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Avatars for Me?
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Hello There Mortals?

    Raocow raocowing it up 
Rawr and maybe Potatoes

Ok, Testing out of the way

"You are a rather confusing person, Counterclock" - Mr AHR -A spoiler, for anyone who care.


Things I Like

    Media stuffs I like 

Thus it shall be though, that my first edit is kept on my page.

So, here's an edit, it's my first.

Vandalisms, I suppose, You're mean if you do it though.

  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Counterclock ~CyganAngel


  • Hmmm, that joke was pretty funny though. I must say, it's a Triumph of Astrobotany. —jcruz

  • This page Needs More Vandalism. —a vandal

  • Operator, Operator, why must you operate on me? Operator, Operator, why can't you just let me be? Operator, Operator, well dressed for my death day! Operator, Operator, killing me without a say —Slenderman Icalasari

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  • That man above me is an IMPOSTER. Everyone knows that I'M THE REAL SLENDERMAN. Anyway, I'm Blaine The M0n0 and I'm here to vandilize this page. ...That's done. Good day!

  • Hai Counter-Clockwise :3 -Shichibukai

  • More vandalism! More I say! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! - Tobias Drake

  • The Megas. That is all. ~ Land Of Gold

  • I am starting to agree with your signature... is that a good or a bad thing? - WUE

  • And I thought I was a cloudcuckoolander... Anyways, you seem pretty cool, and I'm ''totally'' not vandalizing your page just because I'm playing a forum game that says to. -Randomtropeloser (Fear my awesome redlink name! It never comes up blue no matter what!))

  • You know what this page needs? Some birds. -The Ginkei

  •    VANDAL TIME SOUNDTRACK    inane 242
    (Here you go Inane, Video doesn't work >.<)

  • Congratulations! I just stole your Christmas =) Wannabeotaku

  • Hope you had a good Christmas! ^_^ Have a good day/week/year! <3 -huggles- - Compassionate Sadist

  • Hello. You are brilliant and your posts rock! Oops, I vandalised you already. Still. ^^ -Shichibukai

  • I wasn't here either.-rmctagg09

  • Wolves are awesome. -mst3kluv

  • I appear to have forgotten to vandalise. Here. Coffee? *raises flask* - Bisected8

  • Your trope page makes mine look small and malnourished by comparison. As revenge, have some vanalism. - Phoenixor

  • Thank you for all of the entertainment. ^^ - Vorpy

  • The faeries made me do it. - StolenByFaeries

  • Another vandalism for your wall. You do make awesome posts around here. That's all I'm gonna say. —Earl of Sandvich

  • Wow, this more orderly than I thought it would be. -Tropers/Juancarlos11

  • Hel-lo, little girl. — Snicklin

  • You are very close to getting me to watch Raocow. People have been telling me for years to watch him and I was like "pfft nah" but you are so very close you don't even know. — Lucky Revenant

  • I wonder what this page tastes like? Maybe it's ice-cream flavoured? — Rocket Science

  • hey there Charlie - SunshineWerewolf

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