters (The Ambassadors, The Fallen, The Teeth, The Adepts, Scion, Misc. Superheroes and Rogues, Misc. Villains, The Birdcage, Parahumans Online, Others)
  • Capes in General


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