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I step(ped) into this new world, and I [could] tell that they all [saw] me, with my lack of facial features and unkempt hair, the sig line that [wasn't] a reference, doesn't have a hyper link, and I [knew] the word they('d) say. Newbie or noob or nub or any other of a thousand N words, but they will know me [I vowed]. They will hear about The Firesign Theatre, un-healthy amounts of sci-fi, the disastrous effects of playing Simon says in Battery park. And, mark this, they will know amusement.


I revise my own writing,a lot, (see above) so if you see me edit my own posts, I was probably irked by some typo, I'm not devious enough to change what I said. Or am I...

Catch-22 is the source of the name, the character is a pilot who is relaxed when he has missions to fly, but has night terrors when he stands on the verge of being sent home. He dreams of suffocating when his tent-mates cat sleeps on his face, and then actually does.

And yes, I know the initials are HJ, but it's better than being spoonerized into Jungry Hoe.


Works that have made me cry:

What? What's that boy/girl/thing/all of the above? You want to vandalize something? Than go ahead below! Or is Jimmy trapped in a well again? Hmm...

If only others shared your enthusiasm. ~Hungry Joe

I literally can't read your profile. All that punctuation hurts my eyes. -Shirow Shirow
Would you prefer Zero Punctuation? Don't worry, it'll clear up soon.
~Hungry Joe that text up there supposed to rhyme? The style sounds a bit like a poem. -Catfish42
No, I've just got a bit of a natural rhyme. I do it all the time. (Actually, it's a coincidence)~Hungry Joe


Just stopping by, and saying hello and thanks for building up the playground we're in. -Sabre's Edge

Used sigs,half off:

^ Wow just wow. The first genuine malthusian I've ever seen. -Raw Power

formingbabby: Heaven= Sisyphus' ski slope, every time you (think) you were getting to the bottom ... you suddenly (wind) up at the top

Watch the Disney Channel, predict what happens next, feel like you're on melange!

Wingman: The Last Starfi-- I mean F-16.

Good god man; I'm better than a game. - Kino

Guten morgen! Thanks for the compliment you left on my page for 4/13. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that's really all there is to say on the matter! ~Noaqiyeum

In response to this: I don't know about you, but if Karkat Vantas came to me saying "GIVE ME MONEY, FUCKASS," I think I'd listen. - Mega Rock 35


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