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Tear Jerker / Strip Search

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  • In the third elimination episode, it is absolutely heartbreaking to see Jerry and Mike go on about having to choose who to eliminate, since both Lexxy and Tavis have performed so well. Mike even goes on a Turn Off the Camera-inducing rant about how there are other artists in the house that are much worse than the two contenders who would deserve to go home more. In the end, they make their choice, but cannot bring themselves to destroy the printout of the loser's strip like they would usually do.
  • From nearly the beginning of the show, Amy Falcone seemed to be the only contestant without Reality Show Genre Blindness — to give the two most obvious examples, she put Katie against Alex in the first episode because she figured that Alex would lose and she could mend fences with Katie relatively easily and she sandbagged on the Twitter challenge (including no humor at all in her tweets) in order to avoid attracting attention by doing too well. Possibly as a result, she becomes extremely distressed when Lexxy returns in Ep. 14 — that event utterly violates all reality-show rules. And she realized, talking to Tavis the next day, that she had walled a part of herself off from the rest of the people there by approaching the game that way, ending with a tear-filled Confession Cam.
    Amy: I think I was really on guard — I didn't need to be so on guard ... and so, like, even if it means that I go home today, I'd rather, like, be myself today.
    • And then she gets sent home in the very next elimination.
  • Nick Trujillo looks like he's on the verge of tears when he gets sent home.
  • After Erika gets sent home, it's deeply emotional:
    • When she's doing the first interview, she ends up crying when she's talking about how wonderful it was to actually be able to hang out with a lot of people and be comfortable with them.
    • Then, after Mike and Jerry get in, they have to reassure her that she was chosen to be on the show because she absolutely deserved to be there, because she sincerely thought she wouldn't have been given the chance.

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