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The other duck is a troper, a programmer, and an author. Not in that order.

It comes from Sweden, or Stockholm more specifically. This means it understands Swedish and English, and thus consider itself bilingual. It may also have a basic understanding of German, Old Norse, and Japanese. In that order.

There are two reason it writes fanfiction. The first purpose is to practice writing. This is probably evident in its usual Author's Notes that tend to get a little too long at times. The second purpose is fun. If you write, and you don't enjoy it, you're doing it wrong. Well, unless you make money.


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Tropes associated with this author:

  • Ambiguous Gender: It's a duck. Male? Female? Something else entirely? Who knows? The other duck knows.
  • Bilingual: Swedish and English. In that order. Claims to not speak English, but to understand and write the language.
  • Death of the Author: The other duck firmly believes that since fiction is meant to be entertainment first and foremost, you're free to interpret it the way you want. However, it's still just that: A personal interpretation. It's how you should enjoy the work the most you can, but not something everyone else should necessarily follow; that's their choice. If you think canon is the One True Way of interpreting the work, Word of God decides, but only for people who think like you.
  • Devil's Advocate: It may on occasion get into heated discussions about topics it doesn't necessarily care about, or even when it has the opposite opinion, when the one side simply doesn't give a decent argument.
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  • Duck!
  • Forgiveness: True forgiveness is not earned; it is given.
  • Morally Ambiguous Ducktorate: Not exactly Good, not exactly Evil.
  • Old Shame: An old fanfic based on Dawson's Creek that, while enjoyable for a duck or another, included a Mary Sue Self Insert Character. The fic was scrapped once the author realised that. It's probably saved somewhere, but you may not read it.
  • Precision F-Strike: Very rarely swears (above minor ones like damn and hell), and once it does, people get the point. It also likes to employ a similar strategy for many kinds of humour. Use it rarely, and make it count. Don't overuse it.
  • Pun: There are two kinds of people: Those who enjoy puns, and those who won't admit it. The other duck loves to play with words. It's one of the fun things with writing.
  • True Neutral: In arguments, it may join the weaker side just to provide a balanced field. See also the above on Devil's Advocate.
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  • Write What You Know: Most written characters have some flavour of the creator's personality or life.
  • World Building: May enjoy this more than writing itself. The self-created fantasy world, by the working name of Gaea, includes a couple of languages, a detailed magic system, genetics of the humanoid races and demons, Loads and Loads of Characters, a four-era timeline, a world map, and more written material than the stories themselves.

This won't sting. Much.

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