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Bored, eh? So am I.

Weissritter is an individual of indiscernible gender that lives in a fracking desert, and is too lazy to move elsewhere. They reside alone in a small apartment of blissful quiet and empty soda cans. Hobbies include writing fiction, reading fiction, sleeping, playing video games, and complaining about your spelling. Also enjoyable is tinkering around in their computer and drooling over giant robots of various kinds. They are becoming increasingly distressed about their age.


The user name "Weissritter" is German for "white knight". It's a nod to a nickname the holder had been previously given, and the spelling is literally correct, but grammatically inaccurate in reference to a really cool strategy game series, which contains a unit of the same name [1]; the grammatically correct spelling in English would be "weisser ritter". The pronunciation of "weiss" is most natural in English as "wice", but is pronounced in German closer to "vice". It is spelled in German as "weiß"; "ß" is the functional equivalent of "ss".

Weissritter is a bit of a cynic, with a somewhat world-weary view, but doesn't believe it has quite reached certain levels of disarray just yet. They have precious little patience for some members of the population, and may snap at those they perceive as within this category, but try not to take it to heart; they very rarely mean any actual harm. They are actually very fond of people overall, and while it doesn't take a great deal to find oneself on their bad side, it takes even less to get on their good one; chances are pretty strong they already think you're swell. They admire creativity, intelligence, empathy, individuality, integrity, honesty, loyalty, and a sense of humor, among other things.


Despite all of this, or perhaps because of it, Weissritter is likely to piss you off at some point or another. They probably didn't mean to, but consider this your formal warning, regardless. Also consider that Weissritter does not hold grudges; should you have an altercation with them, they probably felt you deserved it, but will get over it by the next incident, provided you don't violate their contrived tolerance again at that point. If you feel they were far enough out of line, kindly tell them so after the incident, and provided you've given their wanton spite time enough to cool off, a reconciliation is likely.

While currently not an active contributor to the site, you may find Weissritter touching up existing pages in the near future should they see the need, mostly through minor spelling and grammatical corrections.


Favorite works/genres and tropes may be added to this page in the future. You may also contribute to the page if you desire, but keep emoticons and the like to a minimum, please.

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I like your style. — Arcolops

This page has just been made ten degrees cooler -The Fan

Hey. - A friend

You've been vandalized FOR GREAT JUSTICE. Keep being awesome. —a vandal'

You're pretty sharp. I admire that. - Karlz Belena

Listen all 'yall, it's sabotage! I can't believe it's taken me this long to stop by. —goodtimesfreegrog

Miss Hedgey baked you a set of truffles. Hope you love em!

Also Arin has thoroughly violated your troper page.

No one rocks a metallic exoskeleton the way you do. Keep on rocking, bubi. Hatter

You are a troper after my own heart: I always appreciate the perspective you bring into conversations, and it's refreshing to see someone else here acknowledging the Unfortunate Implications in Japanese media and not being afraid to criticize stuff. Also you appear to share my fondness for gender ambiguity, but we both seem to be failing at it somewhat. Or are we? —Irony Adams

I'm still amused by your avatar.(and some of posts) -Spooky Mask

Bored, eh? So am I. o_o Are you psychic or something? —Vree

You're a more cynical version of myself. —Joerc45

elemcee says the feeling is mutual. :)

You're not coming back and I have you right where I want you elsewhere (though ideally I would have you in my home and I know how much you hate the RANDOM PARENTHESES IN SENTENCE thing but eh), but I'm fucking bored so your page has been raped. - Your Beloved INSERT AONDEUG'S REAL NAME HERE