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You've just stumbled onto the page of a troper most prone to violent Cluster F Bombings and verbal Comedic Sociopathy, and Brütally Hönest while doing so. A New Yorker, though only mentally (in a city with no Empire State Building, the Empire Stalin Building must do - for fuck's sake, why couldn't it have been subway instead?!), a philosopher with A Degree In Badass (more exactly aesthetics, but selling a thesis on "The question of mimesis in Tabletop RPGs" to decrepit European academia takes some badassitude), a collector of Cool Guns (replicas only, though), sarcastic punslinger with a habit of quoting various things (songs, movies, video games...) and dropping Grissom Oneliners when situation just asks for it. Why "Not So Badass Longcoat"? Because when you're built like a chicken, it's hard to look badass in a black leather coat (plus, it's a bit of an Artifact Title, since the longcoat was Awesome, but Impractical). Irony and one-liners kinda help, but overall, there's no full Badass Longcoat impact here.

I created:

  • Dzwiedz 24: my slightly irregular Youtube channel, cleaned of decade-old cruft (I left a couple of things like two recut trailers and a funny video I edited for a friend) and reworked into a collection of gaming videos.
  • Seriously Mike Creatives: photography, video editing and some minor graphic design projects like creating logotypes for video game titles I came up playing Game Dev Tycoon.
  • Michael J. West, Paranormal Investigator: limited only to the first short story, The Case of Uncle Herbert.
  • Bjorn Westlander, Agent Retriever: several fantasy short stories about a failed magic student turned Adventurer Archaeologist.

And I was here before the trope.

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