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Just one of the many crazy Tropers. Hasn't done much yet, beyond a few minor edits, but is determined to create a page for a Visual Novel he's been playing lately.

Gamer, Anime geek, Manga fanboy, overall Japanophile, wannabe Tabletop RP Gamer. Oh, and Biology Student. But who cares for academics?

Tropes that aply to Kayeka;

Game(s)(Franchises) he enjoys:

Manga he enjoys:

Stuff he is currently watching/playing/reading/whatevering:

Anyone care to make a note on my page? Please do so!

Thank you very much for a most stimulating debate :)—Rbx5

'ey Zeg, hadden wij elkaar niet getroffen op de Ventrilo? Curieus! - Mister Always

Wasssssssssssssup. Hai. Bonjour. Konnichiwa. Anyounghaseo. - neobowman

Salve, fellow troper. Peel back the corner of your userpage to reveal further instructions; then hurry to my coordinates with a detachment of Palinates. We can't hold out much longer without the supplies. Godspeed- Muramasan13

Ik denk dat Kayeka is een vrij koele kerel. Hij geeft me een excuus om Nederlands te spreken en is nergens bang voor. - Diamonnes

Welcome to the perilous world of Team Fortress 2. Do take care not to annoy Medics and for the love of God WATCH OUT FOR SPIES! ;) - OrangeSpider

Could've sworn I wrote something here. Correcting now. - Spirit