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I guess you could say, a's a human. I don't know much else about a, but a is definitely a Homo Sapien ~ Zyxzy

Hello you. -signed, Kinkajou

you taste like blueberries... yet I won't eat you because you're a friend. ^^ -Hayati

Somehow, I think we'll get along juuuust fine. :P ~ Electivirus

Your avatar is very cute! ~ Arcadiarika

What's your avatar from? ~a vandal

Your handle is Blueeyedrat? I like rats. Have a tangerine. - Mann_Crux


The summer sun beat down my Chicago office like a man beating another man with a tire iron. The door opened slightly and something can skittering in. I gave it an appraising look like a man looking at something that he finds unusual or interesting. A blue eyed rat huh? I didn't trust him, not as far as I could throw him. Considering he was about the size of my palm and half the weight, that was pretty far. So I guess I trusted him a lot. So I signed him on as the recipient for my entire inheritance of $30, two packs of smokes and a crate of whiskey. I died of a heart attack at 35, like another man also dying of a heart attack at a young age to illustrate the danger of fatty foods for a television audience who mute the ad break so they never see the damn PSA anyway. Lucky rat though. Funny how that works out. - Polymphus


Minecraft! Yup. Here's to all the underground bases in the world! -Does a toast with Frothy Mugs of Water- -Dmboogie

Thanks for the VG Music thread. I've been having a lot of fun on it, and I'm certain I'm not the only one. (Although I suspect there might be a bounty on my head after that last piece of music.) Here's to plenty more to come! —Sabre's Edge

KIRBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~ He's on your Deviantart, and I'm loving it!!!! - Webidolchiu94