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Unison League is a free to play MMORPG game available on Google Play and the App Store.The plot goes as follows: You wake up an amnesiac in a field outside of Haumaforte, one of the biggest cities in the land. A girl named Filo appears, claiming she's your sister, and, seeing how you've lost all your combat prowess, teaches you some basic fighting techniques. You then get called back to Haumaforte by Lord Falsa, leader of the Master Guild, to defend the city from recent monster attacks. This kickstarts an adventure spanning multiple continents to find out the Celestials' hidden agenda, uncover what's behind the mysterious dark Ether, save the Master Guild from being disbanded, and much, much more.


Gameplay is similar to a lot of RPG games on the market, however, battles take place in real time. You equip up to any four skills you've learned (the fifth is always taken by Attack) and go into battle with up to five other players (any empty slots are filled by CPU players.) Once your Unison gauge is filled, you can use one of up to five Monsters you have equipped to attack or provide a big buff to the party, and during a short intermission before the attack, other players can use their Monsters and make the attack more powerful. If the elements of at least two monsters match, a Unison Attack is performed, a powerful finishing move that calls one of the seven Great Spirits down for aid.

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  • An Adventurer Is You: With a twist! The following classes all have skills learned with a currency called "Proficiency" earned from quests. However, you aren't stuck to one class, as you can mix and match all the abilities you've learned. Lancer using Ether Exchange? Sure! Mage using Imaginary Shot? Why not? Archer using Heaven's Breath? Go ahead! This can allow you to adapt to quests very well, such as using [1] Balancing on a boss that boosts its stats to insane levels, or Ether Exchange to give you that extra Cost to muscle through a boss.
    • The Tank: The Sword wielding Soldier and secret Rook classes. The former has "Life Up" and "Heaven's Breath" abilities that increase health, and the latter has a Draw Aggro ability that makes the entire party unable to die for a few seconds, but both are rather lacking in offensive techniques, suffering from some serious Magikarp Power, as neither get high powered moves until the later growth rings.
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    • The Healer: The Book wielding Cleric line is an important addition to all parties; if they go down, especially fighting a boss, the whole party usually soon follows, due to lack of a steady stream of healing. They can also reduce damage to themselves and teammates and cure status effects.
    • The DPS: The Lance wielding Lancer and Axe/Gun wielding Berserker classes are this. The former focuses on nuking with high power skills and Spam Attacks, and the latter sacrifices bits and pieces of their own health in exchange for super powerful buffs.
    • The Status Effects Guy: The Staff wielding Mage class is this with hints of support and Squishy Wizard, specializing in chipping away with decently-powered skills such as Ether Burst, while spamming Mind Trick and Mind Hack to confuse enemies, as well as buffing allies.
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    • The Jack Of All Stats: The Bow/Gun wielding Archer is this, having Magic Knight qualities with a movepool utilizing both stats, as well as a plethora of utilities such as Balancing.
    • The Resource Master: The Treasure Hunter is this, increasing the unit and Gold drop rate or applying particularly debilitating debuffs with its attacks, as well as being a veritable Swiss Army Knife on the non combat side, being able to refresh debuffs and status effects, increase allies Unison power, and more.
  • Black Magician Girl: Tistino, who's supposed to be the NPC representing the Mage class.
  • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: Fire beats Wind, Wind beats Water, and Water beats Fire. Light and Dark beat each other, as well as Time. Time beats Star, Star beats Light and Dark.
  • Mascot Mook: The Limimins are this for the game, appearing in lots of promotional artwork and Monster art. Strangely enough, they both function as The Goomba and Metal Slimes of this game, the weak mook form coming in six elements, and having Gold, EXP, and Skill variants which are used for selling, augmenting gear, and skilling up gear, respectively. There are also Roshimin and Angelmin variants, which, while they can't be captured, can be felled to earn a ton of Proficiency and User EXP, respectively.
  • King Mook: The Asahime is this to the normal Morning Glory, being much bigger and having more potent pollen due to absorbing way too much Ether.
  • Stone Wall: The Rook class, which is unique in that it's kind of lacking in the skills department, but makes up for it by having a potent Life Drain attack to keep them running well, and a special skill that makes it that the entire party cannot die.

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