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It is likely that there was a page here in the past.

Hey, buddy! My fora researching Distaff Counterpart! Keep up the good work.
RESPONSE: Wait, don't you mean Spear Counterpart?

I'm fine now. -signed, Kinkajou

You have a lot of odd numbers in your personal data. ~Longfellow

I do not think you should feel guilty for enjoying K-On! That being said, what is TVT Ropes? It sounds interesting.-Louie W


Haruhi went trough a weird cycle. First it was new and trendy to like it. Then to dislike it. Now to like it, but only on threads about it. What I am saying is that haters gonna hate and GREAT EQUALIZER IS THE DEATH-The Adversary

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Alternative Title(s): Src 9, SXTRLCYA