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I am currently a resident of Gainesville and a graduate of the University of Florida, where I studied history of science.

One of my current projects is the Megacrossover Wiki.

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  • I say, first vandalism opportunity? By god, what an opportunity! I shall claim this land in the name of Gorgonzola and Other Assorted Stinky French Cheeses! -plants a flag- ~Lord Cheeseworth III Of Dairy Kingdom
  • I say, yet another vandalism opportunity for our glorious Kingdom! I CLAIM YET ANOTHER PIECE OF LAND IN THE NAME OF GORGONZOLA AND OTHER ASSORTED STINKY FRENCH CHEESES! -plants another flag- ~Lord Cheeseworth III of Dairy Kingdom
    • I shall fight ye for this fine piece of cheese! Here me now, I shall slash every throat of any man, woman, or snuffleumpagus who stands between me and this plot! Away with ye! ~Dr. Meowgon Spengler
  • So tired and yet I still fight the good fight.-Xiphos Orochi 666

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  • I also Say, that you have been vandalised! Although, I forgot the bat in which to cause property damage. SO TAKE THIS <- -Olivetree

  • Nize Phone Booth. -Matues

  • *sprays graffiti* - Physical Stamina

  • Das war ein Befehl! Der Angriff Steiners war Befehl! Wer sind Sie, dass Sie es wagen, sich meinen Befehlen zu widersetzen?! -The Ranting Bunkerfuhrer

  • (Epic Opera Music)The world shall be reborn!-Xiphos Orochi 666

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