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not a natural Redhead.

Proud Member of SPOON

25 year-old mom who loves writing, cooking, gardening, and keeping some of you young'uns in line.

Forum Herald for The Old Folk's Home. If you got a PM from me, welcome to TV Tropes! My job is to answer any replies to the P Ms, and help newbies in general. Newly arrived wrong-doers, be careful when I'm around. (Or you know, don't be. It'll be easier to catch you).

A few words for all you tropers who struggle with low self-esteem. High self esteem is what makes all your other good values worthwhile. If you have faith in God, but no faith in yourself, then what good is your Faith? If you are kind to others but not kind to yourself, then how useful, really, is your kindness? If you have hope for the future, but no hope for yourself, how honest is your hope? Finally, if you can be objectively honest to others, but not to yourself (that is, lying to yourself about your own self-worth through a misapplication of self-esteem) how 'true' is that honesty? Start believing in yourself or you're only living a hollow life.


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  • "You shouldn't be a nice guy; you should be a good person" —Cutewithoutthe

Leave a message and I'll get back to you after the beep. BEEP! (translation: graffiti away. please. I like attention.)

FringeBenefits - Just want to say that that picture is all kinds of adorable.

  • yeah, too bad the kid isn't actually me. She looks like I did when I was a kid though. It's not creepy at all.
pvtnum 11 - I can see my daughter doing that to kitty.

  • Om nom nom. Make me an omelette :D ~a vandal

  • Hi there! I'm not actually saying anything here, just providing your daily supplement of attention for no ulterior motive of my own whatsoever. :D - Noaqiyeum

  • Hi cute girl that looks like Hannelore! -pets- :3 Epitome

  • -gasp- Cooking show? Squee! If I vandalize your page, do I get like, a cake or something? Pwease? (Insert puppy-dog eyes here) I'll pay you in Monopoly money!

Everest - I love the kitty avatar you're using. Oh, and thanks for the advice in that one writing thread I made. :D