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I am every fear confirmed.

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I generally don't watch TV, but when I do, I watch:

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    Vidya Gaems 

Tropes that I apply to myself

I do not adhere to rigid, arbitrary terminology. I am a nuanced human being.

Tropes that others apply to me

Vandalism Be Here

Vandalism? no, I dare say, this is the work of genius. ~TOD

  • When I was a child I thought the Italics were called so because of the ruins of the ancient Rome, you know, the letters are felt, most of the ruins are felt...Uh, nevermind... MrsRatched

(The excessive "Vandalism" once seen here was removed and replaced with a parenthetical phrase by Zeik Hunter)

Ailedhoo was not the one who made this page, for this is not a page. It is a duck. -Ailedhoo

hope you like italics ~TOD

  • Number Two FOREVER ! And you can haf frontal lobez whenever you want. I've got many brains that I have to make disappear, anyway... ~Dhana Ragnarok

  • Rivux presents a cookie! Do you accept!?
    • Rivux does not keep track of his vandalism! Rivux vandalizes Prometheus's page twice!!!
    • Rivux continues to forget that he vandalized Prometheus's page already!
    • Rivux is cutting the crap with the darkred markup and awarding you a Crowning Moment Of Awesome for this.

Your page doesn't have enough vandals on it. But I'll fix that.Sean Murray I

A Winner Is You! Ailedhoo

The faeries were here. Stealing your fire. And snitching to Zeus. - Stolen By Faeries

  • You haven't told me your problem with metal core yet? ~raigakuren
    • I don't take kindly to it.

Never rub another man's rhubarb. —Sean Murray I

You make the Forum Games thread way more fun. - @A certain punk...

By the way, have I ever told you you have such excellent taste? Enjoy another Blue Velvet avatar, my gift to you. —Sean Murray I

"He ejaculates in my wound."Sean Murray I

  • That was one of the best things I've ever seen.


I AM THE SCOUT HERE! —- Wanderer of the Wastes

Hello! Just leaving a little mark on this page... -kicks over trash can- ...There we go! Toodles! ~skyflower

  • Oh dear, I seem to be back. Er... -breaks vase- Toodle-y-doo! ~skyflower

  • "I just want to bring fire to the people." (Lex Luthor) I hope, judging by your name, that you'll understand the reference. :D -Reset Locksley
  • Sir, we're going to have to examine your brain for worms. Please lie down on your back. - Physical Stamina
  • WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH - Physical Stamina

  • I ACCIDENTALLY LEFT CAPS LOCK ON. There, that's better. ~skyflower

  • Scizor X Heracross=???? Blaziken X Infernape=???? ???? X ????=New Pokemon-Xiphos Orochi 666

  • What's haniniiiiiiiiiiiin'? - Physical Stamina

  • Saw The Dark Knight Rises last night. Great movie, better concluding chapter in a film trilogy than Return of the Jedi, and it's also better than Austin Power's Goldmember and Scream 3. I have to say, I was really shocked when Alfred died. The way Bane just crushed his skull like a beer can.... it was definitely the most surprising thing I've seen in a comic book movie since Professor X disintegrated in X-Men 3. —Sean Murray I

  • Hallo! ...I had something to say, but then I lost it. ~Sad Panda

  • You remind me of my brother. You're both 19 and old for your age. ~skyflower

  • I had to update the number of times I've claimed to have seen Johnny Mnemonic. It's just sooooo bad. Honestly, Robert Longo and William Gibson were the Uwe Boll the world never had. It's a science-fiction story that isn't even true to any of its own internal logic; it isn't even consistent with any of the non-science-fictiony story stuff. It's the dumbest movie ever made for $25 Million. —Sean Murray I

  • You're a pretty neat guy yourself, Prometheus. Thank you for the kind words you left on my page, and for generally being fun to hang around with. Never lose that awesome taste in film, either. —Mobile Leprechaun
  • Snooping as usual I see?-Xiphos Orochi 666
  • I respect anyone who reads a lot and is into classic movies.-Kossmeister
  • Herp a derp. - Landorkus
  • You can't just have two signatures. It's not done! It's... it's blasphemy! Heresy! Goes against all basic principles of signaturedom! ~Dr. Meowgon Spengler
  • Here I am again. So long and may your fish never stink.-Kossmeister
  • I just realized how much I vandalize your page... which is why I'm here again, obviously. Rock candy, anyone? ~skyflower
  • I enjoyed our chat on Synchtube today. Plus, your music taste is cool. Hope to chat again. c: -Danniiee