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The Forum Game Recommendations ThreadPosts: 67Feb 20th 2018 at 9:12:41 AM
The Super Serious Forum Game Rules Thread
Posts: 168Dec 5th 2016 at 1:54:19 PM
Trope Pantheons DiscussionPosts: 118,737 Jul 16th 2018 at 3:42:16 AM
Pick an Avatar that you want the Above Poster to ExplainPosts: 6,332 Jul 16th 2018 at 3:36:55 AM
Yum or Yuck!Posts: 750 Jul 16th 2018 at 3:29:58 AM
Tropefy the troper abovePosts: 21,919 Jul 16th 2018 at 3:26:46 AM
What works do you associate with the above troper?Posts: 419 Jul 16th 2018 at 3:16:31 AM
Mad Libs 2.0Posts: 8,732 Jul 16th 2018 at 3:13:29 AM
Post what you have copied and add "in my pants."Posts: 5,203 Jul 16th 2018 at 3:08:17 AM
That's a HORRIBLE crossover!Posts: 572 Jul 16th 2018 at 3:07:30 AM
How old is the above poster?Posts: 1,065 Jul 16th 2018 at 3:05:38 AM
Compliment the Above TroperPosts: 24,111 Jul 16th 2018 at 2:32:52 AM
Kill, Sex, MarryPosts: 982 Jul 16th 2018 at 2:14:04 AM
Name Something That Starts With the Last Letter of the Above Poster And See If They Like ItPosts: 1,018 Jul 16th 2018 at 2:11:37 AM
You get a random superpowerPosts: 86 Jul 16th 2018 at 2:09:10 AM
Would the above avatar make a good roommate?Posts: 2,535 Jul 16th 2018 at 2:00:24 AM
Wold you agree for the above avatar to babysit your children?Posts: 10,001 Jul 16th 2018 at 2:00:15 AM
The above Avatar just crawled into your bedPosts: 6,271 Jul 16th 2018 at 1:57:04 AM
What would you do if you saw the above avatar on the street?Posts: 8,910 Jul 16th 2018 at 1:53:17 AM
What would you do if the above avatar was at your front door?Posts: 391 Jul 16th 2018 at 1:52:59 AM
Could the Above avatar get in the Salty Spittoon?Posts: 787 Jul 16th 2018 at 1:52:09 AM
Ask the next poster a questionPosts: 36,208 Jul 16th 2018 at 1:44:20 AM
Assign a Voice Actor for the Above AvatarPosts: 1,056 Jul 16th 2018 at 1:38:49 AM
Do you even know what the above avatar is?Posts: 104,534 Jul 16th 2018 at 1:35:16 AM
Would the above two tropers make a good couple?Posts: 1,231 Jul 16th 2018 at 1:26:23 AM
Name Something With the Same First Letter of the Above Poster And See If They Like ItPosts: 2,623 Jul 16th 2018 at 1:04:51 AM
Describe the above troper in four words.Posts: 764 Jul 16th 2018 at 12:18:18 AM
Rate the above avatar's purity
Posts: 222 Jul 16th 2018 at 12:13:02 AM
What type of job do you think the above avatar works at?Posts: 5,202 Jul 16th 2018 at 12:06:40 AM
assign a situation to the above music.Posts: 3,653 Jul 16th 2018 at 12:06:20 AM
Guess About The Next PosterPosts: 69,826 Jul 16th 2018 at 12:01:38 AM
Guess What School Subject The Above Avatar LikesPosts: 10Jul 15th 2018 at 11:53:59 PM
ITT: You just walked in on your avatar and the above avatar in a bedPosts: 2,536Jul 15th 2018 at 11:51:26 PM
Make At Least One WMG About A Troper, Preferably The Above Troper.Posts: 23,798Jul 15th 2018 at 11:49:07 PM
Memes of Bizarro World InternetPosts: 861Jul 15th 2018 at 11:31:54 PM
Which of your avatars best fits the above description?Posts: 3,242Jul 15th 2018 at 10:57:15 PM
TV Tropes Association GamePosts: 44,110Jul 15th 2018 at 10:39:17 PM
The most generic flamewarPosts: 3,775Jul 15th 2018 at 9:50:46 PM
ITT: We Have All Become Dragons!
Posts: 157Jul 15th 2018 at 9:29:30 PM
Trope Pantheon Restructure threadPosts: 6,266Jul 15th 2018 at 8:43:51 PM
Which of Your Avatars Fits The Above Song?
Posts: 171Jul 15th 2018 at 8:36:48 PM
Tropefy The Above AvatarPosts: 17,629Jul 15th 2018 at 8:33:00 PM
Which of your avatars would you send out to fight the last avatar?Posts: 13,971Jul 15th 2018 at 8:24:36 PM
What would your avatar say about the above avatar?Posts: 10,459Jul 15th 2018 at 8:23:49 PM
Compliment The Avatar Above YouPosts: 3,881Jul 15th 2018 at 8:04:53 PM
The Two Avatars Above You Are On The Brink of DeathPosts: 2,187Jul 15th 2018 at 8:04:32 PM
You're Now Wearing The Above Avatar's ClothesPosts: 93Jul 15th 2018 at 7:53:02 PM
What is the similarity between your avatar and the above avatar?Posts: 4,501Jul 15th 2018 at 7:29:16 PM
What character alignment is the above troper?
Posts: 157Jul 15th 2018 at 7:28:54 PM
Your Avatar Just Befriended The Above AvatarPosts: 55Jul 15th 2018 at 7:19:13 PM
How would your avatar react to the above showPosts: 695Jul 15th 2018 at 7:14:29 PM
Explain Your Newest AvatarPosts: 1,037Jul 15th 2018 at 7:07:15 PM
Thread Anti-Necromancy GamePosts: 42,404Jul 15th 2018 at 7:00:38 PM
You Have Become The Above User's Avatar.Posts: 4,728Jul 15th 2018 at 6:53:35 PM
Your avatar is wearing a cosplay of the above avatarPosts: 119Jul 15th 2018 at 6:44:26 PM
Tropers: The SeriesPosts: 7,275Jul 15th 2018 at 6:41:23 PM
Assign an Unfitting Voice Actor for the Above AvatarPosts: 104Jul 15th 2018 at 6:40:58 PM
Would You Raise The Above Avatar?Posts: 51Jul 15th 2018 at 6:38:41 PM
What Color Underwear Does The Above Avatar Wear
Posts: 240Jul 15th 2018 at 6:31:19 PM
The above avatar switches clothes with your avatar.
Posts: 174Jul 15th 2018 at 6:27:17 PM
Ask the Above Avatar a QuestionPosts: 4,834Jul 15th 2018 at 6:20:08 PM
What swimsuit would the above avatar be wearing?Posts: 88Jul 15th 2018 at 6:19:46 PM
If the above avatar created a TV show, what will it be about?
Posts: 127Jul 15th 2018 at 6:13:10 PM
The Above Avatar Is In Your House, Eating Your CerealPosts: 2,044Jul 15th 2018 at 6:09:41 PM
Hunger Games SimulatorPosts: 29,210Jul 15th 2018 at 6:07:36 PM
Would the above avatar vote Democrat, Republican or Independent?Posts: 88Jul 15th 2018 at 5:56:27 PM
What bait would you fish the above avatar with?Posts: 2,031Jul 15th 2018 at 5:55:00 PM
Irish Drinking SongPosts: 389Jul 15th 2018 at 5:34:14 PM
What nightmare would the above avatar have?Posts: 577Jul 15th 2018 at 5:33:35 PM
ITT: We Have All Become PokémonPosts: 36,834Jul 15th 2018 at 5:27:28 PM
The Above Avatar just punched you in a barPosts: 1,816Jul 15th 2018 at 5:19:47 PM
Arrest the avatar above you.Posts: 4,132Jul 15th 2018 at 5:07:51 PM
The above avatar offers to get naked for you.Posts: 917Jul 15th 2018 at 5:05:20 PM
The above avatar just asked you what is sex...
Posts: 241Jul 15th 2018 at 4:56:15 PM
AlphabetPosts: 2,848Jul 15th 2018 at 4:43:09 PM
Cast the Above Troper's Avatar Gallery in Works.
Posts: 244Jul 15th 2018 at 4:19:52 PM
How would you kill the above avatar?Posts: 695Jul 15th 2018 at 3:51:35 PM
We try to kill SCP-682Posts: 3,254Jul 15th 2018 at 3:31:58 PM
Putting stuff in SCP-914Posts: 1,274Jul 15th 2018 at 3:22:44 PM
VG Music GamePosts: 23,464Jul 15th 2018 at 2:53:19 PM
ITT: We Make Obscure References.Posts: 7,462Jul 15th 2018 at 2:30:44 PM
MAD-ify the Above SeriesPosts: 5Jul 15th 2018 at 1:24:43 PM
Ground the Above avatar.Posts: 22Jul 15th 2018 at 12:51:09 PM
Would You Let The Above Avatar Watch Over Your Home?Posts: 17Jul 15th 2018 at 12:46:06 PM
The above avatar has just moved in with youPosts: 481Jul 15th 2018 at 12:05:37 PM
Do You Wanna Date My Avatar Posts: 8,870Jul 15th 2018 at 11:56:49 AM
The above avatar is in the shower with youPosts: 4,629Jul 15th 2018 at 11:23:32 AM
Ask the above poster a questionPosts: 10,321Jul 15th 2018 at 9:17:16 AM
YOU are BANNED: The Forum GamePosts: 36,986Jul 15th 2018 at 9:15:22 AM
That's a HORRIBLE adaptation!Posts: 2,214Jul 15th 2018 at 8:56:30 AM
Corrupt-a-wish.Posts: 36,524Jul 15th 2018 at 8:34:11 AM
Pretend you're playing the game 3 threads below this one.Posts: 5,452Jul 15th 2018 at 4:24:10 AM
Your Avatar Vs. The Above Avatar: Who Would Win?Posts: 22,129Jul 15th 2018 at 3:30:17 AM
Enter The Arena As Your Avatar V6: This Time, It's PersonalPosts: 1,869Jul 15th 2018 at 1:37:09 AM
How will your avatar spend the day with the above avatar? (Seconds Game)Posts: 3,391Jul 14th 2018 at 11:01:42 PM
Your avatar just DOMINATED the above avatarPosts: 5,946Jul 14th 2018 at 9:14:03 PM
Foil the above poster's eeeevil plan.Posts: 1,550Jul 14th 2018 at 7:26:29 PM
Assign Music for the Above AvatarPosts: 18Jul 14th 2018 at 5:14:22 PM
The above poster's gallery is a fighting game roster!Posts: 87Jul 14th 2018 at 4:49:17 PM
Cast tropers in worksPosts: 6,734Jul 14th 2018 at 2:28:02 PM
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