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Billy5545 JimBob from Surface Land Relationship Status: I wanna be your sledgehammer
Nov 13th 2019 at 10:49:50 PM

(The discussion thread is here)

Welcome to HGS: Another Side Another Story. It is a roleplay spinoff for the Hunger Games Simulator forum game, akin to both the RP's in the Roleplaying section as well as the ITTs in Forum Games. It tells the story of the Hunger Games in the Arena of Panem, the nominators who sent the tributes, the tributes themselves both in and out of the Arena or even other people relevant to the Games. In addition, it also tells their stories beyond the Arena.

You can jump right in with any character, like your nominator self, your tributes, etc. The structure of this RP will be open-world. Don't worry about not being skilled/experienced enough or being new to RP'ing. Finally, ASAS accepts any skill level or RP style. Other than these, there are some important rules to note, which are:

  • No godmodding will be allowed or tolerated here. The offending player will be given punishment depending on the severity.

  • Please communicate anything important you plan on another player with the said player first. Don't just execute it without their consent.

  • Don't be rude to other players, both out and in-universe. This extends to RP offenses like railroading, guilt-tripping, coercing, or other forms of forcing them.

  • This RP is related to the Hunger Games Simulation:Beyond the Possibilities forum game. Thus it will have events based from that game, including the tributes. This means if you want to RP as tributes, please nominate them officially on the thread first, with misses not being counted. This has to be done after an incident with a player who hasn't joined the game itself yet.

  • Since this RP is Loose Canon in relation to the main HGS thread, the host's interpretation of events isn't necessarily 100% canon. Every player has the right to deviate from what the host says and go with their own interpretations. If multiple players have their tributes involved in the same event(s), please communicate with each other so that you're on the same page regarding how you see them.

  • This RP chronicles the lives of the nominators and their tributes behind the scenes. While dark plots are acceptable, the overall tone of the RP should be light-hearted and comedic. This RP is not a Cosmic Horror Story or action story about defeating evil. It is a Slice of Life comedy with some adventure to it, first and foremost. Our previous RP, Convergence, is not representative of the intended tone, and the grimdark tone of that RP is one of the main reasons it was retooled.

  • Nominators and tributes alike can transform into Pokemon whenever they enter a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon World (but they can bypass this with certain items/methods or shapeshifting) or via other means outside it such as a season event, Transformation Trinkets, or shapeshifting. The players are free to choose the Pokéforms that best suit their characters and even give them color schemes outside the standard and Shiny colors, but there is a hard rule for this. If you want your character's Pokéform to be a Legendary, Mythical, or Ultra Beast, please ask the RP mods for approval. Outside the Arena, these Pokéforms are still OP, but we want to give leeway for tributes who theoretically can have them such as deities.

  • Other rules are covered in the RP guides:

Other guides to help you can be found below:

(All guides are taken directly from the ones posted in the Discord server, as well as few other sources)

Anyway, let's start

Detective Gamechanger's Base

A sharp-dressed man in a green suit and yellow tie is standing by the entrance of the base. He is of average height and has whitish skin, though still a bit darker. He is Billy, one of the nominators and the organizer of the party.

Indeed, after the nominators' returned and settled their problems, they decide to have fun with a party. Billy also sent invites for all the other nominators out there, as well as basically anyone else, including tributes, non associated parties, interested nominators who haven't participate yet, or even those who just wants to hang out.

The place itself in the base is refurbished for party purposes. Fancy chairs and tables are set everywhere for people to relax, as well as put food and other objects for the latter. There's also various collections showcased, including those belonging to the Detective, like his classic cars. Various themes to the base are set too, including detective noir as GC would have preferred.

Billy is now awaiting for other guests to arrive. He is also ready to give them a pleasant surprise during the party pertaining to his nation.

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Champion and Mass Murderer of Reboot S215
Nov 13th 2019 at 10:50:43 PM

The Database Library, Basement

A young woman in a lab coat with a purple librarian's uniform underneath sits at her computer, writing her observations about the current season. Season 71 started a few days ago, and she already lost Martha to Meowser on the first day. Dug, on the other hand, gained spider powers from being bitten by a radioactive spider right after he bashed Zamazenta to death with a mysteriously powered-up shovel in the Bloodbath.

This researcher, TRP-6001, is the Database Manager and Head Librarian of the Hunger Games Database Library, which provides all sorts of information about the Games, ranging from tribute history to negotiations with other worlds to research papers published by the Science Center. She moved from Earth Prime to work here, and despite all the stress and distractions, she's been enjoying her career ever since.

Besides managing the Database, whose latest version is v0.15 but it's been ages since she last updated it, 6k1 also has a lot of other tasks to do. She goes over her to-do list again to make sure she didn't forget anything.

For now though, 6k1's looking forward to Billy's party at the late Detective Gamechanger's base. It'll be a celebration of GC's achievements and the fall of one of his worst enemies, Lord Timewrecker. She already handed out the invites to her tributes via her robot assistant Ally, who was a gift for her from GC after a primitive version of her fought in Season 54 and was subsequently upgraded. The DM can't wait to hang out with her best friends Ichi and Dave, her pony counterpart Power Stroke, and of course, the other nominators and their tributes at the party.

"Spider-Dog, Spider-Dog..." 6k1 says to herself as she watches his antics over the next few days. "Can he do what Spider-Man... can?"

He leads three tributes into a torture chamber and remixes their screams into a rap song, only for the Chernobyl Dweller to do the same to him the very next day. She takes a swig of hot cocoa.

"If that's not Laser-Guided Karma, then I don't know what it is."

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"But the thing that makes Woody special, is he'll never give up on you... ever. He'll be there for you, no matter what."
Psychedelicate Moona did nothing wrong Relationship Status: Plastic Love
Moona did nothing wrong
Nov 13th 2019 at 11:16:49 PM

Psyche's Fanfic School

A young woman, characterised by red hair, purple-framed glasses, a grey-and-purple cat hoodie and UGG boots, calmly strolls around the classroom, where about a dozen students are busily typing away at their computers. One girl is facing a blank page, and she looks up at the woman with a pained expression. "Principal Psyche, Chan hasn't done anything interesting! Does he even know that Changbin died?"

"You tell me," Psyche replies. "It's your story. If you want to write about Chan's reaction to Changbin's death, then by all means, go for it."

The student's face lights up. "Yeah! I know exactly what to write now! Thanks, Principal Psyche!"

"You're welcome."

She sticks around for a short while longer, reading over her students' work and discussing ideas with them, before she heads back up to her office, letting the teacher of that class handle the rest.

As soon as she reaches her office and watches the television, she sees her surviving tribute, Bang Chan, chilling out on his new island that he'd named after himself. He's holding two flags in his hand - the South Korea and Australia flags, to he exact - and he's enthusiastically waving them around, expressing pride of his heritage to every Stay and whoever else might be watching him. At some point, he puts the South Korea flag down and energetically waves the Australia one, loudly chanting "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, oi, oi!"

Psyche giggles and smiles as she sees this. She retrieves her own Australia flag from her desktop, then waves it around and does that iconic Aussie chant right along with him. She wonders how many Australian Stays are doing the same.

Once she's had enough, she places the flag back on her desk and sighs, continuing to watch as Chan enjoys himself. It's been a very long time since she's last had a tribute go on the Hall of Fame - long enough that she's missed the last Battle Royale and has only one tribute for the upcoming Death Battle. This season, Changbin had kicked the bucket on Day 1, and Chan could die at any time. She's hoping that he'll at least make it into the top three, but considering her luck lately, she has her doubts. Still, she hopes that he'll at least be interesting. She smiles as she recalls his friendly interactions with the European Stays and wonders where they might lead.

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IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Nov 13th 2019 at 11:22:19 PM

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

Seated in the chair of his bunker's computer room, the Slytherin hoodie-clad nominator known as Ichigo leans against his wolf-headed cane as he watches the season begin to unfold. When Kylo Ren guns down his fellow tribute Darth Malgus during his Day One rampage, he can only shake his head and mutter something under his breath.

"It's Hiei and Sasuke all over again..."

Nonetheless, he looked forward to attending the nominators' party after the rather... harrowing recent events. He just hoped that 6k1's younger tributes wouldn't be too intimidated by Kabal, the hooksword-wielding Black Dragon mercenary he'd hired to serve as his bodyguard for said party in case something went wrong.

Oggy123 Kirby from Jakarta, Indonesia Relationship Status: -not set
Nov 13th 2019 at 11:55:43 PM

The Fields

The sun rises as a new day starts in the Spacepad, a cute, mobile flying home. Inside, awakening after a long slumber, is Kirby, the hero of Dream Land.

As he eats his breakfast in his dining room, a blocky, angelic creature flies into view.

"Morning, Kirby. The party should be starting in a while."

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TroperNo9001 Champion and Mass Murderer of Reboot S215 from college Relationship Status: A teenager in love
Champion and Mass Murderer of Reboot S215
Nov 14th 2019 at 12:37:25 AM

Power's Home, the Fillyppines, the MLPFIM Universe

A blue unicorn lies in her bedroom full of assorted Hunger Games fan merch, eagerly anticipating what 6k1's remaining tribute will do next on the flames of her Tempest Shadow-inspired cauldron, which she drew and summoned with her magic. She has a short black mane and dark brown eyes, just like the DM, but her armless spectacles are red instead of blue.

Power Stroke opens her wardrobe and sifts through all her HG fan clothes that her best friend Ichi sewed for her as gifts. She wears the fancy warm-colored dress along with the Faded Ribbon that 6k1 found in the latter's Underground vacation. Like her human counterpart, she can't wait to hang out with Ichi and Dave, and also 6k1 and her tributes, especially her goat friend from the Dark World, Ralsei.

She already packed her art supplies and informed her Aunt Miranda about the party, and in case something goes wrong, she can always call her with her crystal ball. But regardless of what happens there, one thing's for certain: she'll be the adorable, nerdy little belle of the ball.

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"But the thing that makes Woody special, is he'll never give up on you... ever. He'll be there for you, no matter what."
Psychedelicate Moona did nothing wrong Relationship Status: Plastic Love
Moona did nothing wrong
Nov 14th 2019 at 2:18:38 AM

Psyche's Fanfic School - Psyche's Personal Quarters

Psyche is preparing herself for the party as she continues to watch the season. Chan continues to do... relatively unremarkable things that don't seem to have much meaning in the long term, such as joining a ghost-busting team and... stealing Commando's donut? Okay, yeah, he's definitely a cloudcuckoolander at this point.

Normally, this sort of activity from her tributes would bore Psyche, but she remains interested and even giggles at Chan's actions. Everything's been so dark and dreary for the past month or so, both with her tributes and her own friends, so it's refreshing to see Chan just... having a good time and even behaving remarkably like his usual self.

She holds her breath as the Arena Event begins. She winces as she watches all of the Europeans, including the Stays, die at once, only to sigh with relief when Chan survives the event.

"Come on, Chan," she says out loud. "You can do this! I know you can!"

IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Nov 14th 2019 at 2:34:08 AM

Underground Bunker

Once he's caught up on Kylo's misadventures in the games, Ichigo decides to prepare for the party and heads into his personal quarters to change. Shortly after, he emerges decked out in his black suit, coat and hat, returns to the computer room, then sends Kabal a quick text reminding him to come soon before rubbing the crystal ball upon his desk. While he was aware that they would meet in the flesh at 6k1's pre-party meeting, he still felt like chatting with a certain adorable, nerdy little pony beforehand.

"Hey, Pow-Pow. Hope you're looking forward to this party as much as I am. If the pony boys are coming, well, methinks they ain't gonna believe their eyes when they see you all gussied up."

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TroperNo9001 Champion and Mass Murderer of Reboot S215 from college Relationship Status: A teenager in love
Champion and Mass Murderer of Reboot S215
Nov 14th 2019 at 3:28:15 AM

The Database Library, Basement

6k1 holds her breath as the severely injured Dug musters his remaining powers to shoot spider silk at Kylo's lightsaber from his paw and run away from him. He then uses his Spider Sense to look for the missing puzzle piece the next day... but it alerts him too late of the Bob-ombs during the Smash Arena Event.

+2 kills for Urbosa for using her Final Smash, she jots down in her notes. The Death Battle's coming soon, but the Control Room's faulty tally might end up unfairly (dis)qualifying her for it. Kylo's still technically the most murderous for bombarding all 1.2 billion Africans with exploding peanut guns on the first day, though.

She encodes these in her computer and emails them to the Science Center, where her scientists verify these kinds of disputes with her to ensure that the Reaping for the Death Battle's correct. As she reported to her nominator friends during the funeral, she discovered a lot of mistakes when working on the Database during the Original Timeline, and now that they're in the new one, she's making sure they don't happen again.

"Alright, the party's about to begin, so I better start preparing."

6k1 inspects each room in the basement: her office, the family room where her assistants reside, her sleeping quarters, and the bathroom. Each of them has anti-teleportation devices installed courtesy of Ichi, after Bill Cipher invaded the basement and corrupted Ally with his dark magic (the latter whom she also repaired by rebooting and installing anti-virus software). The walls were also coated with laserproof paint in light of her pet Starble Mimi singeing a wall of her owner's bedroom with her star antennae right after she hatched. Even the front door's secured with multiple locks of different kinds because for 6k1, one just isn't enough.

Not only does she have to secure the basement, she also has to secure the library itself. While it has emergency lights in case of blackouts and was fireproofed after a rogue student of GC's set it ablaze in Season 63, they're not enough due to the low budget Snow provided when it was first constructed. 6k1 goes over the security systems that the detective put up in his own base and emails Billy (or his clone if he doesn't respond immediately), one of the richest nominators she knows, to have them set up around the library. She also adds that it should still be welcoming to its patrons, nominators and tributes alike, even with the defenses.

Power's Home

At roughly the same time as her human counterpart, Power also does house inspection. She goes upstairs to check the Changeling Hive fragment that she installed with her aunt's help along with the shield generator that Ichi provided. The fragment was modified so that it looks like a chimney, has the same function as 6k1's anti-teleport devices, and still allows magic to be used inside the two-story home. The generator, on the other hoof, produces a barrier that encapsulates the entire house, even underground. It's also soundproof and undetectable courtesy of Jorgen, who granted Power (and Ichi)'s wish for that, but anyone inside can still hear what's happening outside.

She goes back to her bedroom and notices her crystal ball glowing. A silver aura surrounds it when she activates it.

"Heehee, yep! Hopefully Crimson Gale would come dressed up as well in case Fashion Officer Felix shows up!"

Power recalls that the red pegasus was the only pony not normally wearing clothes during GC's party, and if those two ever bump into each other...

"Anyway, can't wait to see you there! I'm sure we're gonna have so much fun! But you gotta promise me this: that you don't 'Pow-Pow' me in public gatherings like this."

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"But the thing that makes Woody special, is he'll never give up on you... ever. He'll be there for you, no matter what."
IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Nov 14th 2019 at 3:46:40 AM

Underground Bunker, Computer Room

While his droids make sure that that bunker will safe and secure, Ichigo smirks at Power's image in his crystal ball.

"Oh, please, it's not that embarrassing of a nickname, ya adorable, nerdy little pony. Still, I'll try, but you've gotta promise not to sic any art monsters on me if I make an honest slip of the tongue."

He gives a thumbs up to a droid when it reports that security was fully functional as ever, then glances at the action going down in the games, relieved that Kylo was still going strong.

Psychedelicate Moona did nothing wrong Relationship Status: Plastic Love
Moona did nothing wrong
Nov 14th 2019 at 3:52:43 AM

Psyche's Fanfic School - Psyche's Personal Quarters

Psyche's face lights up when Chan uncovers the legendary sword. He smiles and holds up his new weapon with pride. He's a Muggle no more.

...and then he fatally loses a battle during the Feast later on.

Psyche groans.

"So much for that legendary sword..." she grumbles with her face in her hands.

She takes out her phone and does the one thing she sometimes likes to do when she's salty about her tributes dying - send emails to her wonderful older brother, Ichigo Montoya.

Hey bro, remember how in the OT you had this constant bad luck streak? Well, I think our positions have been switched in this timeline. You keep getting new Hall of Famers - Kylo Ren might join the ranks if he keeps up the good work - and I haven't had a single one for 25 seasons! Sigh... I'm kind of hoping that Kylo doesn't get on the HoF. He killed Changbin. And no, being Kaito's mentor in Space Season isn't enough to make me forgive him. But hey, if he does get there, then I'll congratulate you for sure.

She hits send and returns to rummaging around in her wardrobe for something to wear to the party.

Oggy123 Kirby from Jakarta, Indonesia Relationship Status: -not set
Nov 14th 2019 at 3:57:08 AM

The Spacepod

"Ready to fly this thing?"


Mr. Star then goes into the cockpit and makes the Spacepod soar into the sky!

As the Spacepod flies, Mr. Star tells more about the Spacepod.

"Your new home has antennas that let us communicate with others! And it has a built-in dimension drive, which lets the Spacepod travel to other universes!"


Mr. Star then sends a message to 6k1 using the transmitter.

"Hello old pal! I'm going to the party with Kirby! What are you up to?"

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Smiley100P fox Relationship Status: Every rose has its thorn
Nov 14th 2019 at 4:11:23 AM

The Fifth Vessel

"One moment, what's this?"
Elliot looked at his phone to see a text invitation to Billy's party. Rose and Violet looked over the cat's shoulder, while Aster put the ship on autopilot.
"So what exactly is happening?" He asked his sister.
"Elliot's been invited to a party."
"Ooh, a party!?" Said Vio, "I wanna come!"
"I'm sending out a text message asking Billy right now."
Billy gets a text in whatever communication device he has.

Eredars Viva la rabbit hero or somethin Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Viva la rabbit hero or somethin
Nov 14th 2019 at 4:23:34 AM

Underground Residence

A tall, somewhat overweight man rolls out of bed. Literally. His name is Eredars.

"I definitely needed that rest. Anyways, let's check on my tributes."

He then pulls out his tablet, only to find that both of his tributes died early

"God dammit... At least there's that party."

The Building

A just as tall woman finshes up decorating the abandoned building. Her name's Galis, and she is not ready to kick ass and chew gum.

"I need some goddamn sleep."

She remembers that the party's happening soon.

"Ugh, the party..."

"At first, I was like "hmmm, yeah, buff choccy bunny." But bro: I don't think it's a joke anymore..."
Scipion3 Ludwig Von Koopa from Cloud World's castle Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Ludwig Von Koopa
Nov 14th 2019 at 6:03:01 AM

Distortion World, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Universe

A male Zoroark with marks all over his body, an extremely long red mane, blue eyes and a Crystal on his chest was smirking wildly as he saw Urbosa and Kylo Ren killing Mihasa with the Force and lightnings.    "Eyahahaha! That Gerudo really know how to mess with other people!"   

Satisfied with her still alive, he turned back to a big creature that was watching the season as well: Giratina, the master of this dimension and Scipion's adoptive father.

   "It will soon be time for us to join your comrades into that "party" of yours."   

   "Yup. By the way, asides from Ridley, none of you have actually went into a party before, right?"    Giratina shooked his head.

Scipion giggled.    "To think there will be people like Ralsei and Ridley at the same place... Sometimes, I can't help but be impressed by what these games have created, outside of this superb bloodshed."   

"It's time to face the music, lady. And my piano's all tuned up."
unfortunatezorua Hey Hey from the old, in the new yesterday
Hey Hey
Nov 14th 2019 at 6:35:35 AM

Somewhere in the Universe


Excuse me. It appears the next update—


—has already been published. If you would be so kind as to stop your mad ravings for five seconds—


—and direct your attention towards the season, I am certain you would be better entertained by it than your current...activities.

The speaker—a miniscule, fox-like robot—pauses to stare at the room's wall, which appears to be completely obliterated by what looks like a coffee table, punched cleanly in two halves.

Another figure drops down onto the couch in defeat, muttering something alone the lines of triple update, what do I care and proceeding to glare at a screen displaying the ongoing 71st season of the Hunger Games Simulation.

After the events finish playing out, they roll their eyes in contempt.


Pffft. Demon-slaying party. Gee, if only the actual demon slayer survived that long...

I understand you may have had high hopes for the Water Hashira, Tomioka Giyuu, but it was simply not meant to be. Would you believe it if I told you we have had a history of prematurely deceased tributes lately—

The figure gives a dismissive wave of their hand.

Yeah, yeah. No need to rub it in for Arceus's sake, Nova. Haven't the tributes been doing pretty boring things nowadays anyway? Cuckoolander this, cuckoolander that. At least get a podium finish, they grumble.

There will of course be other seasons, young master. But now that the matter of tributes is over with, may I interest you in a party hosted by the other...

Zorua flashbacks to the entire week they spent trying to solve a rubix cube at GC's base...and failing horribly.

Hell no.

Well, that’d be jus’ a waste. Why would ya want to deprive the world of such anomaly as yourself?
TabbyGirl4 Ruler of Everything from The Nowhere Islands Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Ruler of Everything
Nov 14th 2019 at 6:40:08 AM


The date of the party is approaching and Tabby tries to decide what to wear to it. A dress or a tux?

   "Maybe I should wear a combination of both? I think that's a good idea, I'll go and tailor it."   

Tabby tailors a dress that looks similar to this with a shorter skirt and a purple color scheme. Meanwhile, the rest of the tributes are watching Frosta's murderous adventures in the arena.

"Geez,I think Tabby might have another contender for the Death Battle coming up. As long she doesnt die soon, luckily she made the top ten."

"Do you know who's she's going to nominate next?"

"Yeah, I think its Paintra and Padparadscha Sapphire for next season."

"Oh, nice."

Then, Tabby enters the room in her party formal. She looks at Pecan in the eye.

   "So, you got your outfit ready? We almost ready to leave soon."   


"I'm Mary Poppins, Y'all!" - Yondu,2017
Eredars Viva la rabbit hero or somethin Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Viva la rabbit hero or somethin
Nov 14th 2019 at 6:59:31 AM

Underground Residence

As Eredars nominates the punch bots, they make their way to the cornucopia.

"If a world renowned ninja and demon slayer performed poorly... let's see how these two hold up. They should be reprogrammed so they don't attack any Peacekeeper or any innocent on sight... I hope."

The Arena

The Sinows show up and get on their podiums.

"At first, I was like "hmmm, yeah, buff choccy bunny." But bro: I don't think it's a joke anymore..."
VengefulBale Techra from The Halberd Relationship Status: Noddin' my head like yeah
Nov 14th 2019 at 7:03:18 AM

Bale's Fury

Outer Space

In a futuristic base, a nominator woke up, he had raven hair, glasses, red and black clothing. His name is Bale, he began to do his morning routine, take a bath, cook breakfast, brush his teeth and feed his pet, Mr. Godzilla, a green iguana unlike any other.

Bale: Hey, Mr. G, wanna eat some spinachs today.

Mr. Godzilla: Yeah, sure, why not?

He then put a bowl of spinachs next to Mr. Godzilla so that he could eat. He was then informed by Mini-Deadpool, a plushie made in Deadpool's image, that the Season had already begun.

Bale: What!? I slept through most of it!? Nevermind, send in Joe the fish and Rasputin from Anastasia the Animated Don Bluth movie!

MD: Right away!

He then teleported both without any indications further from Bale.

Bale: Hey you forgot their watchlist status!

MD: Oh come on, I'm sure it'll be fine.

Bale then facepalmed and went to get their watchlist status.

"What kind of magical being relies solely on weaponry when you got awesome magic powers?"
Zanreo El Fail from Glitch City Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
El Fail
Nov 14th 2019 at 8:42:26 AM

Zanreo's Secret Base

"Ooh... could this finally be it?" A young woman with short purple hair and glasses with opaque and somewhat shiny white lenses, wearing a t-shirt, hoodie jacket and pants, watches the Games, along with her glitchy clone. Though one of her tributes this season. Meowser, had died early, her other, Octavo, managed to survive much longer... and also got into some amusing events. She laughed at how he first had his source material Google Translated through several and then got bootlegged... she'd love to see the result of those. Then, shortly after, he would sneak up on Double Trouble, killing them, band not long after that be considered too powerful by Emergency and forced to wear a power-restraining belt... which didn't seem to help much as he went on to kill several other tributes and generally do well for a long time.

This season also saw a return of huge real-world groups, this time the entire continents of Europe and Africa along with their populations. Zanreo still enjoyed seeing those type of tributes, always getting amused at them. A certain person also stood out among all the Europeans... someone looking very similar to her, except with teal-green hair and less shiny glasses. Wasn't that... the other her she saw in those mirrors?

Then, she notices there are only three tributes left at the end of this episode. including her own... was she finally getting another podium finisher? It had been so long...

As the season ends, with her tribute getting 3rd place, she gets right to sending in her next tributes. One of them was a tribute she had planned for a good while now, and now that the new Pokemon games were releasing tomorrow, it was finally time. "Every Pokemon". Perfect...

Along with that, the party's coming up... she had already got her clothes planned, a purple suit with a black shirt and light blue tie.

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Weirdguy149 Death, Destroyer of Worlds from The Bomb Shelter Relationship Status: I'd jump in front of a train for ya!
Death, Destroyer of Worlds
Nov 14th 2019 at 9:05:17 AM

Weird Guy 149's Base

An average-looking tall, fat man in a black coat sat up on a bed and rubbed his eyes. "Damn. How long was I out?" He looked outside. "Huh. Apparently, a lot's been changed. Well, let's see who can come out to this game." He walked up to an old telephone and put in a phone number. "Hello, this is the weird guy. ...Yes, I'm back. Can I be squeezed in? ...Good, excellent. I'd like to pick Fredbear and Mewtwo as my tributes, sounds good? ...Sweet, thanks, buh-bye." He hung up the phone then looked outside again. "I'm back, I guess."

We're in the endgame now, Tinky Winky.
Scipion3 Ludwig Von Koopa from Cloud World's castle Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Ludwig Von Koopa
Nov 14th 2019 at 10:35:59 AM

Distortion World

Scipion frowned as he saw the results of the season. Urbosa was nominated for the next Death Battle, much to his delight, but somehow, the results depicted her as only doing 3 kills instead of 5.    "Meh. I guess Sixy should be able to correct that. The new president better do something about these annoying bugs!"   

He then heard a roar behind him. It was Ridley, the space pirate, roaring in annoyance.    "Lemme guess. He's bored?"    "You're right." said Firebrand, the red areemer next to the dragon. "Between Pharynx's whiny brother and Zarblin's stupidity, I think he would like to participate into the games again."

The Zoroark smiled.    "Alright. Just make sure to come back for the party."   

With it, a portal appeared and Ridley flew through it, ready to cause some bloodshed. As he flew through Panem towards the arena, Ridley suddenly stopped in midair, before landing on little forest.

Snarling, the space pirate sat on the ground, like waiting for something.

Then, he screeched violently as he turned back and stabbed a nearby bush behind him. At the last moment, a tiny purple figure got out of the bush and landed before the dragon.

"Hey! What was that for, biggy?" shouted Spyro, mocking the space pirate. At first Ridley wouldn't mind knowing this purple pest's origin before killing him, but now he was angry. He hated when someone had to remind him of his size.

Ridley chased Spyro to the arena until he realised that he was also a contestant for the next games. Ridley went to his podium, watching Spyro angrily as the little dragon smirked, proud of his mischief.

"It's time to face the music, lady. And my piano's all tuned up."
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Nov 14th 2019 at 12:36:10 PM

Power's Home

"Heehee, I promise!"

Power looks back at the flames and realizes that the season has ended, but not without noticing that Kylo decided to befriend Ichi after realizing that he made it to the Top 3.

"What?! That fast?! Guess I'll wait until 6k1 tells me what I missed at the library's conference room. That's where we'll first meet, like in the last two parties I attended. Hope Dave and his tributes are there as well!"

She deactivates the ball and packs it in her saddlebags. She double checks that she didn't forget anything, which also includes the Wayfinder that Starfall gave her as a gift and the modified Invisibility Cloak that she drew herself, the latter which can change its size to completely conceal the wearer(s).

The unicorn brushes her teeth and mane, checks herself in the mirror, and bids Miranda Rights goodbye as she heads out of the house to wait for 6k1 to call Scientist Perri, head of the Travel Department, to summon the portal to the library.

"Have fun there Pow-Pow, stay safe, and don't forget to tell me everything!"

The Database Library, Basement

6k1 receives Mr. Star's message and gives him a quick heads-up that she's getting ready for the party as well. She packs her element-resistant Backpack of Holding, making sure she packed all her communication devices, notes, and the cloaking device and Transia Corporation Exoskeleton that Ichi made for her, among other essentials. She zips it up with its extra-durable zippers and secures it with a passcode.

The DM then goes to her sleeping quarters to change to her party clothes. She checks her lavender, short-sleeved, star-patterned, conservative dress and calf-length skirt in the mirror, which Ichi bought for her at the Capitol. She's also wearing indigo pointed shoes that glitter, which she swapped out her gold ones for.

6k1 returns to the office and sees that the season has ended. In panic, she emails Scientist Claire, head of the Tribute Research Department, to give her a recap of it in text form so she can inform Power as well; and Dr. Phoenix, head of the Necromancy Department, to retrieve the bodies of her tributes for revival. She also requests the latter to remove Dug's spider powers since it's against the rules to retain any powers acquired in the tribute's previous season in their next. Additionally, she requests a memory wipe of the season on him and Martha, but she can't guarantee that it's going to work due to the underfunding of that department.

Once said department has confirmed that her tributes have been returned to their home worlds via the Travel Department, 6k1 writes the letters to her next tributes, or in their cases, their close associates. She writes to Jumba to send Gotchu to the Arena and asks Bonnie's parents' permission to donate one of her Squeeze Toy Aliens to it. She assures them that they'll undergo the same aftercare treatment as all her previous ones.

"Mommy! Mommy!" A tiny blue furball creature runs through the cat flap, her translator's LED glowing whenever she talks. "Can I go to the party, too?"

6k1 sends the letters, picks up the Starble, and looks her in the eye. "I'm sorry Mimi, but you might be overwhelmed by the large crowd there."

Mimi frowns and makes her eyes grow big.


Her owner sighs. "No, I'm not falling for that classic trick!"

6k1 examines the transparent muzzle. While she can activate it on command, her rascally pet once deactivated it on her own while the former wasn't looking, and the Starble ate half of the snacks in one gulp during Power's Nightmare Night party!

"What about this?" the DM shows Mimi the design plans for her room. "I'll leave you with Fluttershy again, and when I come back, I'm gonna show you your brand new room!"

The Starble looks at the plans and curls up into a ball. "A jungle room? Just like my home planet?"

6k1 pets Mimi's silky smooth fur. "Don't worry, nothing there will remind you of the bad people that invaded it."

The furball purrs and nuzzles her thanks. 6k1 puts her on the teleport pad along with the letter to the yellow pegasus and sets the coordinates to Sweet Feather Sanctuary. The DM wonders what happened the last time she left Mimi with the petsitter, but she hopes that the two of them would have a wonderful time together.

6k1 emails the construction company the plans and schedules them to begin their work once she and her tributes leave for the party. A golden lemur-like Experiment then goes through the same cat flap and tugs on her dress.

"Oh? You want to clone me so that I can work and party at the same time?"

He nods and prepares to uncoil his antenna.

"Sorry Dupe, but I'm gonna take a break from work, so summoning 6k2 would technically mean I'm still working!"

He nods in understanding and walks back to the family room. The door then opens to reveal a robotic Toriel, except that her "dress" is motherboard green like the real mother goat's CPU version from one of the alternate Undergrounds.

Greetings, 6001. I am Ally, Caretaker of the Database. How can I be of assistance?

"Guard the basement and watch over Dupe while I'm out. Make sure to notify me of anything unusual via my watch."

Affirmative, 6001.

Ally stands by the door as ordered. 6k1 was about to write her letter of concern to Paylor when Claire emails her that due to Urbosa having made two additional kills with her Final Smash after correction, the Death Battle's just one season away.

Oh well, the DM thinks to herself, it'd be in poor taste to voice my concerns about the Simulator right now...

She goes over her to-do list one more time. 6k1 still has to train with Dave at the Kingdom Hearts Universe, but he had to postpone it due to the funeral and the party. And speaking of Dave...

"Hey there little bro," she calls him, "apologies for the delay, but I've had a lot of things in my to-do list to finish. I'm ready to go to the party, and just like before, we'll meet at the conference room with our tributes first. Don't worry, I'll try my best to make it fast!"

She then rubs her crystal ball to call Power, also informing her of that. 6k1 then calls Perri to summon the portal for the unicorn, does one more security and inventory check, and goes to the 4th floor, where the conference room is.

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"But the thing that makes Woody special, is he'll never give up on you... ever. He'll be there for you, no matter what."
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Galis' House

Galis goes to sleep for a bit. Despite having to endure one last bout of Emet for a bit, she sleeps soundly. She then wakes up and looks out of her window to see who's participating in this season.

"I'll give this hellhole this: At least the rosters of each "season" are colorful."

"At first, I was like "hmmm, yeah, buff choccy bunny." But bro: I don't think it's a joke anymore..."
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Underground Bunker, Computer Room

After stashing his crystal ball away in his coat pocket, he submits his next pair of tributes, Darth Maul and Starkiller, then takes a moment to answer Psyche's email.

Trust me, I know a bad luck streak can be a little disheartening, but I'm sure one of your tributes is bound to pull a Michael and break that streak.

Then he hears a knocking at the bunker's door and goes to open it, allowing the recently arrived Kabal to step inside.

"Glad you could make it, Kabal. Sorry it took this long for your job to actually come."

"As long you don't skimp out on my paycheck, we're good. Anywho, Kano's been a real pain in my ass lately, so this party'd better be a damn good one."

"I assure you, it will. C'mon, follow me."

The pair begin making their way down to the teleporter room, chatting along the way.

"So... anything new happen since the last time I was around here?"

"Well... let's just say that we could both use this party, Kabal."

Once they've arrived, they step onto the teleporter, and Ichigo commands at a droid to set coordinates for the Database Library's conference room before warping him and Kabal there.

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