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I don't expect Nate to make sense, really. It's just a bad idea.

Nate the Great is very level-headed.

Hola to all the hoopy froods who know where their towels are! So yeah, my name really is Nate, and yes, I did get the nickname from that famous pancake-loving child detective from Marjorie Weinman Sharmat's book series. And yes, people have been known to call me "Nate The Great" unprompted in Real Life.


Oh, and about the page quotes. Muddy is a friend of mine from the forum. He had his reasons for saying that, reasons I don't begrudge or refute. I was honored by the Ronka 87 quote; I was surprised to find it. Combining the two may seem like a blatant contradiction; that's what I enjoy about them.

I'd place myself closer to Splitter on the spectrum, and although a member of FORKS (I even came up with "Friends of Really Kool Sobriquet"!) I'm starting to edge more towards PLATTER. I know that both of these groups are now defunct, but what can I say? I've been a troper a long time.

My Pride and Joy:

  • I created the page, and I'm proud to consider myself a contributor to Zeke's site as well as this one. The page is still under construction. However, this is hardly a bad thing, since it gives me an excuse to reread all of the fivers if only to find the tropes hiding within.

Articles I Have Launched from my YKTTW ideas:

Articles Others Have Launched from my YKTTW ideas:

Articles With Page Quotes I suggested in the YKTTW:

Note: At least the page quote I suggested was the page quote at launch and for quite awhile afterwards. ;)

Articles With Names I suggested in the YKTTW:

Pages from my YKTTW's that have been cut:

Enjoy the site and keep troping!

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