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This is not how I look. Like, at all.

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Don't wanna. Maybe later. The time has come.

Wicked223 is a longtime lurker, medium-time editor. relativelyshort-time forum poster. He is a fan of anime, comic books, film, wester animation- you know what, I'm pretty much a fan of all media. I don't discriminate. Anyway, my contributions to the wiki have been relatively, fixing markups, making laconic pages, that sort of thing. I don't think you want to hear about my non-existant political beliefs so here's some stuff that's not that.

Movies Wicked223 plans on watching


Wicked223 is a fan of:

Anime and Manga

Comic Books



Live Action TV

Video Games

Western Animation

Laconic pages create by Wicked223:

List of webcomics to read:

Works pages created by Wicked223:

Binging On X

This is something I just started doing a while ago. So, since experience the vast majority of things is very limited, I have decided to direct my attentions to specific things in particular. These shall heretofore be referred to as "binges". They shall be cataloged below.

Classic Literature

"Classics" being things that are highly regarded and loved by everybody. You know, those things that everyone reads over and over again whatever.

Ones already read/started:

Authors/Books planning on looking for:

The ones in tildes are tentative.

If you want, you can tell me what I should read next.

The Disney Animated Canon

This one hasn't actually been started yet. I've probably watched about a quarter of these, and most of them are classics, and they're all good, so watch them I shall

Again, hasn't been started yet.

The Works of Naoki Urasawa

As the result of hearing endless amounts of gushing over this man and his works, I started reading some of his manga. I am now determined read all of them, if possible

Ones started

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Do whatever the hell you want below this.


Keikaku doori...

THE TYME HATH COME -vandalize, vandalize, vandalize, vandalize- - El The Daze

Haha! I vandalized ya! ~Katrika

Why do you lie on your image caption? We all know that that's what you look like! ~ Lizard Bite

Wicked, you are a brave man.

  • Inorite?
  • Go forward so us less-brave souls can experience the horrors of My Immortal! Brave enough to face the demon possessing your keyboard every time you use it, too.

Your page is all fancy and mine is not. Also, Ozbourne was here.

I thought your page would be completely unintelligible due to your fucked up keyboard -Neo_Crimson

Hello. I just answered your question on the Revolutionary Girl Utena discussion page. Suffice it to say that it's longer than the first guy's answer. - Nights1st Star

Get a better keyboard, I hope. - signed, Kinkajou

I'm in ur wiki, raeping ur userpage. ~Charlatan

Does the fact that I imagine your posts as read by a timid, quiet girl make this post even better? ~ melloncollie

  • Besids the fact that you imagine me as a timid little girl, HELLZ YES

I'm afraid that if I keep referring to you as Wicked, people will think I'm from Boston. - English Ivy

Took me long enough to return the favor. Hiya Wicked. ~ Zyxzy

YOU HAVE BEEN DONE.-William Wide Web

Ozbourne does not do people, at least not in that way.

DANCING KIRBIES!! <(^^)> <(^^<) (>^^)> <(^^)> "Poyo~!"—Squealing Sandry


Lizard Bite: You can keep denying it, but you can't hide the truth!

The faeries were curious. - StolenByFaeries

Yay for King Crimson! - MidnightRambler
You don't possess me
Don't impress me
Just upset my mind
Can't instruct me
Or conduct me
Just use up my time...

hello sir, you are damn cool (therefore you must be vandalised). Enjoy your day - SunshineWerewolf
Jlauzon : Your pony is not amused. However, I vandalise anyway! :-] (That's a raep faec.)

Cool "photo". It almost looks like a Magic card. - Amused Troper Guy

Notable quotes:

"You know what? If this is what punk was supposed to be rebelling against, then fuck punk."