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Born in November 1987. Lifelong gamer. Internet, manga, and tv junkie. Working to become somebody in the gaming industry.

Tastes are very broad. Very few dislikes. Only ones known so far are for rapid-fire referential humor series such as Pani Poni Dash, country music, reality shows, music tv channels, real-life sports, and sports games.

Recently-discovered aspie, formerly diagnosed as hyperlexic. Personality traits are pretty much all of those described in the link. Depressing childhood socially. Lots of fighting. Hardly any friends from back then, but the few remaining are truly good ones.


Oddly enough, knows the value of keeping secrets when necessary, so usually trustworthy with confidential information. Finds the contradiction amusing.

Also was an active member in Kingdom Hearts: Twilight of the Stars. Played "J".

For an archive of and place for vandalism, go here.

Permanently forum-banned, but can still be reached through PM.