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Hey, ladies and gentletropers! What's up? Welcome to my humble troper page.

Around here I go by the name of Bobby G, but you can call me anything you like so long as it's nice! I study English literature and creative writing in Wales, and am consequently unlikely to get your maths jokes, not even the stupid ones. I like marmalade sandwiches, Doctor Who and every integer between 1 and 5, inclusive, and I follow Homestuck obsessively.

As of the 21st of April 2012, I am not currently working on the cutlist or participating on the forums.

About Me

Bobby G is one of the nicest people ever. (William Wide Web)

  • I second that. Also, he shares my name, making for some really funny thoughts in my head. (Lucky Revenant)
  • Thirding. Hello, Bobby! (SPACE TRAVEL!)
Bobby G is one of the most welcoming people on the forum! (Galeros)

He's from Gloucestershire, whose flag looks like it inspired the one for Portland. This bit of trivia is sure to come in handy someday.

Wait, the Portland flag actually came first and neither is more than ten years old. Never mind. (English Ivy)

Bobby G is super-nice and one of the friendliest people here! (Outta The BLAM)

Bobby G is an all around nice guy and that's simply unacceptable. (Hilarity Ensues)

Bobby G actually threatened each and every poster above with a hot poker if they wouldn't say nice things about him on his page. Haven That was a lie, and you're on fire for believing it.

Bobby G is very niiiiice. How much? insofar

Despite all the arguments we get into about Lolicon or whatever, Bobby G is actually one of my favourite tropers. —Nyktös

Bobby G is a pretty cool guy. Eh has a cute avatar and doesn't afraid of flame wars. —Pirka

Bobgoblin rocks! He's also insomniac, but I bet we don't help that any. ~Katrika

Bobby G is os awesome, he's the only man I'm gay for.-Blac K King

Bobby G tolerates me far too much. -Tzetze

Bobby G, despite me not always on the same side as he is, is a fine chap. -signed, Kinkajou

Bobby G is made from PEOPLE! ~ Zyxzy

Bobby G, when I ask my future kids what they wanna be when they grow up, they'll unfailingly answer, "a vigilante taxonomist!"—Longfellow

I will not start his sentence with ?Bobby G?. Haha! Success is mine! ?Justice4243

I believe in Bobby G. -Dramatic fistpump-" -Barkey

Bobby G is my official Sitcom Arch-Nemesis from this moment. - Aminatep

Ahoy there, fellow G! - Imipolex G

Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! Stay cool, Bobby! — goodtimesfreegrog

The best whorish church-going liberal Methodist Christian engaged in an adulterous ménage-à-trois with agnostic humanism and agnostic moral nihilist non-cognitivism flirting with Discordianism behind their backs there ever will be. - Krrackknut.

BobbyG was once a Woobie. Remember it always! AHR

i think that bobby G is a Pretty Cool Guy, eh mods forums and doesn't afraid of anything. — Hatter

Bobby G's from England, that alone makes him sort of cool. - Catfish42

Bobby G kindly reminds me to take my meds and not to miss my therapy session. - Chickenzhit

i think Bobby G is a pretty cool guy. eh fights godmoders and doesn't afraid of anything — Tofu

....I seriously haven't left anything here yet? THIS IS BLASPHEMY. ALL HAIL THE ALMIGHTY CHURCH OF BOBBY-Dark Lady Celebrian

Bobby G is a Torchwood nerd and that's fine in my book. He also seems to like him some Sarah Jane Adventures going by all his avatars as of late. — Old Man Ho Oh

Bobby G has good taste in music. — M0ther Brain

I always read Bobby G's posts in a sexy British accent like Bakura's, except he's way nicer than Bakura. — On The Other Handle

Bobby G is Amy Pond. — Home Page

Well, of course. Bobby is a girl's name. I think? — Old Man Ho Oh

Big up for my homie in Shire — Jethro Q Walrustitty

Mind Screwer Like You! - Noaqiyeum

Nobody hates Bobby G - Land Of Gold

Bobby G provided the quote in my forum signature! - Pinata

I pray to Bobby G as the god of forums and intellectual debate. - Diamonnes

Bobby G made the faeries curious. - a faerie

Thanks for playing Devil's Advocate for me here and there. At least someone can see SOME value in what I'm saying, even if you disagree with the end result - King Zeal

Bobby G is the coolest and awesomest dude! Dracosketch

BOY OR GIRL??? Either way, you're a pretty good mod >.> Haldo

How the hell have I not vandalised your page yet? Ah well, here it goes. BOBBY G ROCKS! Game Chainsaw

Here he stands, one of the coolest people on the site. And not just because of the fancy mod hat. Argeus The Paladin

Bobby G can speak French I think, because he spoke it in my thread! Pretty cool. - Bookyangel2438

Bobby G is a mod. Mods are cool. ~ betterthanstrawberry

Bobby G is quite a brony. ~ Hydronix

Bobby G simply is, and that should be enough to please you. ~ Jimmmyman10

Hi Bobby.~ Ultimatum

Bobby G is the coolest person named Bobby G on all of Tv Tropes! ~ Malph

Bobby is the Comedian to my Rorschach. 'Course, he'll be the only one to get this, but w/e. :D ~Flyboy

Bobby G is one of the best moderators!! ~ MSCC93

Bobby G displays examples of...

...well, I'm not sure. But I think Wiki Magic is awesome, so please add something if you want!

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Reviews I am to blame for:

Live Blogs I am to blame for:

Other stuff that's my fault:

Famous British characters in TV Tropes The TV Show. In a show that's supposed to cover the range of English-language fiction, who the hell would want to waste time on what Europeans are up to? TV Tropes, bitch! We'll kick your ass for saying that nothing good comes from the British Isles! ~~Ironeye


British folk cannot escape the New Years Vandal! Hoping your 2010 is effing awesome, Katrika.

Alternative Title(s): Bobby In The Library