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I used to post on the forums a lot

Below this line is my gallery of found art, in the form of Wiki Magic you contribute. Go wild.

Longfellow is Not Too Foreign

Longfellow has dysentery.


You seem fine. Returning the favor. -signed, Kinkajou

Is that Pryce? - SRC

Blaine. Though, that's an idea for a future avatar. Thanksies :)

Longfellow is a pretty cool guy, and I fear him most in this Pokemans tournament we're running. - Moriatti

If it makes you feel better, I lost to Beta Ray last time we fought.

Kayeka wants to say that you seem like a good guy.

Far too underdeveloped. Let's fix that. ~ Zyxzy

Though I'd like to play you @ Super Mario Kart, I'm afraid of getting completely thrashed. Schitzo

I just made your page a bit longer. I shall proceed to do a happy dance. - Gentlemanorcus

Count Dorku used Reciprocal Vandalism!

It's super effective!

Whazzup? :-) —Fuzy2K

Has hilariously appropriate surname. - Not-So-Badass Longcoat

Longfellow has the best sounding voice out of any Troper. Ever. - Shlapintogan

The faeries thank you for the avatar with vandalism! - Stolen By Faeries

Nintendo Hard games are the best! Unless they're Unwinnable... - Amused Troper Guy <<|The Contributors|>>