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Hello, and welcome to my The troper page of TOD.

Considering my username, you can probably ascertain that my sex is of the masculine type. Of course, the particularly snoopy members among you may desire to know my age, which is numbered 18

My alignment is Chaotic Neutral, which is Ironic considering my verbose writing style

I am what one would call an "aspiring author", one who has stories, but has yet to actually get around to telling them.


Doodle ZONE


Le vandalism. —Belfagor

SECOND! -Inhopelessguy

Oh dear. I seem to be vandalizing your page. Oh well. ~skyflower

-draws a mustache on your avatar- Muahahahaha! ~Misuki

H-here I go! I-I'm totally flipping your lamp! I-I mean...*walks away in shame* ~ A Stray Bard

Oh, how I love to create headings. Even if they are pointless. ~ A Stray Bard

Oh, I've been here before! Welp, toodles! ~skyflower


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