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Leanan is the username of a sockpuppet belonging to lockonlockon. She was killed off by an alleged car accident, causing many people to mourn her. Later, she was revealed as a sockpuppet. She was named after the leanan sidhe, an Irish mythological spirit.

The rest of this page was written prior to the establishment of her as a sockpuppet.

Wiki Magic:

THIS PAGE NEEDS/It isn't disorganized/ MORE DISORGANIZED VANDA/if it's/LISM. — Ponicalica

O/in order/oh, I'm happy to join. ~ Kryptorok

Here's to our bona-fide expert on the Fae, may she rest in peace. - Krrackknut.

Lea... I'll always miss you. We all will. Please watch over us, because we're gonna need your strength to go on for a very long time. Goodbye, fair sidhe- you'll be in my thoughts.-Tofu

Loyal friend, you will be missed. I only pray that I can meet you in the next life, so that every moment could be full of laughter. - NotAlwaysTheHero


One of the largest hams in this forum. I'll miss you, Leanan. Lucid

May we meet again. I'll bring the signpost... Chabal2

Leanmama... I'll miss you. You were the first person I met on the forum. On this site. I don't think it really ruins lives. It brings lives together, right? I just hope I made yours better with my presence. -Kupier


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