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I found that you were lacking in text on your page, so, as Emperor, I, deathpigeon, have created this page for you because you seem awesome! - deathpigeon

An Eyefish, who is currently running about the internet on an old 3ds because their other devices are broken. Probably not a mad genius.

Has also started naming the glow in the dark stars on their wall and ceiling and drawing constellations.

[[folder: Graffiti wall]]

  • I spray my tag on the page- Redblackdragon

  • I wish to raid your parents' book collection. Expect an invasion. -Canidaemon

  • Yellow is cool! ~PhoenixdaughterAM
    • Pokemom Special's Yellow, BTW. ~ Same as the above

  • In the vernacular, I believe your page has just been "tagged". Good day. A Stray Bard


  • GET DOWN - Aiko Heiwa

  • I see you liked Torchlight. I was never able to beat that game on hardcore mode, and I got pretty close too. Strelok

  • Don't mind me, I'm just making a few...improvements. ~A Stray Bard

  • You know, I read your name as "Eye Fetish". That is a thing right? ~El Rigo


  • Mhua ha ha ha, It's me ~XiphosOrochi666, god of the world; but seriously I ofte

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