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Count Dorku is one of those people I never really notice until he says something that seriously makes me laugh.
- Weissritter

I have returned to completely rewrite this page after literal years of neglect! Go me! I mean, seriously, it's been so long since I updated this thing that it didn't even describe me as ace. Now that's old.

I have a tumblr that is still in all caps due to inertia (it started as a Karkat RP blog, then mutated into my general tumblr), a twitter, and I apparently write fanfiction now.

I am effectively something of a steward for the Val and Isaac, TB Skyen and Outside Xbox pages.

Other tropes present in this troper's life:

I am likely to get irrationally angry about the works of Ayn Rand.

Please keep all vandalism below this line.

How has nobody vandalized this page yet? It's unbelievable! Well, your old buddy Takwin is going to fix that.

  • Thanks, pal. You never forget your first piece of invited vandalism. (Or perhaps you do, it's only been a few days.)

I chuckle every time I see your name. - Longfellow

  • Thanks!

Yo, Dorku. Just came in to say that you amuse me. - Juan Carlos.

Dorku, just popping in to say that your Water Burned antics are hilarious. -Trope Eater <<|The Contributors|>>