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Me. Morven AKA Matthew Jude Brown, also findable as Morven on The Other Wiki and a lot of other places. Morven's been my online name since 1991; it was a character name in an (atrocious) story I was writing at the time. I'm a mid-thirties British nerd living in Southern California, and working at a big private university. Sysadmin. Written sci-fi and fantasy fan. Things I love, in no particular order:

  • P.C. Hodgell's Chronicles Of The Kencyrath series. I'm pretty much the sole author of the Kencyr Wiki, somewhere north of 600 articles trying to document every single obsessive thing about this series. Trying not to add examples of this to every trope on here, but failing.
  • C.J. Cherryh's fantasy and science fiction, especially the Morgaine Cycle and the more recent science fiction.
  • Gene Wolfe's Book Of The New Sun, the first five at least.
  • Lois Mc Master Bujold's Miles Vorkosigan books. Am I the only one to see scary parallels between Hodgell's Jame and Bujold's Miles?
  • Ian M. Banks' novels, especially some of The Culture and Against A Dark Background
  • (adding to this ...)

I'm also a long-time wannabe author.

Gender identity.

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You seem like a cool guy, and good luck on becoming an author! - Black Dove

Morven has an amazing Unix sysadmin beard. And is an awesome guy in general. - William Wide Web

Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! Just dropping by. >:3 —goodtimesfreegrog

Vandalized for great justice. Seriously, Morven is awesome. Pleasant fellow. :] —a vandal

I think Morven is a Pretty Cool Guy. eh gives tropers rides and doesn't afraid of anything. — Ironeye

Why did I think you're female? - Krrackknut.

  • A mistake I made before too. Morven
    • And yet, you have a full beard... - English Ivy
      • I know — confusing! But I don't see that from the inside. —Morven

Morven's a great Reasonable Authority Figure with an awesome beard. - The Jackal

Morven is a critical threat to the safety for our nation (wherever that is). Atomic bombs won't work on him. Try hydrogen bombs combined with prolonged small arms fire, then get back to me. — Korodzik

Morven, fun guy, smart guy, great guy. ~ Zyxzy

I hope you enjoyed the joys of Disneyland next door. (Lucky guy.) - QQQQQ

I originally thought you were a woman because of The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, in which there is a witch named Morwen. As a fellow aspiring fantasy author, I wish you good luck! - Leradny

I seem smart and interesting? Thanks! -Parakaitz

You sure that you're not The Ace around here? - Flanker 66

(blushes) Thank you for being so nice to me. By the way, you seem to have a Badass Beard - Beholderess

Godot Was Here.

Calm, cool, collected, and seemingly understanding. A great person to have around the fora. Tuefel Hundne IV

Morven is the coolest son of a bitch this side of the galaxy. - Exelixi

I figured it was about time I vandalized your page. Thank you for being so nice to me upon my arrival, and for all the interesting converation. Finally, the Internet proves capable of having genuinely good/nice people! Hurrah! - Punkreader

Thanks for your help! Also you're very funny. XD - Stolen By Faeries

Morven is! ~~Blixty Slycat

Morven on up to the east side! ~Hydronix

Morven is a pretty cool guy! - kay4today

I wanna give Morve a hug! ~TairaMai

The hills rolled up to the moon on slopes of wind-bent grass, crested, swept down into tangled brier shadows...