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"It's a large brick house. You can't miss it."

"You know, you never really know a car until you've driven it through a wall. This little baby did good!"
Sam Axe, Burn Notice, "Devil You Know"

You know how car accidents are a serious matter? And crashing into a building would be a big deal? Not so in TV Land.

A trope often seen in sitcoms, usually played for a bit of drama, a lot of laughs and shock value all at the same time. You have a new driver... or maybe an old driver... or a drunk driver...Maybe even somebody who isn't even old enough to drive in the first place. Doesn't matter the situation, for some reason their vehicle is magnetically drawn to the house, and comes bursting through the front door, just as any character normally would. The shot usually ends with some witty one-liner from the front passenger, along the lines of "that went well", while the horrified occupants of the house stare in well... horror.

A few notable thing about this trope is the fact that no one is ever harmed, the car always stops right after it enters the house, and of course, the house is usually fixed by the next episode. No one is ever killed by standing near or against the wall that just got crashed into. The car never continues on into the the rest of the house (leading us to believe that hitting a house will suddenly trigger the braking reflex in said poor driver). And the family will rarely have to stay in a hotel, while they wait for a contractor to fix the gaping hole in the front of their home. By the next episode, everything's fine. Exceptions to this would be a subversion.


Obviously this differs from Real Life, where a car plowing through your front living room might cause a few headaches.

And it's not always a house. Sometimes it's an office, a hotel, a bar or another public place. But the same rules apply; no lasting damage or repercussions. The rarer incarnation of this trope is when a character with perfectly decent driving skills purposefully drives into the house. Usually still played for laughs though.

Sitcoms of The '80s and The '90s drove this trope into the ground, but due to the constant recycling of Sitcom plots, the trope still pervades. See also Drives Like Crazy and Standardized Sitcom Housing, which contributes to this trope's appearance.

If it's done intentionally in order to make a spectacular entrance, see also There Was a Door.



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  • A 2012-ish State Farm commercial features a former customer who has "just combined" his auto and home.
  • A commercial that, at first, seems to advertise either the Cool Car or the GPS that tells the driver where to go. Then the GPS tells him to turn right, which he does, plowing into a store. The GPS then continues "... in 50 feet". Note: This is why all GPS navigators say the distance first.
  • The USDOT subverts this trope right through the fourth wall in a 1990s era PSA.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Word of God says that Germany of Axis Powers Hetalia once did this because he is so confident in technology that he insisted on following the GPS instructions exactly.
  • During Lupin III (Red Jacket) episode, "Gorilla Tactics", Jigen and Goemon crash through a restaurant during a failed attempt to corral the gorilla's jeep.
  • Played with in Bleach's second chapter. Due to the unpredictable effects of Rukia's memory-eraser device, Ichigo's family thinks that the giant hole in their wall put there by the Hollow Fishbone-D when it attacked them was caused by a truck plowing into the house in the middle of the night.
    Isshin: What a miracle! A truck crashes into our house and nobody gets a scratch!
    Ichigo: (playing along) Double miracle, none of us even woke up!
    Karin: Some miracle. The jerk left us the repair bills. This family, geez...
  • In Death Note Soichiro Yagami stops a TV station from broadcasting threats from the second Kira by driving a van through their front door. In this case his method was justified by second Kira watching the building and having just killed one of his men who ran up to it in the open, so he needed to get in without showing his face. And the lack of collateral damage was justified by it being a reinforced police van vs. glass walls.

    Comic Books 
  • In The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Phineas builds a full-size remote-control racing car and is running it through the city streets from the roof. Fat Freddy wants to play, but crashes it straight through a bank. After Disney's Beagle Boys take the opportunity to ransack the place, the Freaks hide the car and leave town.
  • In Tintin: Land of Black Gold, Thomson and Thompson fall asleep while driving and their jeep goes through the wall of a mosque.
    • "The Calculus Affair". On driving a stolen tank to the Bordurian border, Tintin finds the road blocked by heavy trucks and the border protected by anti-tank obstacles. So he drives the tank straight through the guardhouse.
  • Superboy Volume 4: Knockout manages to throw a car at Silver Sword, miss, and have it crash right through the wall of the upper floor of the police station.

    Fan Fiction 
  • In the Discworld/The Big Bang Theory crossover The Many Worlds Interpretation, there is a brief interlude giving a Shout-Out to Everybody Loves Raymond. Sheldon Cooper, Penny and supercomputer HEXnote  crash the Travelling Engine through the front wall of a certain house in Lynwood, Long Island, New York, in a manner suspiciously like the ELR episode where Frank and Marie garage their car on top of Ray and Debra's couch. It turns out that HEX and Sheldon have interfered with the timeline and done what Frank and Marie were poised to do and would have done a few minutes later... note 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Cannonball Run:
    • Mad Dog and Batman end up parking their truck in the hotel lobby, in the first instance of their 'no brakes' Running Gag..
    • In the sequel, an old woman driving a car waves at the chimpanzee driving the limo. When the chimp flips her in response, she does an insult gesture with her arms, which causes her to lose control of her car as she takes both hands off the wheel and it crashes into the shop of a gas station.
  • Played with in When in Rome. In one key scene, several men are driving in a tiny car and drive into a museum, without damaging anything (they go through the door), and even go up in the elevator. A definite example of the Rule of Funny.
  • Used in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, when Ricky Bobby is relearning how to drive.
  • Done with a Boeing 747 and an airport terminal in Airplane!.
  • And with a small plane and a restaurant in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.
  • Silver Streak climaxes with a train crashing into Chicago's Union Station.
  • Happens twice with one house in Malibu's Most Wanted.
    Tec: Doesn't anyone know where the goddamn driveway is!?
  • Taxi: This is the reason why Emilien keeps failing his driving test. Again and again.
  • Subverted in 28 Days, where a drunk Gwen does this and almost kills a child, leading to her being forced into rehab.
  • A car crashes through a (paper) wall intentionally as part of a comedy skit being done on a '50s comedy show in My Favorite Year.
  • Terminator:
    • In The Terminator, the Terminator starts his epic rampage through the police station by crashing a car through the front desk.
    • It seems to be a Running Gag that Once an Episode, whoever says "I'll be back" will come back by driving a vehicle into the relevant building. Crashing through the structure is optional. This also happens in Terminator 2: Judgment Day when, after telling Sarah and John Connor, "Stay here; I'll be back", he proceeds to walk past a SWAT team, procure a van, and drive right to where he had left the Connors, before telling them to get in.
  • A famous scene in 2012 has the protagonists drive a limo through a collapsing office building.
  • The Great Muppet Caper, Beauregard the cab driver plows into the lobby of the Happiness Hotel.
  • The Three Stooges Go Round the World in a Daze ends with the Stooges driving a police van through the wall of the Reform Club.
  • In The Blues Brothers the police chase the titular duo through a mall. Both the Brothers themselves and the police repeatedly drive into shops.
    Elwood: The new Oldsmobiles are in early this year!
  • An extreme example occurs in Galaxy Quest, where a detached part of the NSEA Protector crashes into a convention center — true to the trope, no-one is hurt.
  • In The A-Team, the interns of a mental institution are watching a 3-D Movie. A humvee goes into the camera... just as a real humvee crashes through the wall to rescue Murdock.
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles: with a burned out car and a motel room.
  • In the first of the Lethal Weapon movies, Joshua drives a car through Murtaugh's front window in an attempt on his life. The repairs are going on for the rest of the movie and later movies reference how much work had to be done.
  • Twister:
    • The two main characters drive their truck through a house during the climactic storm-chase. They had little choice, though, what with the tornado dragging the house out onto the road right in front of them.
    • One of the tornadoes also picks up a station wagon and slams it into the side of a service garage the protagonists are taking cover inside of.
  • In Pulp Fiction, Vincent drives straight into Lance's house, as a result of his panic over Mia being about to die.
  • Sahara (2005): Well, it's not actually a car as such, but... Well, it has to be seen to be believed.
  • Last Action Hero has Jack Slater driving a huge 4x4 truck into the Big Bad's ocean view mansion
  • The climax of Mr Nice Guy has Jackie Chan's character, finally fed up with everything, drive a vehicle through the villain's house. Given that the house was made largely of glass and the vehicle in question was an enormous earth mover, the 'car' won that fight.
  • Think staying inside can protect you from The Car? Think again.
  • In The Spy Who Loved Me, the car carrying Jaws and his goons in hot pursuit of James Bond's Lotus Esprit ends up down a cliff and crashing through the roof of a small house. The car explodes, but Jaws just walks out through the door, dusting himself.
  • In Tomorrow Never Dies, James Bond returns a rental car by remote-control driving it through the windows of the storefront.
  • In One Week, Buster Keaton and his wife build a house from a kit, then learn it's on the wrong lot, so they tow it with their car. It gets stuck over a railroad track as a train is approaching - they duck for cover and watch as the train goes over a switch and runs past the house - just as they're sighing with relief, another train coming the other way plows through it.
  • The Art of War (2000). Neil Shaw realises a bomb has been planted in a cafeteria by someone who's just walked out. He drives his vehicle straight into it rather than waste time jumping out of his car.
  • What makes ''The Hole in The Wall'' a Chekhov Name? Because the Beast was driven through its wall.
  • In Bank Shot, Ballentine drives the scraper into a barn in order to hide it. However, El has selected the wrong barn and it is too small for the scraper. As a result, Ballentine demolishes the entire structure.
  • High School U.S.A.: When J.J.'s crew are preparing to modify J.J.'s car, they are waiting for Crazy Leo to arrive with a big engine. Leo arrives by driving a bus through the wall of the warehouse.

  • Played for horror in Stephen King's Christine, as the title car kills a character in this manner. It helps that Christine has the machine version of a Healing Factor.
  • In Animorphs, Marco steals a tank, and doesn't know what to do with it after he's done. So he parks it in the space of the enemy Chapman's house. Chapman had gotten to be something of a Butt-Monkey by this point.
    Marco: You know Chapman's house? Nice two-story
    Jake: (sighs) How many stories is it now?
    Marco: Uh, zero?

     Live Action TV 
  • Two and a Half Men has Walden's ex-wife Bridget drive into his living room after she finds out he's seeing someone new.
  • Has happened multiple times in Coronation Street. Notably a breakdown lorry into a recently converted garage exposing a dead body hidden in the concrete. and taken up to eleven with a Metrolink Tram falling off a viaduct onto the local pub.
  • Everybody Loves Raymond - An aging Marie/Frank crash their car into Ray/Debra's house, during an episode that discusses how old is too old to still be driving.
    • Fridge Horror sets in when you realize that the car flattened their couch - where they had been sitting literally seconds before.
  • Family Matters - Eddie failed his driving test, but takes a girl out for a drive anyway. A bread truck comes into his view, he panics and swerves right into his own house.
  • Entourage - Andrew Klein pulls the rarer "on purpose" scenario to get back at his wife after she burned the notes he needed for an important business meeting.
  • Passions - Ivy Crane drives her car through the front doors of the church to stop the double wedding of Ethan, Theresa, Luis, and Sheridan.
  • One Thank God You're Here scenario had the stand-up parachuted in as a yobbish driver who had just crashed through the wall of a house.
    • The flat he'd crashed into was supposed to be on the third floor. Sadly, the UK version omitted this line from the broadcast, but the Australian version kept it intact.
    • Worth noting that this was the first episode where the contestant had to enter through somewhere other than one of the side doors, and that the Catchphrase was changed to "Thank God You're Alive!"
  • Happened in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody with new driver London.
  • On Full House, a grade-school-age Stephanie drove Joey's car into the kitchen after deducing that the 'R' on the gearshift must mean 'Radio'.
    Michelle: There's a car in the kitchen!
    • Another episode has a cement truck backing up, again into the kitchen, spilling the wet cement all over.
  • Helen does this deliberately to Joe's office - twice - in Wings.
  • On Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson lost control of a car he was pushing and sent it into a small shed. No lasting harm was done, though Richard Hammond may have sprained something laughing. In another episode they deliberately drove a Toyota Hilux through a shed as part of a series of tests to see how much abuse the truck could take before it stopped working. The collision didn't do any significant amount of damage.
  • A Happy Days episode has Marion forgetting to set her car's parking brake, causing it to roll down a hill and crash into Arnold's diner.
  • Happens in an episode of Chuck, complete with Chuck comprehensively mocking Casey's one liner.
  • On the The Good Guys Dan drives a car through a wall in two episodes. Both times it was not going very fast and the first time he placed a weight on the gas pedal so he would not be behind the wheel. He also only did it because Jack was about to get killed inside and he needed a big distraction fast.
  • NCIS: Los Angeles featured a serious subversion of this as a car is driven into a night club as a murder weapon. The driver and a soldier inside the club are killed.
  • CSI also featured a variant where the car crashed into a restaurant and killed several people.
  • Has happened in the past in Coupling:
    Steve: What, in a relationship, is the worst thing to come through your front door?
    Patrick: A Volkswagen.
  • Noah's Arc: Chance does not take being cheated on by Eddie well.
  • In the Doctor Who minisode "Space":
    Rory: *explaining how bad a driver Amy is* I let her drive my car once.
    Amy: Yeah, to the end of the road.
    Rory: Where, according to Amy, there was an unexpected house.
  • The Season 7 finale of House has the titular character driving his car into his ex-girlfriend/boss's house. Because of a bad breakup. Very definitely Played for Drama, and leads to Cuddy's permanent departure from the show and House going to prison. The fallout from this stunt has a massive negative impact on House for the rest of the series.
  • On DIY Network's Disaster House a show where they do horrible damage to a house, then show how to repair it, the last thing they do to the house to see if they can irreparably damage it is to try putting a garbage truck, which weighs about 20 tons, on the roof of the house. Slowly lowering the garbage truck onto the roof with a crane, it still falls through. An insurance agent who is on site to watch says the damage is so severe it would be cheaper to bulldoze the house and build a new one than to repair the damage and make the house structurally sound. This basically was the end of the series.
  • In Knight Rider, Michael uses KITT's Turbo boost to jump into an apartment building.
  • A Silver Spoons episode had Ricky crash into the mansion when his grandfather, played by John Houseman, gave him an illicit driving lesson. Houseman then had to explain himself to his horrified son.
    Edward Stratton II: Those who can't do, teach. I can't...I taught...we crashed.
  • An episode of The A-Team had Hannibal, BA and Murdock drive a car into a police station as part of a plan to get themselves arrested.
  • An episode of Emergency! involved a car driving through the front wall of a restaurant.
  • In the pilot episode of Supernatural, Sam rams the Impala into the abandoned home of the Woman in White. Dean was not pleased.
  • Done intentionally at least twice in Burn Notice.
    • The season 1 finale has Michael crash his brother's truck through a warehouse wall in order to rescue Fiona from drug smugglers. Michael narrates that when doing this you should aim for an area with windows because there aren't any load-bearing beams there.
    • The season 3 finale has Fiona drive her car through a small-time arms dealer's wall into his living room with the express intent of scaring the shit out of him.
  • Happens on 2 Broke Girls to Max and Caroline's cupcake shop, right after they sold it.
  • A car goes through Jules' office in one episode of Cougar Town.
  • In an episode of London's Burning, Vaseline is more interested in the couple kissing on his back seat, and promptly crashes the car into someone's lounge.
    Vaseline: Did the earth move for you too?!
    • The show's genre being what it was, this almost certainly wasn't the last time this particular plot came up.
  • The New Avengers: In "Three Handed Game", an amnesiac agent desperate to find his way back to Steep crashes his motorbike through the window of Steed's living room.
  • On ER, not two seconds after a pizza delivery guy calls the hospital to inform them that he's been shot and is driving himself in, his car crashes through the front doors.
    [Opening credits]
    Doug:[To the desk clerk] Jerry, call security. Someone's in my spot.
  • A subversion on Seinfeld, as Estelle is pulling the car into the garage, where it belongs. But seeing as how Frank has set up his office in there (to sell computers), it has the same effect.
  • In the pilot of Common Law, Wes drives his car through the window of a gas station where his partner is having a shoot-out with some robbers.
  • In Miami Vice, Tubbs busts a televangelist's wife as she's trying to buy drugs. She tries to drive away but smashes her Mercedes into a TV shop, where Tubbs sees her singing on TV.
  • Odd Squad: Otto and Oscar come to Olive's rescue by driving an ice cream van through the wall of a warehouse in "Olive Undercover".

  • The Magnetic Fields song "Irma" ends with the title character's father driving his Jeep through the wall.
  • Happens in the Slugbug song Australia (Land of Magnets)
    When I tried to drive my car to get some food I backed into my living room, I'm in Australia!
  • This is how Papa killed Mama and her lover in the Garth Brooks song "Papa Loved Mama".
    The picture in the paper showed the scene real well;
    Papa's rig was buried in the local motel.
    The desk clerk said he saw it all real clear;
    He never hit the brakes and he was shifting gears!

     Music Video 
  • In P!nk's "There You Go," the climax features her jumping off her motorcycle as it crashes into her ex-boyfriend's window, then she flips him off and rides away with her new man. It was her debut and successfully got the point across that she was not your older sister's pop star.

     Newspaper Comics 
  • In one Zits strip, Jeremy manages to hydroplane the car while pulling it ten feet forward into the garage and puts it through the back wall of the garage.
  • At least one Garfield strip involved Odie driving Jon's car through his living room. Jon's chair(with Jon in it) ends up overturned.

     Puppet Shows 
  • An old Sesame Street Muppet skit has Cookie Monster as a contestant on the game show "Beat the Time", where he has to find three things that rhyme with "rain" to win the prize of a cookie, culminating in his plowing a train right into the studio.
    • Also, In the Kermit at home sketch where Oscar the Grouch installs the Bus Stop sign in Kermit the Frog's living room. And the Grouch Bus plowed into Kermit the Frog's living room!

  • Graeme and Bill drive into Tim's house when they set out to recruit him for the 25th anniversary episode of I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again (in a spot intended to make fun of Tim Brooke-Taylor's Sitcom career).
    "Funny! I never noticed that car before."

     Video Games 
  • World of Tanks has small buildings on many maps that you can drive straight through. Subverted on some maps, though, which mix them with indestructible buildings and don't have significant visual cues to let you distinguish between the two until you drive into or shoot one.

     Web Comics 

     Western Animation 
  • In Family Guy, a drunken Stewie crashes Brian's car into the front of The Drunken Clam. Another episode has a car crashing into the Kool-Aid Man's house (with the Kool-Aid Man realizing how annoying that is).
    • Played even straighter in "To Live and Die In Dixie", when Peter and Brian crash their General Lee-ized station wagon into the house provided by the Witness Protection Program.
    • In "Da Boom" there's a cutaway gag of Peter doing this intentionally after commenting on how he loves going to parties at other people's houses because he doesn't have to clean up the messes there.
    • In "Not All Dogs Go To Heaven", when word gets out that Brian is an atheist, he gets a brick through the window...followed by a car.
    Brian: I thought only he without sin could cast the first Prius.
  • One episode of South Park concerned the danger of elderly drivers, and had the boys chased through a house serial-killer style by a barrage of old people crashing their cars into the building.
    • It's worth noting that one car shows up on the second floor, previously unseen in the corner of the room.
  • Fairly OddParents did this when Timmy wished to be the most wanted boy in the world. In a desperate attempt to have Timmy, the bus driver crashes into their kitchen to get his attention.
    • And in another episode, where Timmy's dad drives the station wagon into the living room. He then says "Hey, who moved the couch into the garage?"
  • Happens a few times in The Simpsons.
    • Abe drove into the Simpsons' house after Homer refuses to give Mr. Burns his long-lost teddy bear and commenting that they don't need Mr. Burns's money because they're already financially sound.
    • Another episode has Homer accidentally crashing his car into Burns' office.
    • One episode has a plane crashing into the Simpsons' house.
    • In "To Surveil With Love", as Lisa preaches that no one should give in to stereotypes like "old people can't drive", Grampa crashes into the school.
    Grampa: This building got in my way!
  • When all the citizens of Bikini Bottom mysteriously disappear, SpongeBob SquarePants takes advantage of the situation by making his own driver's license and driving a mobile boat. More than once does he crash his boat into his own house, and doesn't think of it despite the glaring holes.
    • At one point he feels the need to flee the house on foot and makes another hole in the wall instead of using the one the car made.
    • Just about any SpongeBob episode in which SpongeBob drives a boat outside the confines of the boating school will feature this trope.
  • In Darkwing Duck, after Gosalyn and Darkwing switch bodies.
    • In "Darkly Dawns the Duck", Launchpad Launchpad crashes the Ratcatcher and a car through the walls of the prison and Gosalyn's orphanage, respectively.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine actually did this with trains. The first was in "A Close Shave" where the troublesome trucks push Duck, causing him to crash into a barber shop and the second in "Thomas Comes To Breakfast" where Thomas crashes into the stationmaster's house. The stationmaster's wife yells out, "You miserable engine! Just look what you've done to our breakfast! Now I shall have to cook some more!"
  • In Regular Show Mordecai and Rigby do this with a limo in the episode "Benson be Gone". To the second story of the house, without a ramp.
  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: In "Mystery Solvers Club State Finals", Principal Quinlan gets into her office by driving Speed Buggy through the wall. Of course, it is a Fever Dream Episode.
  • Chowder: In "Gazpacho!", Lemon drives a snail bus through the wall of an arboretum.
  • Brock Sampson from The Venture Bros. has done this intentionally on more than one occasion. Hank did it once on accident while driving Brock's car.
  • Futurama:
    • A de-aged Leela and Fry get into a drag race with some mutants while out on a data via hoverboats. Leela wins but, because of her small size, can't reach the handbrake and ends up crashing into the mutant high school.
    Teacher (Non-perturbed) That's detention.
    • This seems to be the case for Leela in general when she flies the Planet Express ship with the intro having it crash into a monitor. In one episode, she does it again which Fry comments that's twice in one week she did that.

     Real Life  
  • Older Than Radio: The very first recorded automobile accident occurred in 1771, when the prototype of an new steam-driven car invented by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot crashed through a French military building, badly damaging a wall. This fiasco perhaps damaged Cugnot's reputation more than the Arsenal. Big, unwieldy, and able to move at a whopping two miles an hour, the prototype was not commissioned by the French army. Cugnot eventually died broke and in exile.
  • Not a Truth in Television - In Real Life cars crashing into houses is a serious matter and sometimes a deadly one. Very rarely does it happen without any consequences.
    • One prominent example occured in Saxony, Germany, when a car that crashed into a church roof seven meters above the ground. After flying for 37 meters.
  • Subverted however. In Missoula, Montana, a 44-tonne lorry crashed into a house, but no-one was hurt.
    • The clip was shown on Police Stop! 7 in the United Kingdom.
  • The Pennsylvania Railroad managed to run a GG1 locomotive into the main concourse of the Washington D.C. Union Station in 1953.
  • A similar incident to the above happened with a steam locomotive in 1895 France.
  • The September 11 terrorist attacks did this deliberately with aircraft, with extremely deadly results.
  • The Jordan's Furniture store in Natick, Massachusetts has a large animatronic Mardi Gras attraction complete with a car that pops through a wall, referencing this trope's appearance in The Blues Brothers. Yes, this is a furniture store. (Their Reading location can be stated with certainty to be at least as bizarre.)
  • In 2009, a driver in Nevada got drunk and decided that he was going to kill his ex girlfriend and her new beau by plowing his car through their house. Unfortunately, he got the wrong house, and managed to land the car on top of a couple who were sleeping in bed. Fortunately, the mattress of the bed provided just the right amount of cushioning and support to keep the car from crushing them, and the worst injuries they suffered were some burns from being in contact with the undercarriage.
  • There is a really cool Subverted Trope example which happened in Fresno, California. A stolen car ended up parked on the roof of an apartment after a wreck. Perfectly. It must be seen.
  • After yet another bitter fight with estranged husband Dan—he'd sold their home without her knowledge or consent—LA socialite Betty Broderick drove her car through the front door of the new home that he now shared with his mistress. They were uninjured. . .this time.
  • Naturally, some homeowners defy the trope by placing barricades. Some drivers still try driving through, but the barricades kept the house safe.
  • One homeowner that put up barricades a long time ago was Uncle Sam, who put barriers around The White House for obvious reasons—and someone still drunkenly crashed into them on the way back from a late-night party. Who? The goddamn Secret Service.
  • Ram raiding. Basically, some thieves drive a car through the windows or door of a store, grab what they can, and escape in a getaway car parked outside. Ever wonder what those short concrete poles in front of stores are for? Deterring people from doing this.
  • One of the families who appeared on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition had their old house crashed into by a car.
  • Such stories appear on occasion on the web series What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?. There was also a period a few years ago where Car Meets Pizza Parlor was common enough to inspire running gags and conspiracy theories.
  • This happened to one elderly Northern Irish woman's house, involving a van and the kitchen window. The homeowner escaped with minor glass injures.
  • On September 5, 2018, in Dallas, TX. A man drove his truck directly into the Fox news station affiliate of the city, loaded with flyers of his conspiracy theories in an effort to "wake up the media". Mercifully no one was hurt by the stunt and he was swiftly arrested.


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