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Hello, my name Is Yarou, and this is my userpage.

...Oh, what, I'm supposed to say more? Alright, fine. I'm an 18 year old dude who has a thing for video games, anime, literature and toku. You really aren't going to get anything more specific from me.

Tropes He Thinks Applies to Him


Well, that's all folks! Feel free to vandalize or...something.

Hello, fellow toku fan! —Kinkajou

Kinkajou, you... you... GRAH. I wanted to be first. Hello Yarou. Your page is FUN and COOL, as predicted by my awesomeness. — Jseblan

Man, I wanted to be first! :C Anyway, hello mister apologetic. I'm sure we'll get along great. ^_^ — Kuiper

I hope others here will appreciate your presence here as much as I have. -bows- - Keybreak

Honey and you would be great friends, I bet. Nice to meet you! -Tofu

Listen all 'tall, it's sabotage! Just stopping by to say hi :3 —goodtimesfreegrog


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