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"Nam et maior ac miserabilitor egestas nulla est quam egere sapientia et, qui sapientia non eget, nulla re omnino egere potest."
Saint Augustine, On a Happy Life

A guy from Portugal. Loves music and movies like a drug.


As of 5th August 2014, I became the Herald for the Live-Action Film forum. I'm ready to answer any questions.

Currently editing the history of Portugal. Don't worry, it' not gonna be too long (or maybe it's gonna be)!

In case you wanna check out some music that I like:

    Tropes Whose YKTTW and Launching Were Made By Me (Chronological Order) 

    Tropes Whose YKTTW Was Not Made By Me, But The Launching Was 

    Wrote the Majority or All of the Text (in some cases, including Image) for 

    Added an Image to 

    Tropes That Could Describe Me (Though I May Indulge in Wham Episodes) 

     Favorite Anime 

     Favorite Comic Books 

     Favorite Literature 


     Favorite Live-Action TV (Though I stopped watching some of these series for lack of time, interest or different and interesting plots) 

     Favorite Comic Strips & Newspaper Comics 

     Favourite Stand-Up Comedy 

     Favorite Webcomics 

     Favorite Western Animation 

    For Those Who Are About To Vandalize, I Salute You! 
  • Woah. first vandal? ~Rockonman
    • Apparently : )
  • Seriously, though, can I call you Lee from now on? Hobgoblin
    • Yes, you can, Hobgoblin XD
  • I'm tempted to start singing "Is and Ought the Western World"... but I'll refrain.—JHM
    • Hey, I don't mind if you want to. Never thought that would be your choice for a Scritti song. Nice one!
  • And so, this is the first time that S Bane N vandalizes your page. ... Without any randomness...
    • I suppose other vandalizations will follow. Go ahead!
  • If you ever plan on visiting Austria, I'll have to let you know that we're like a better version of Germany! >__> <__< Totally! - kay4today
    • Thanks! I like both countries, so I'll compare later, hopefully xD
  • Vandalism long time coming. ~Rockonman
    • Indeed. May many vandalisms follow suit.
  • Going ahead. Because vandalism is awesome and it deserves to get a crown. If it was a person. - S Bane N
    • My response is on your profile. Another shall follow later.
  • Hiya! Ever done composition? - Nine-Tailed Cat
    • Hi! I'm going to start recording an album, so I guess I'll be doing that : )
  • Three times now has this page been vandalized by Shane. It would appear that something would appear out of nothing that hasn't appeared yet... and that probably makes no sense.
    • It doesn't. But my response makes sense. Which will follow in a while.
  • Greetings. How are you? - S Bane N
  • I'm a quick vandal. Five times now. And a x3 combo already. Chances are that this is going to be my last vandalism act for some time, but who knows what could happen before midnight...
  • Ah proof of blood...-Xiphos Orochi 666
  • Um,Lack of Existance...-Xiphos Orochi 666
    • More like luring you into a trap.
  • You broke my combo on Xiphos Orochi 666. You'll pay for that. ... No wait, I'll pay for that. =gives you 50 000 gold pieces= There, I paid for it. - S Bane N
    • Payment accepted. I couldn't let him get away, after all.
  • And vandalized again. None is safe from vandalism here, I guess... - S Bane N
  • ...? ...! It would appear that silver is not silver because pizza is not pizza. It doesn't really make sense, but that's what I am, not-making-any-sense. - S Bane N
  • Super form activate!-Xiphos Orochi 666
    • Oh Shit!
  • Bam! -Mokona Zero
  • This cyberscape shall not leave unscathed!-Xiphos Orochi 666
  • Here is one who does random crap. -Voyd211
  • Frozenken! ... No effect?! Guess an ice beam isn't very useful. - S Bane N the Surfacian Inhuman
    • It isn't useful, indeed.
  • Oh well. Sparkoken! ... Still no effect?! Wow, ice and lightning aren't useful. Oh well. - S Bane N the Vandal of Many Signature Moves
  • Watch as I destroy your page! -Mokona Zero
    • (adopts evil voice) I laugh at your petty attempt!
  • ...? Somebody tried to destroy your page...? Again? When will they ever quit? - Shane "Bane" Neumann
  • Alpha Omega! Use Genesis Endgame!-Xiphos Orochi 616
  • Well, I have opted to vandalize here, though I don't really have much to mention. Forgive me for this. NES
    • No problem. Go ahead anytime if you want.
  • Do you like Pink Floyd, sir? c: -Danniiee
    • According to my account (which is near the top of this page), yes, I do : )!
      • Das cool. I like you. We should chat some time. c: -Danniiee
  • Shane cast Emerald Beam Cannon! It's super effective! Shane faints! ... Wait, Shane faints?! ... That hurt.
    • That's the beauty of being indestructible. Muhahahah!
  • You. Brian Regan. Now. ~Rockonman
  • I'm in the house! Now what am I gonna break? Oh, I know! I'll break your Fourth Wall! That's a nice everything you've got there! ~Dhana Ragnarok
    • Damn. I just had it installed last week. Oh well. Thank you, by the way! xD
  • ... Say, what would you do if I summoned a Blue-Eyes White Dragon and order it to attack you? - S Bane N
  • The vandalism... LIVES AGAIN! YES, YES! *chandelier falls on top of head* ... I guess Captain Jack Sparrow hates my guts. Long time no vandalism, anyway. - S Bane N
    • Indeed. That chandelier was too old, anyway xD
  • Is that David Bowie as your avatar? - Boxen
    • Yes, it is : )
      • Sir, respect. — Boxen
  • Greetings. Shane again. I hope you are doing well, and that there will be many more vandalisms in the future! As such, the carpet does not match the drapes because they were eaten by a raccoon-squirrel-thing. Hope nobody minds. :P
    • The drapes and the carpet were ugly. Thanks xD
  • Found this gem:
    "Jesus and Hitler had been living together for almost two years now. They did everything together: go shopping, shower, and have intense fuck sessions with teenage slave bois rented from the local Jewish temple."
    • Oh, Bible-fiction writers, how much I love to hate you all :D ~Dhana Ragnarok
      • I'm a Christian and I find that hilarious, despite that fic being so horrible XD
  • Hi there Quag XD - JR Pictures
  • PACKAGE! *worships* - Khantalas
    • Accepted! xD
  • High time to be vandalized! - Premonition45
  • The sun machine is coming down, and we're gonna have a party.. — Boxen
    • cue "Let It Be"-style chanting. Awesome!
  • Let it be known that I, the great and magnificent Khantalas, have vandalized your page for lacking in sufficient awesome! - Khantalas
  • Shane vandalizes the page! It's supper effective! Not super effective, though. :P
    • Looks like I must take a... course of action!
  • ... Vandalism. So much vandalism. Yet it isn't over 500... but then that'd probably be insane to read. Ah well. Shane does not mind... How are you, sir?
  • Thought I'd revisit and check up on how everything is going for ya. NES
    • It's going fine, thank you very much!
  • Vandalism. So much vandalism. Oh God I love vandalism. ~Dhana Ragnarok
    • We all do.
  • Burning people! He says what we're all thinking! - Landorkus
  • Don't apologize when YOU CAN VANDALIZE! ~Dhana Ragnarok
    • I like rhymes. In order to keep up with the times.
  • Yo, what did you mean when you asked if there were titles for people in The Harem? xD -Nerd Bird
    • I meant something like nicknames or certain titles that indicated sexual skills. xD Do I have a title?
  • Well, this is an interesting development. -Crimsonstorm15
  • Hello. Here's some vandalism. -Murky Muse
  • HELP! My fuck is full of brain! ~Dhana Ragnarok
  • Apparently, I seem to be the source of vandal inactivity. Surprising how many people were vandalized during the two days that I was grounded because of seven kittens hiding behind a stove... - S Bane N
    • Apparently, chain-vandalism is becoming rarer than ever. So does the Avatar That Does Not Exist, as well. Regardless, hopefully it'll change... - S Bane N
    • Yeah, it's been a bit boring. You gotta let the vandal activity rest a bit, and, when they'll resume, we'll resume our vandalisms with great efficiency and speed!
    • Indeed. Regardless, speed always wins, but Monster Trucks in the New World does not belong there. - S Bane N
  • Where are we now, where are we now? — Boxen
    • The moment you know, you know, you know...
    • As long as there's sun... — Boxen
    • As long as there's rain...
  • Just like a rival gang member, thought I'd pay you back for your vandalism! —The Obviously Very Un-Street 0dd1
  • Yo! I be here vandalizing your page. -Wildcard
  • Wait, you just recently became a deadpan snarker? ~ eternal noob
    • Recently as in a year and a half ago. It depends mostly on my mood, I think.
  • Here again. - Wildcard
  • MPreg is the invention of a deranged, high-as-fuck succubus. Where are exorcists when you need them?! ~Dhana Ragnarok
    • The exorcists are having tea. If I see that succubus, I'll let you know so you can deal with that fucker. xD
  • ... Did somebody say "succubus"? ... My fury flows free~ ... Looks like Dhana'll have to hurry before I find that fiend because I am so going to send it to Hell Temple. That Heartless creature will PAY! ... Time to calmly vandalize a page with a random rant... whilst remembering to state that I'm Shane. And this must be my longest vandalizing sentence ever. Oh well, that's probably why the rum is always gone. Because of random vandalism. And squirrel grenades that can quadruple-wield Keyblades...
    • LOL, nice weapons, by the way.
  • Vandalizing cause Bowie. — Boxen
    • Valid reason.
  • Glad to see another new face! NES
  • Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy! You just got vandaled, but please don't flay me! -Explosivo25
    • No problem. But please, don't insert annoying ear worms in my head.
  • HelpBoxen
  • S Bane N cancels Post: interrupted by Tropers/Quag15's Troper Page.
    • lol wut?
  • The power of Boi is divided by murdering someone with a concrete giraffe.-Xiphos Orochi 666
  • Yarrr! Prepare ye to be boarded! —Earl of Sandvich
  • S Bane N appeared! S Bane N gets hit by a chocolate and explodes...
  • A wild Landorkus appeared! The wild Landorkus used Vandalism!
  • The key to eternity, guarded inside the illusion. Only the courageous can leap into the illusion. - S Bane N