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Greetings. Longtime lurker; recently discovered the terribly addictive effects of the T Vtropes fora. I'm a young-ish Asian student currently living in Australia. My favourite form of media is Literature, and I can often be found lurking on that board. I'm also an amateur artist, and my other passions include linguistics, mathematics and science. Contrary to popular belief, I do actually have a sense of humour - it's just a little dry.


I'm not good at descriptions, as you can see, so please tropefy me/vandalise below!


Fiiiiiiiirst! I'd like to get to know you better. -harmattane
And now for the payback bitch! -Major Tom
Heh, you remind me of me kinda. That's pretty cool. :) - Keybreak
Opponent taps 2R, plays Blackmoon Vandalized! >:D —Moony
Hello there, my sister in blue and white! I bring this as a token of goodwill ^_^ Fifthman
Hello. Here's a little cadeau from Phyrexia to keep the joyous work. Have a nice day. Belfagor

Kingfishers are pretty~ ninryu


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