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iPhone/iPod touch spoiler bookmarklet

TV Tropes relies on text highlighting to make spoilers visible, but Safari on iOS leaves white highlighted text invisible — and for old enough versions, isn't even capable of highlighting text. This JavaScript bookmarklet allows spoilers to be shown and hidden again by tapping them instead.

This bookmarklet also presumably works for other JavaScript-capable mobile browsers (such as the Android browser) and some desktop browsers (including Safari and Chrome — click to reveal), but they have not been tested.

Also see prescience's version of this bookmarklet for showing and hiding all spoilers on a page.

iOS installation instructions

WARNING: JavaScript bookmarklets execute code inside your browser, and could contain malicious content capable of compromising your account. Make sure that you trust the source of any bookmarklet you intend to use.

Follow this link and bookmark the resulting "403 Forbidden" page. When the Add Bookmark dialog pops up, change the title to something more descriptive, and press "Save". Now go back and edit the bookmark you just made (silly, I know), and delete the "" from the front of the address, so that it begins with "javascript:". Save the bookmark again.

Now, when you're on a page with spoilers, open the bookmark you've made (the page will not reload), and tap spoiler sections to unhide and rehide them. Links inside spoilers will not be clickable unless the spoiler is visible first.

Note that this bookmarklet only works for regular spoilers, not super-secret spoilers.

You can try tapping a spoiler right here: This first sentence is a link. Tap it again to go to the wiki home page.

Alternative Title(s): Ill Flower


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