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dis iz mah payj.

I don't do much around here. Mostly I just lurk, like the creepy guy at a party nursing a beer in the corner who no one is sure who invited.

I have a blog. It's what all the cool kids are doing.

Pages Created:


  • Space Thunder Kids (dead...but will perhaps rise again one day, like a phoenix from the ashes)

Vandals Here (lol wishful thinking):

Wish granted. Now get out of the corner and hand over the beer! :P - Keybreak

  • Enjoy. It's flavored with my tears.

Your avatar is excellent and awesome. - Imipolex G

Oh hey another (former) Tucsonan! I raise my Eegee's Flavor of the Month to you! -Freezair For A Limited Time

  • Hey, man, no shame in lemon. It's one of the standbys for a reason.

Greetings from the future! It is I, Brickman, here to tell you about the wonders of future technology, such as email and telephones. And to respond to your vandalization in kind.

I imagine Merton from Big Wolf on Campus saying all your posts, and it is hilarious. - Miracle Whip Hipster

It is I, Hughdo. I have come to whack that drink out of your hand in a stereotypical 80's movie villain style! -Hughdo


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