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Occasional editor who is not as active as he once was. Likes dem sneaky foreign tongues and the Western classics.

Comments or vandalism HEAGH. SPAIN SUN INTERRUPTS YOUR PAGE In addition, this is this.

  • Why bonjour there Morgy! Comment ca-va? (How are you?) — greetings from QQQQQ
  • Es solum utroque. Unus magister Latinam linguam mihi quadrienneio docebam. However I must say that my Latin is a bit rusty from lack of use. -_- — Eldritch
    • I do believe I understood a bit of that, yay.
  • Who's to say a romantic can't be a realist? I've been one for years now. :P - Keybreak
    • Don't ruin my shiny moment of dichotomy.
  • ~Huggles Morgulion~ CyganAngel
    • ~Huggles Cygan back~
  • Bah, my writing in the drabbles thread, at least hardly deserves recognition as good! But thank you for having such a positive opinion. -Leradny
  • Ја видим твог Арагаста и шаљем Елифасу налог да га изда (I see your Araghast and give Eliphas the order to betray him). Adeptus Alpharius
    • You know, I got a bit of that in the original language. Now, I could raise an Abaddon, but I don't think that little sot deserves it. So instead I raise you CREEEEEEEED, nemesis of the Alpha Legion.
    • So you are familiar with the cyrillic alphabet? I see...while Creed will totally screw over the Chaos Lord Bale I have stationed, I eat my potato chips and watch how everything is going just according to keikaku. Tactical genius hurrrr!
    • I'm Russian, so I have some inkling of what transpires. Lessee... I'll go for Temperus Maximus. FUUUUU-
    • Then I shouldn't be surprised if you got some chunks of Serbian. An angry opponent such as the Angry Marines require a special flavor. After reading a certain Chinese doorstopper I'm sending the one and only Lü Bu.
  • Merci beaucoup pour le vandalisme Morgulion, je le apprécie, pareil que j'apprécie ton reponse au ma signature. Ben s'il te plais, consider une de ces faveur rendre. Avec du engouement.note  - AwayLaughing
    • Thank god I take Latin, or I'd never understand any of that. Now tvtropes is teaching me languages, too.
      • Well you didn't say I had to provide a translation...and besides. Challenges are good for you. Non?
  • I'd like to vandalize in Serbian, but I don't know the language. Sigh. - Amused Troper Guy
    • You are forgiven, praise the Emperor.
  • One Ring to rule them all, one Ring to find them... -desdendelle
    • Also: טבעת אחת לשלוט בכולן, טבעת אחת למצאן -desdendelle