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Hello everybody! A new troper here and Let's Player! Music has arrived here!

If you're wondering who I am in terms of real life, here's my specifications:


     NES in real life 
  • 123 pounds
  • Male
  • 5 feet and 8 inches
  • 25 years old
  • Having a mustache and beard
  • Saggitarius sign (For zodiac)
  • Year of the sheep
  • 'happy-go-lucky' look on his face, with the occasional look of focus.
  • Coffee drinker. Favorite's a cafe mocha.
  • Graduated from college (Bachelor's in business/administration, but with a minor in management to boot).
  • Bi-curious
  • Somewhat timid, but growing out of it. I tend to be more comfortable near familiar individuals, but will become timid in a hurry if things get frantic.
  • Easily outspoken.

  • "Nuts, Almonds, and Macadamias!" (Things going nutty there.)
  • "I'm not going to like this one bit or 8-bit." (Didn't use this one often, but usually equates to Oh, Crap!.)
  • "Argon!" (Argh!)
  • "Argentium!" (Argh again.)
  • "NESgamer190 over and out!" (Always at the end of a LP video!)
  • -frantic gibberish- (Something I don't like has definitely shown up, and I want it gone already!)
  • "I apologize for necromincing." (Of all the phrases, this one I use somewhat often, given that I usually reply within less than a day.)
  • "Ah narf." (I just got reamed.)
  • "Sink... don't be a sink." (A Sims 3 thing, where I go to tell the sink to not break.)
    • "Good sink." (When the mentioned sink behaves and does not break)
    • "Bad sink! You just had to be a sink!" (For when the sink had to misbehave and break.)
  • Inconceivable! (Yup... me blatantly denying something.)
As you could probably tell, my catchphrases are usually in the scene of something grim. I don't use them much, but don't worry.

    Works NES Loves 

    New Year resolutions 
  • Finish up season two of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic (Done on January 13, 2013)
  • Get all As (Evidently already done, according to parents since the start of college)
  • Get a job (In progress still)

  • Dueling on Yu-Gi-Oh! (Though I don't deem myself decent at dueling. This is on the decline.)
  • Roleplaying (Especially on the successor of Mitadake High, but I also find myself roleplaying in "Plots" if you will.)
  • Gaming (The name ought to be a dead giveaway.)
  • Mouse drawing on a paint program. ( to be exact, and I do this rarely. Sorry folks, but requests kinda will have to be declined.)
  • Scavenging for loose change. (Shocking how much change I could find at college sometimes.)
  • Let's Playing. (Of course! On the decline now.)
  • Developing some world. (I would LOVE to make some sort of webcomic or something, but I think it'd not be accepted for poor artwork. Although I do have several characters thought out, I'd hate to have myself vindicated as the worst comic-drawer.)
  • Dreaming (Given my frequency of dreams and how lucid they become sometimes, I'm going to have to say it's become a hobby.)
  • D&D (All Flesh Must Be Eaten to be precise is what I am Zombie Mastering. Sadly cancelled out of stupidity on my part, deleting the stuff.)
  • Doing nuzlockes of pokemon. (Currently doing Pokemon crystal, and doing fairly well thus far.)

    Tropes NES is 
  • Allergic to Routine (Inverted! I'm allergic to non-order!)
  • Apologizes Alot (I tend to do that.)
  • Bad Liar (Well, the fact I'm a honest guy hurts my liar stat.)
  • Beige Prose (When I roleplay or write, I tend to err on this. Wanting to fix this.)
  • Berserk Button (Formerly dragons, Shotguns, and street fighter come to mind, along with hateful people.)
  • Big Eater (Trying to gain weight, and failing miserably. Darn you meerkat metabolism!)
  • Black Bug Room (In a nutshell, this place is a typical lava world, fit with magma ahoy, fissures in the ground, and a tendency to tote dragons toting shotguns. Not a place to be.)
  • Catapult Nightmare (Usually if I suspect a bug got on me in my sleep, though minus the freak-out, unless I heard the insect or felt some pain.)
  • Closet Geek (Yeah... family don't know my brony status, and for good reason.)
  • Cloud Cuckoolander (Happens when I get excited or something similar)
  • Converted Fanboy (Well, yes... My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic is a work I've been converted to.)
  • Corner of Woe (My reaction to people shouting, or when I get pushed too far mentally. No ghost lights unfortunately, or fungus.)
  • Cross Player (Pyrce High, I'm guilty of it.)
  • Cuddle Bug (A good hug I'd love to give, but the law kinda makes me withhold from hugs ahoy.)
  • Dandere (I often find myself keeping my jaws shut unless required or spoken to. The dere part is non-romantic, so probably played with.)
  • Deadpan Snarker (Especially when I'm not in a good mood)
  • Determinator (Especially with homework!)
  • Drama Queen (How did I forget this? If things go wrong, I will be drama ham, but no drama couch. Sorry folks, but I'm not Rarity!)
  • Drinking Game (Took on the My Immortal drinking game twice with water... I lost. Also took drinking games of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic and fared far better.)
  • Drink Order (Coffee, Cafe Mocha)
  • Eating Lunch Alone (Invoked... I wasn't that much of a social moth...)
  • Epic Fail (Yup. Played Fluxx with another friend and The random number generator won.)
  • Facepalm (I tend to do this, but sometimes, I do this when I find something so funny.)
  • Fan Fiction (Yes, I wrote a couple, no, I'm not disclosing them due to how poor they are in my opinion, and I'm aware of a certain law.)
  • Gym Class Hell (Do not ask me of middle school and physical education! To sum it up, I hated that year of my life!)
  • Hair-Trigger Temper (One thing goes wrong, and I lose my collected self, due to a lack of control. Wished I did not have this...)
  • Happy Place (Summarily, think some sort of mix between a ufo and a library, and you have my happy place.)
  • Hates Small Talk (A hypocritical example of mine... I detest it, but I dish it out.)
  • Hypocrite (Yes, even I've had a few hypocritical moments.)
  • Incredibly Lame Pun (Usually my pun ammo.)
  • Instant Waking Skills (Well, one alarm clock will make me spring when it goes off.)
  • In Touch with His Feminine Side (Well, I'm not aggressive, nor very athletic, emotional more than some of the other peers, but I nearly avert the feminine interests with the exception of cooking, and I avert the non-masculine look with a mustache if it's even possible to still look feminine with a mustache. Gonna say this one's played with.)
  • Kindhearted Catlover (I adore a cute feline!)
  • Knight in Sour Armor (Noted by another fellow troper.)
  • Large Ham (Kinda happens on occasion.)
  • Meaningful Name (There is a reason I am NESgamer190 now.)
  • Mental World (Yup... I have one of those. Probably a good idea to stay out when angry though... it gets to volcano-bad segments. Consists of a dream theater, a manor of characters, the memory banks, and a few other details.)
  • Nice Guy (Well, if you forget vending machine change, I will give it to you with a simple "forgetting something?" and a smile.)
  • Nightmare Fetishist (Well, if you really want to know, it's available for discussion via personal message.)
  • No Sense of Direction (Yeah... I'm quite simple to get lost. Where's that darn Global Positioning System?)
  • Pungeon Master (I tend to dish out some poor puns.)
  • Rule of Three (I usually post with at least two other posts after mine, so as to avoid spam.)
  • Squee (I am prone to it with cute stuff.)
  • Sudden School Uniform (I keep hoping for one, but I've been disappointed.)
  • Talkative Loon (Side-effect of joy)
  • Talking in Your Sleep (Kinda how my dreams start out, with the mind sifting the most recent thoughts for dream fodder.)
  • The Cynic (If only the world was a fantasy...)
  • The B Grade (I wig out when I see this happen to me!)
  • The Smart Guy (Not genius levels, but I dub myself fairly smart)
  • The Teetotaler (I am this in regards to alcohol. In a drinking game, the drink of choice is water. Zigzagged lately though, since I love a daiquiri.)
  • Trademark Favorite Food (Fish! I just adore fish, as well as steak and bacon. On the inverse, I absolutely detest soup and cereal and chili.)
  • Weaksauce Weakness (One cute thing'll usually foil me, but if irked, all bets are off. Played with.)
  • My Answer To Everything (Magma is usually my answer to everything.)

    Tropes to trial 

    Pages NES has started 

  • Red Links (A habit I'm intent to break. Think I broke it good.)
  • Underconfidence (If things go wrong, I tend to lose morale fast.)
  • Too strict on self (One mistake, and I'll get at myself for it. Goes hand and hand with Underconfidence.)
  • Loves to cause mayhem (No points where the chaos usually ends up. On the decline a bit)
  • Unsocial (If I get to people I'm unfamiliar with, I tend to shy up immediately.)
  • Bad at search engines (Self-explanatory.)
  • Indecisive (Especially with a million choices!)
  • Susceptible to cute. (See the tropes folder and you'll know one cute thing's usually enough to make me gush.)
  • Having an urge to Squee often. (My will save's tested when I see pony-related materials.)

    Topics NES frequents 

    My Little Pony details 
  • Favorite Pony: Fluttershy, followed by Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, then Rainbow Dash going by mane six.
  • Favorite Cutie Mark Crusader: Applebloom
  • Favorite Alicorn: Princess Celestia
  • Favorite Background Pony: Octavia (Just now broke this stalemate.)
  • Favorite villain: Queen Chrysalis
  • Pony I most associate with: Applejack (Followed by Fluttershy, then Twilight Sparkle, then a tie between Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, and then Rarity based off of the mane 6)
  • Favorite Pegasus: See favorite pony, and you'll know it's Fluttershy, with Derpy in second.
  • Favorite Unicorn: Admittedly, Trixie Lulamoon won it, with Vinyl in second.
  • Favorite Earth Pony: Octavia takes first place, though AJ has it in second place.
  • Favorite Episode: To be determined.
  • Least Favorite Episode: What About Discord? (Late Season 5)
  • If I was a pony, what would I be: Earth pony.
  • You aren't going to force the show on me, are you?: No, I won't. Made an oath to not do that.

    NES's scale of fanboyism 
  • 5: Crusader: You are definitely trying to get the people in on the fandom there. One is at their most fanboyish here.
  • 4: Strong fan: You most likely have done several fictional materials on the fandom that aren't negative.
  • 3: Normal fan: You may have created a few fictional works, but still like the work in question.
  • 2: Casual fan: Haven't made a fan work for the work, but ya like it enough to be a fan.
  • 1: Approver: Not a fan, but you approve of the work.
  • 0: Fence dude: Neither like or dislike the work. Self-explanatory hopefully.
  • -1: Disapprover: Not a hater, but think something could improve.
  • -2: Minor fan-hater: One does not like the work, but hasn't gone too far to absolutely disapprove.
  • -3: Typical fan-hater: The fan-hater likely has made a couple jabs at the fandom, and isn't fond of the work in question.
  • -4: Strong fan-hater: This one has definitely made several jabs at the fandom, and will not be afraid to voice out their hate with pride.
  • -5: Anti-crusader: Where crusaders try to get more members for the fandom, these guys will actively attempt to pry the fans away! The most fan-hate possible dwells here.

Just something I've decided to write, in case anyone feels as though my scale of fanboyism can be of use somehow.

The following dream in the folder below is rated P for Pony, and could be potentially spoilery to season four. Consider thyself warned if ye open the folder with the dream.
    NES's most recent dream 

This particular dream took place during a full mooned night, at the cottage Fluttershy dwelled in, as I was passing by, checking out the bats. It was rather well, given my like for bats, until I heard a distinct "Hiss!", and knew I was not exactly safe, diving for the ground and seeing a yellow blur in a hurry. "What in the world?" I questioned, quickly getting back up on my feet and making for a hasty retreat. I tried to shake off my pursuer's swooping intentions, but to no avail, as I suddenly felt hooves grab hold and I yelped, fairly panicked and fearful, before I saw the world upside down, and my pursuer upright. I had noted I was being held upside down, not unlike a bat, though I only saw what could be best described as a feral, fanged pony before I felt a few fangs plunge upon my neck, and my consciousness fade. When I came to, I wondered if it was a dream as I weakly got back up on my feet once more, albeit weakly and shakily, though a slight rub on the neck convinced me otherwise as the marks were still there. The dream cliffhangered here.

Questions? Ask below! You have my permission to write below this line!
Q: Why the lack of questions? (NES)

A: Guess nobody's interested thus far. (NES)

Q: (I'll start!) If you had to spend the rest of your life as an RPG character, who would you choose? Egregious One

A: Well, that's a good question, but if I had to pick just one, probably Wren of Phantasy Star 4. (NES)

Q: How'd your holidays go? -Mokona Zero

A: They went well on the most part. Got a background from a fellow friend, a usb port thingy, and a few other things. (NES)

Q: What are your new year resolutions? - S Bane N

A: The resolution would probably be to gain weight, get all As, and finish Season 2 of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic off the top o' my head. (NES)

Q: Who was the 19th President? —Sean Murray I

A: If I did my research right, the 19th president of the united states is Rutherford B. Hayes. (NES)

Q: How would you like to be employed as a webcomic artist? - gbrngfol

A: I am quite flattered, but in all honesty, I can't see my artwork being that good. I appreciate the thought though! (NES)

Q: What if I told you that it is a Dwarf fortress webcomic that I was tempted to draw with ascii? - Gbrngfol

A: Well then... I wonder why ya haven't mentioned the fact it's ascii? I should not have much of a problem with it. Just a matter of finding a site...(NES)

Q: Who was the 19th President of France? - Porschelemans

Not A: I'm actually stumped on that question. (NES)

A: Georges Pompidou! (Point to ya Porschelemans) (NES)

Q: For our amusement, will you ever LP shit? -eternal noob

A: I have made a couple Let's Plays recently, though lately, I have been at a small impasse. One Let's play, coming up! (NES)

Q: Should I consider a folder for all my dreams that do occur, or no? (NES)

A: Go for it! -Sixth

Q: It's been a while that I last seen you, anything wrong? -Mokona Zero

A: Well, I have been trying to figure out what to Let's Play recently for eternal. So far, I've come up empty, and well, let's just say today's just a slow day for me is all. Otherwise, I'm pretty fine! (NES)

Q: How has life been treating you this February? - S Bane N (on 22/02/2013)

A: The month has treated me fairly well on the most part. I am glad someone's checking up. (NES)

Q: How are you at the moment? S Bane N (on 10 April 2013, at 16:12 GMT+2)

A: Kinda freaking out about my history project, but have a crazy plan of sorts that may work for my computer class power point that'll involve Dwarf Fortress! (NES)