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FIRSTIES!!! Hi Fluid.

I am a 27 year old graduate student from the Netherlands, having reached this wiki in the course of researching literary devices (not that my research of these has anything to do with my education, mind you). My interests extend to nearly all possible media, though my current interest is mostly towards really obscure and artsy stuff. When not watching these, I could just as well be watching action movies or Super Robot stuff at any given moment. I am also a fervent reader, and have amassed an impressive bookshelf by this point. Apart from that I draw stuff, play guitar, tinker with electronics and much more in my free time. Obviously, none of them very well given that I try to do them all.


Aside from being a regular editor on the main site, I also tend to hang out on the forums and voice chat every now and then. Finally decided to just make a contributor page for the hell of it, really.


All Your Base Are Belong to Us. You have no chance to survive make your time, Fluid! —CATS (You require vandalization, good sir! You've got good taste in media.)

Just stopping by to say you seem like a Pretty Cool Guy. -stamps with mark of approval- Epitome

Thanks for the help Fluid. I really hope it comes in handy...;) - Keybreak

Godot Was Here.

Keep up the Awesome in MA.-Regards, Faux


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