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That will be kinda, um... easy. I will do it later...

As you could have probably guessed from that, yes I am a procrastinator. :)

I'm more of a reader then a contributor. But I often hang out around You Know That Thing Where.

I found this link about a few years ago on a Gamefaq cartoon message board, (curse you Animation Age Ghetto!) by accident while looking up a link to Network Decay, and have never turned back! :)


.Tropes I have Submited:

I'd also like to personally thank this wiki for introducing me to Darths And Droids, DM Of The Rings, El Goonish Shive, Nadia And The Secret Of Blue Water, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal,(Actually introduced too me by a fellow troper, but I still count it.) and convincing me too watch The Spectacular Spiderman. Though I would've rather not have acquired my current Bile Fascination for Sonichu, but I guess it is just a side effect of lurking.I've had a blast here both lurking and editing, and I have a feeling I will continue too for a long time to come.



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