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Polymphus is a contributor whose only really successful launches to date are Precision F-Strike, Ham and Cheese, BSoD Song and Forgot to Feed the Monster. I study linguistics and spend too much time on the internet. I speaks Dutch, German and Mandarin Chinese, all really badly. I'm currently playing FATAL, and can feel little bits of my soul flaking off and dying every day now.

Favourite video games

  • Fallout series
  • Silent Hill 2
  • Penumbra: Overture
  • Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
  • The Mass Effect series.

Favourite authors

  • Neil Gaiman
  • Terry Pratchett
  • Kurt Vonnegut
  • Jasper Fford

Favourite Movies

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How I ended up in Chicago, I don't know. All I remember is waltzing into the guy's office and introducing myself; he must've been a pretty trusting guy— we became friends, and I ended up the sole recipient of his inheritance. Don't know why though, I guess he didn't have any friends or family. The poor guy keeled over of a heart attack at... 35, I think it was; I ended up with $30, a crate to whiskey, and two packs of cigarettes. Not much, but I suppose he tried. Didn't have much use for the latter two— I don't drink, nor smoke —so I tracked down a couple acquaintances of his, and we had a little memorial for the guy. I gave them the liquor and the smokes and kept the money for myself. Funny how it worked out that way. —Blueeyedrat

Here are your sacrifices. 18 holy virgins gifted to you for your ritual. Oh, and a vandalism. I put that in the gift basket too. BlackDove