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Oggy123 Two cutie pies from Jakarta, Indonesia
Two cutie pies
Nov 14th 2019 at 6:42:32 PM

Near the Database Library

As the Spacepod flies, Mr. Star notices the Database Library. He lands it near the Database Library and knocks on the door.

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TroperNo9001 COOLSKELETON95 from Snowdin Relationship Status: Sharing a spaghetti noodle
Nov 14th 2019 at 8:00:57 PM

Outside the Database Library

Power steps out of the portal and greets Mr. Star at the entrance.

"Hey there, you must be one of the newer nominators, right? Uh... relatively speaking."

She knows that he's probably been around since OT S139, but didn't show himself to the other nominators until many seasons later.

"Anyway, I hope 6k1 doesn't mind you at her pre-party meeting. She's having it with her tributes along with her closest friends. It's to ensure everyone's safety during the trip (if we're taking the long route) and the party itself!"

The Database Library, Conference Room

6k1 waits at the far end of the room for her beloved guests. She spent the last hour setting up extra tables and chairs for all of them, and just hopes that unwelcome visitors don't crash the meeting.

I'm sure Ichi and/or Dave will take care of them if that happens again...

Ichi and Kabal are the first ones to arrive. 6k1 rises from her seat to greet them and ushers them to theirs.

"I bet you two are excited for the party, right? While we wait for the others, let's see what this season's tributes are..."

She turns on the widescreen TV behind her, and besides her tributes standing on their podiums, she sees... among other things... 890 Pokémon including the newly discovered ones from the Galar Region, 424 million South Americans, and 4.6 billion Asians.

6k1 tenses up. She can't let her frustrations over these massive group tributes go over her head right now. However, she can't help but notice a familiar face among the Asians: she looks exactly like her, but unlike the eldritch version that 6k1 saw in the Voidlands via her app, her skin's naturally fair and her eyes and arms are completely normal. She's also wearing her programmer's joke shirt and long pants.

"9k1... I hope you and your fellow Asians do well this season..."

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IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Nov 14th 2019 at 8:26:18 PM

Database Library, Conference Room

Ichigo and Kabal take their seats as they wait for the other guests to arrive. After watching Maul and Starkiller head up to their respective podiums, the former shakes his head at the sheer amount of group tributes this season.

"Hoo boy... Who keeps nominating all these forking group tributes? It's starting to get old."

Kabal, on the other hand, opts to do the job his client was paying him to do and keeps a sharp eye out for any potential intruders. This whole multiversal gladtorial game business was way above his pay grade, anyway.

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arimothereindeer Shimmies in Super 8 (Side B) from 60s Japan Relationship Status: Staying up all night to get lucky
Shimmies in Super 8 (Side B)
Nov 14th 2019 at 8:33:09 PM

Outside the Database Library

Someone who would appear to be a man wearing a robot costume appears outside the library. Soft electronic sounds emit from him as the rainbow matrices on the sides of his mask move up and down. His small green eyes give a cold stare.

Who is Cindy, and why is she so loud?
Oggy123 Two cutie pies from Jakarta, Indonesia
Two cutie pies
Nov 14th 2019 at 8:42:55 PM

The Database Library, Conference Room

Mr. Star then calls Kirby, and they both get into the conference room. He then greets 6k1, while Kirby hugs her.

They then both sit on a chair. Mr. Star then asks the DM about the party and the upcoming season. He also asks for food to give Kirby.

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Nintendo's cutest couple
Eredars Now in HD, bby Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Now in HD, bby
Nov 14th 2019 at 8:50:11 PM

gray = Spigell, red = Zele

The Arena

"Activating HGS.exe...."

"Initializing surferdude.exe...."

"Activation sequence complete."

"Activation sequence, like, totally completed, dude!"

The Spigell attempts to facepalm, but can't due to it not having any programmed emotions.

"Chill out, brah! No need to get upset."

Galis' House

Feeling bored, Galis thinks of something...

"I guess I can go check out this library or some shit..."

Upon getting to the door of the database library, she knocks on the door.

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TroperNo9001 COOLSKELETON95 from Snowdin Relationship Status: Sharing a spaghetti noodle
Nov 14th 2019 at 9:18:48 PM

The Database Library, Entrance Hall

A mousy-haired bespectacled gentleman sporting a mustache rises from the circulation desk and opens the front doors.

"A fine day to you!" he says to Galis and the mystery man. "The name's Timothy Reed! What brings you to the library today?"

The Database Library, Conference Room

"Well, someone had to fill in for Timewrecker after we ditched him..."

Power, Mr. Star, and Kirby then enter the room.

"Hey there, 6k1!" says the unicorn as she takes a seat next to Ichi. "I hope you brought extra extra seats!"

The DM makes a little "what?" but welcomes Mr. Star and Kirby with a smile.

"Kirby, don't worry about Ichi's bodyguard over there," she says while hugging the puffball, "he'll be on guard for any danger out there."

She turns to Mr. Star. "We also have a complimentary feast before we begin! My tributes should be here anytime now, bringing food for the potluck..."

While waiting, 6k1 and Power discuss the events of the previous season and their predictions for the next with the guests.

IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Nov 14th 2019 at 9:32:46 PM

Database Library, Conference Room

Ichigo smiles at Power and gives her a hug.

"And there's the adorable, nerdy little belle of the ball!"

"A feast, huh? Good, I was getting hungry," Kabal says, thankful that he hadn't run into D'Vorah during his trip to the bunker.

Eredars Now in HD, bby Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Now in HD, bby
Nov 14th 2019 at 9:42:37 PM

Database Library, Entrance

"Hey there, Reed. Name's Galis Janbelle Runkals, but just call me Galis. Anyways, I was going to check out this library due to me being bored out of my mind, but since you're here... I'll visit who else is in here as well."

arimothereindeer Shimmies in Super 8 (Side B) from 60s Japan Relationship Status: Staying up all night to get lucky
Shimmies in Super 8 (Side B)
Nov 14th 2019 at 9:50:34 PM

Database Library, Entrance

The robot tilts his head. He isn’t sure if he was acknowledged or not, but he nervously walks in anyway. The heart monitors on his ears pulsate as he clenches his hands.

Who is Cindy, and why is she so loud?
Billy5545 A NS nation from Surabaya, Indonesia
A NS nation
Nov 15th 2019 at 12:46:10 AM

Detective Gamechanger's Base

As Billy is waiting for the guests to come, he looks on the season. As he sees Emergency and Spinner From the West's performances, with both being granted sentience and ability to move by themselves, as well as an alternate human form. He is disappointed by their failures, but at least they did decently.

After ordering their revivals to his clone, who is staying in the Mansion, Billy prepares his next two tributes. They will join again after 9 seasons alongside everyone in the Touhou universe, and the Battle of Light vs Dark. The two are Rin Kaenbyou, otherwise known as Orin, and Kagerou Imazumi.

After dealing with the nomination, Billy receives a message from 6k1. He answers back to her that he'll construct the defense system as soon as possible. He then sends workers to start working on it, using the same defense systems she mentioned, but making it more friendly to visitors. The new drones that are part of the system will also be equipped with secret readers that can read the true alignment of visitors, even if they are sneaky about it.


It is a peaceful day in Gensokyo. Since it is exposed to the Outside World and the Multiverse, a new era of peace and prosperity dawned on it as a part of that universe's Japan.

Reimu, Marisa, and Sanae are walking together after the first and last finish their duties for the day as mikos or shrine maidens. Indeed, ever since the opening, they don't have to do their jobs as much anymore that for Reimu, the boundary is gone and for Sanae, Kanako demands a bit less from her when it comes to faith gathering that she can't die from lack of faith anymore.

However, they decide to go in school uniforms rather than their usual outfits, with Reimu and Sanae in Japanese ones, whole Marisa wears a Western style one. However, it should be noted they aren't school students now, as they are actually around 20. It's just something the three decided to do after talking about it the last few days.

As the three are talking about random stuffs, including drinking foreign alcohols, they walk past by the Scarlet Devil Mansion while seeing an average height man in black sunglass and suit going there. However, his destination is actually the maid cafe near it, which just recently opens.

Indeed, while the owner, Remilia Scarlet, has thought of this for days and prepared, she has only opened it few days after the battle. Some of the girls decided to apply for a job in it, including everyone in the mansion, as well as Orin and Kagerou.

The man from earlier then enters it for his mission. He is actually George, one of Billy's most loyal servants and also one of the agents responsible for retrieving tributes for nomination. He decides to order a chocolate cake, before one of the maids, Orin comes. As he gives his order to her, he passes a card for her to take. He also requests to meet another maid, Kagerou.

When Orin reads it along the way, the card says in Japanese, "You have been nominated by Nominator Billy for Season 72 of the Hunger Games." The card also has a small sentence below it that says, "By the way, he has already requested permission from your master, Satori." After reacting to it, she does her order for George, before noticing Kagerou has also been invited too. They will now have to go to Billy's Mansion once their shifts for the day are done.

Billy's Mansion

In the meantime, Billy's Clone is sitting while watching over the defense system construction project. He then hears rumors of two new nominators coming in Panem, and decides to visit them. First of, he will meet the mysterious man, getting his location through his Stand secretly and then making a portal with it. After stepping into it, he ends up outside of his Business School.

The school has already been quickly repaired after Gorilla Grodd's destructive entry last season. The entrance is still the same as before. After seeing this, the clone heads on to where the man is, requesting entrance to the library. He will then approach the man normally after this and then introduces himself by saying, "Hello, I am Nominator Billy, or rather his clone. What is your name?" once he's allowed.

Psychedelicate The sweetest pair of best friends from a galaxy far, far away
The sweetest pair of best friends
Nov 15th 2019 at 1:12:50 AM

Psyche's Fanfic School - Psyche's Personal Quarters

By the time Psyche finally chooses an outfit - a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt with grey and white stripes - the season ends, seemingly much more quickly as usual. She groans and slams her fist against the table as the placements appear on her television screen. Almost all of her tributes' killers had made it on the Hall of Fame.

Bloody typical, she thinks to herself as she pulls out her phone again and reads Ichi's reply. She begins to form a response:

Yeah... it's probably gonna take me another 10 seasons, though. Congrats on Kylo Ren, I guess. Still salty about him killing Changbin, but hey, what can you do? He was just being in-character anyway.

She then hurries off to revive her tributes, send them back home and summon her new tributes.

Psyche's Fanfic School - Tribute Transportation Room

Psyche frowns down at Changbin and Chan as they awaken after being given the revival antidote. "Your performances this season disappointed me," she sighed. "Especially yours, Changbin."

"What do you expect me to do?" says Changbin. "I'm just an ordinary human! And you pitted me against monsters and wizards and entire countries-"

"What Chan did made me smile, though," Psyche cuts in, giving Chan a knowing look. "You're so good to European Stays, and it's adorable! And I love your island!"

Chan relaxes a little. "I think Bang Island is going to be quite the tourist attraction for awhile," he says proudly. "I left my flags there and wrote my name in the sand in hangul."

Psyche grins. "The Stays are going to love it." She turns toward her computer. "You guys ready to go home?"

They both nod. Psyche keys in their tribute codes and selects the "send home" option.

"See you, guys!" she says. "Oh, by the way, your new song, Astronaut? That's a bop!"

They both grin and give her a thumbs-up as they vanish in a shimmer of light.

Psyche quickly summons her next tributes - Alexa and Siri, perhaps the most unusual tributes she's nominated in awhile - and sends them to the Arena. She glances at her phone to see what other tributes have been nominated, and groans audibly upon seeing three massive group tributes, with two of them, of course, being mixed-age.

"Give it a rest, Timefucker the Second!" she says. "Some people like a bit of romance in their seasons!"

She then notices a few familiar faces among the Asians. Not only alternate versions of 6k1, Billy, Dave and some of her other nominator friends, but also the entirety of BTS, Stray Kids, Mamamoo and pretty much every K-Pop group in existence. She almost stops breathing, knowing that BTS and Felix are supposed to attend the party, before remembering that they, too, are alternate versions. She sighs with relief at that fact.

Ms. May pokes her head around the door with a bemused expression. "Are you ready to go, Psyche?" she asks.

Psyche nods. "I'll leave in just a sec," she says. "Are you sure you don't wanna come?"

Ms. May nods. "I do have a lot of work to do here at the school, as I have already explained," she says.

"That's alright," Psyche reassures her. She gets up from her chair, retrieves her handbag and heads toward the door. "I'll be back later today!" she calls as she waves at Ms. May.

"Have fun," says Ms. May as she waves back.

Psyche heads outside and hops into the helicopter they keep around back. She ascends into the air and flies all the way to GC's base.

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TroperNo9001 COOLSKELETON95 from Snowdin Relationship Status: Sharing a spaghetti noodle
Nov 15th 2019 at 1:14:46 AM

The Database Library, Entrance

"I've been told that 6001's holding a meeting at the conference room, but it's private. Feel free to check out some books here, though!"

Timothy gestures to the map, which shows the various sections of the library.

"Feel free to buy something from the gift shop, too!"

He's then greeted by yet another guest, who introduces himself as Billy's Clone.

"Ah yes, you would like to speak with the robot?" He lowers his voice down to a whisper. "I don't feel easy with him, but be my guest."

The Database Library, Conference Room

Power returns the hug, wanting her friend to pet her again.

"Ich, we'd both stand out at the Grand Galloping Gala! If Billy's party turns out to be just like it, don't be surprised if someone causes a little bit of chaos there!"

She giggles at the last part. 6k1 then hears a knock on the door.

"They're heeere!"

She turns off the TV, opens the door, and greets her beloved tributes. The first one to enter is Twilight, who's in her coronation gown. She had it mended by Rarity and also had it redesigned so that it's more of a party dress.

Power rises from her seat and bows to her.

"Oh Power, you don't need to be so formal in front of me! We're just here to have fun!"

Power smiles as her idol takes a seat next to her and retrieves her quill and parchment.

"Like last time, 6k1, I'll help document this meeting. I just hope there won't be any quesadillas in this feast or at the party."

Power makes a scrunchy face at that remark.

Next to enter are Toriel and Frisk. The former's in her teacher's outfit like last time while the latter's still in their blue-and-pink striped shirt.

"Greetings everyone," says the mother goat, "I hope you enjoy my cinnamon-butterscotch pie!"

She places it in the center of the table. Frisk looks at Kabal with no expression and gives 6k1 a high five with their left hand. A clang can be heard by the others even if it's exactly like their right. They and their mother take a seat next to 6k1's, with the former sitting on the latter's lap.

Then, Ralsei arrives with a three-tier chocolate cake in hand. He's still in his green wizard robes.

"Hey there, other Toriel!" he says as he places it on the table. "Nice outfit! The one back in Kris's world wears the exact same dress as you!"

"Oh, really?" She laughs. "What a coincidence! And I'll pass with the cake, thank you very much."

Ralsei politely asks Twilight to move aside so he can sit right next to Power. He immediately hugs her upon seeing Kabal, but she reassures him that he'll help protect everyone.

"And that's just roughly half of my tributes coming here!" says 6k1. "The rest followed by Dave's group should be arriving soon, and then we'll begin the feast!"

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IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Nov 15th 2019 at 1:45:29 AM

Database Library, Conference Room

As he greets the new arrivals with a wave, Ichigo chuckles and pets Power's mane.

"Well, so long as no one goes insane trying to get a bunch of animals to love them, a little harmless chaos wouldn't hurt."

He notices Ralsei's... less than favorable reaction to seeing his hired bodyguard. In hindsight, maybe he should have brought Harley with him to this party instead.

Kabal actually smirks at Frisk, though it's more out of respect for their lack of fear.

"Heh, you've got some serious guts, kid."

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Oggy123 Two cutie pies from Jakarta, Indonesia
Two cutie pies
Nov 15th 2019 at 2:55:51 AM

The Database Library, Conference Room

Mr. Star then tells the DM again.

"I have some other friends! They're coming here right now."

Outside the Database Library

A young boy wearing a striped shirt and a hat, as well as his three friends, drop near. He is Ness, the leader of the Chosen Four.

"Alright pals. Don't be nervous near the Manager!"

Ness then knocks the door.

After they are accepted, a large penguin-like character arrives. He is King Dedede. He knocks on the door.

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Nintendo's cutest couple
Nov 15th 2019 at 3:09:49 AM

Inside the Arena, before the season begins

So would one of you remind me why the hell I have to stand around on the podiums here again?

It's not really your choice, Zoru. A cheery laugh comes from the other end of the call, followed shortly after by a more stilted, robotic voice—NOV-4, Zorua's automated assistant. What I believe the young master actually means to ask is "which of the nominators had the nerve to enter the entire population of Asia"—ah, do forgive me for the interruption?

Oh, fuck off, Kano, the only reason you get to hang around is because I'm not around to manage things. Zorua rolls their eyes. Both of you, actually. I need to reprogram Nova one of these days.

But still, every single Pokémon and the whole population of South America—what kind of crazy bastard...

You talk as if you yourself never caused a stir with your nominations of billions of nation residents for Season 59.

Heeey, I never heard about that one! Let me guess, all of them died in the Bloodbath?

Negative. The population of Derping went on to claim the win of the season.

Unlike you, Zorua grumbles, eliciting an annoyed silence from Kano. While we're on the topic, though; Nova, take care of the next tributes for me, would you?

Of course. The Fortune Teller and the Enemy of Humanity, was it?

Nah, I changed my mind—write off Mikoto and Eren for now.

Since we've had so much good luck with group about nominating the Entire Multiverse and Everything In Existence?

I'm afraid that may put us on the shortlist for death of a...certain other nominator.

But why not make that our goal?

NOV-4 sighs audibly and signs off in agreement, still muttering about the Hunger Games being a handful by the time the call ends.

Semi-active for now
TroperNo9001 COOLSKELETON95 from Snowdin Relationship Status: Sharing a spaghetti noodle
Nov 15th 2019 at 4:04:56 AM

Pre-party music

Frisk normally uses blue text, but I'll be controlling a lot of blue characters at once. You'll see when 6k1's remaining tributes arrive.

The Database Library, Entrance Hall

Timothy greets the new visitors curtly and directs them to the meeting area.

"Whoa... I've a feeling this party's going to be a blast!"

The Database Library, Conference Room

Frisk just looks at Kabal without saying anything. Mr. Star then tells 6k1 that he has more guests arriving.


6k1 sees the Chosen Four enter the room, with Ness leading them. Frisk gets down from Toriel's lap and high fives him.

"Long time no see, Ness," they say to him.

"Frisk can talk?!" asks Ralsei.

"Yes," says Toriel. "It's hard to explain, but they're more talkative than you think."

"Oh... Kris, on the other hand... isn't that much of a talker."

Frisk shows Ness their left hand and wiggles its metallic fingers. "See this? I've something to show all of you later."

Dedede then enters the room while swinging his mallet.

"Whoa, be careful!"

6k1 ducks and turns to Mr. Star. "I hope you don't mind if your group transfers to the other table."

She then welcomes a certain skeleton in a blue hoodie.

"i'm sans. sans the skeleton."

He takes a seat next to Toriel and pulls out some burgers and fries from his pockets.

"bought these from grillby's 'fore comin' 'ere. here's some ketchup if ya want."

Frisk gives him a hug. He then turns around, looks at Ness, and shakes his head.

"i swear if y'all make a certain joke about us..."

While waiting for her remaining tributes, 6k1 receives a concerning email from Claire. She opens it and reads the transcript of one of the Asians in the Arena. Her eyes shrink upon realizing that her worst fear about these group tributes just came true. She adds one more item in her to-do list: stop Zorua before they pick up from where Timewrecker left off and bring about the Great Destruction of the Reboot Timeline.

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IchigoMontoya Relationship Status: Not caught up in your love affair
Nov 15th 2019 at 4:40:34 AM

Database Library, Conference Room

As he helps himself to a slice of butterscotch-cinnamon pie, Ichigo looks at Power.

"Don't let Twilight see this, but I had this little treat prepared for ya before I came here. I'd eat it quick if I were you."

He discreetly takes out a quesadilla from his coat and unwraps it in front of the artistic unicorn, taking extra care to keep it out of Twilight's view.

Kabal shrugs and grabs one of the burgers, then bites into it.

Eredars Now in HD, bby Relationship Status: Get out of here, STALKER
Now in HD, bby
Nov 15th 2019 at 5:22:29 AM

Database Library, Meeting Hall

As Galis is led to the conference room, she's impressed at the scale of the library.

"This reminds me of the Great Gubal Library... if it didn't have monsters trying to kill me and was made to be more like an actual library instead of that nonsense."

The Void

A huge demon rises from the ground. He's covered in purple flames, and he's been watchin their moves. His name? Karnvaxael.

   "So this Zorua bloke is going to destroy the current timeline... Better stop them and their goons before that happens... I want to take over Panem, not destroy it."   

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Weirdguy149 Your worst nightmare from The back of your mind Relationship Status: I'd jump in front of a train for ya!
Your worst nightmare
Nov 15th 2019 at 6:24:00 AM

Database Library, Meeting Hall

The Weird Guy opened a door that appeared on the side of the library then stepped out. "Well, I'm here. Since I've been asleep for quite a long time, I probably won't be seeing anyone I recognize for now."

Inside the Arena

Both Mewtwo and Fredbear were on their podiums. Fredbear was fast asleep while Mewtwo was in a meditative trance.

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arimothereindeer Shimmies in Super 8 (Side B) from 60s Japan Relationship Status: Staying up all night to get lucky
Shimmies in Super 8 (Side B)
Nov 15th 2019 at 7:05:59 AM

Database Library, Meeting Hall

The robot looks at all the other visitors and doesn’t recognize a soul. He is starting to regret coming here...

Inside the Arena

Cyborg Noodle is at her podium, twitching and jolting, holding onto her weapons. She was born ready for the Games and vows to herself to win to make Murdoc proud.

Guy-Manuel’s podium next to her is noticeably empty....

Who is Cindy, and why is she so loud?
dave_the_assassin The Hero of the Wild from Post-Calamity Hyrule Relationship Status: Reincarnated romance
The Hero of the Wild
Nov 15th 2019 at 7:08:57 AM

Dave's Home Base

Within the main bulding of an enormous mobile base complex somewhere away from Panem, a middle-aged man enters a large throne room. His name is Lord David Roderick Hutchinson, known as Dave for short. A traveler of the greater Omniverse, he's also known as "the Assassin". He's also a nominator from the Original Timeline, managing to escape from its Great Cataclysm through unexpected means.

Dave takes a look at the season from one of the Main Hall's monitors, and notices that the season is already over and that he's missed a spot.

"Oh, I missed? Darn it, I must have overslept," he sighs to himself.

The double doors to the Main Hall open to reveal two of his trusted friends and loyal advisors: Fira Phoebe Hattecliff, a young woman who is the second-in-command, and Hans Radulf Schmidt, a slightly younger man than Dave and third-in-command. They seem to have only woke up recently.

"You're here. I suppose you both overslept also?" Dave asks them sardonically while taking his seat in the main throne. They smile sheepishly and nod. Dave chuckles slightly at that. "Oh well, I overslept too. And now we miss the season."

He then notices a group of Asians and South Americans. "Great, now who the hell is responsible for this? 6k1 won't be so happy— Uh oh. Shoot, we almost forgot!"

Fira and Hans realize what he's talking about. TRP-6001, his big sister in everything but blood, had offered them and their tributes for a gathering before their friend Billy's party, and now they're late. "Hans, stay here and lead the base. Fira, why don't you go with me?" Dave tells them. Fira nods, smiling. It's been a while since she had last went out. Dave then hurriedly sent out some calls for certain tributes of his.

Starfall's House, Somewhere in Equestria

The purple unicorn Starfall is taking a rest. It's been a week after another long travel. A nomad by heart, much like Dave, he's been away for a while, doing some personal research on the events in and out of Equestria after the Battle for Equestria and Princess Twilight's coronation. He is then reminded of his friend Power Stroke, wondering where is she. Suddenly, he receives a call from Dave, reminding him that he is invited into the nominator's party.

"Oh no! I almost forgot!" he exclaimed, and quickly getting himself into his usual formal attire. He then uses his crystal ball to call up a friend of his: the recently-appointed headmare of the School of Friendship, member of the Council of Friendship, and reformed villainess, Starlight Glimmer.

"Hey, Starlight. How is it going?"

"I'm pretty tired. Running a school will do that to you, you know?"

"Heheheh.... yeah, I know. But I'm sure you're handling the School well with Sunburst?"

"You bet we do. But I so need a break."

"Say, the nominators are holding a party. I'm sure our friend 6k1 is holding a pre-party meeting at her Database Library. Would you like to go with me? You can bring Sunburst or Trixie if you and they want to."

"I'd like to be in, but you can go ahead of me. I'll talk with Sunburst first."

Starfall nods, and cuts the comm. He then summons a portal to the Home Base.

The Great Barrier Reef

In comes the young clownfish Nemo, currently swimming about the reef, enjoying himself. He then enters a small grotto near his and his father Marlin's anemone, hidden by a structure of rocks. He finds himself looking at a crystal ball, which is shining a blue light.

"Oh, it's time for the party already? (Whew) Thank goodness I already told Dad that I'll be going, so he knows not to worry. I sure hope he wouldn't mind reminding Dory every now and then. Wouldn't want her to think I was taken.... again," he notes to himself. The young fish then touches the ball with his right fin, underdeveloped due to a certain incident involving his egg and his late mother Coral. The ball then glows an orange glow before transporting him to the Home Bas.e

Dave's Home Base, Main Hall

Dave waits for a while. Then Starfall enters the Hall, followed by Nemo, now in his usual Minion-based Mobile Fishbowl suit. Then someone else enters: the predecessor of Ness, who defeated Giygas the first time while he was still called Giegue: Ninten.

"It is an honor to be invited, sire," he says.

"Don't be so shy, Ninten. Also, you can just call me Dave. There's no need to be so formal."

He then looks at the time, and does a recount.

"Some of us aren't here yet, but we don't have much time. Let's go ahead of them. Hans, if the others arrive here, send them straight to the Library, will you?"

Hans nods. Dave then summons a portal to the Database Library, and the group departs.

Database Library

The group now finds themselves at the Entrance Hall. Dave decides to wait here for now, just in case the others will arrive soon.

One of the strongest Links there is, and also a Pungeon Master
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Two cutie pies
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The Database Library, Conference Room

After getting in, Ness is high-fived by Frisk and is shown Frisk's strange hand. He then asks 6k1 about whether she knows him and his three friends. After asking, he takes a seat along with Dedede. The Chosen Four then see Kirby.

"This is the Kirby you're talking about?"

"He's so cute!"

"Yeah... Well, he's actually really strong."

Mr. Star then observes the amount of tributes in the Arena. He then asks her about the problem.

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Nintendo's cutest couple
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The Database Library, Conference Room

Power silently squees at Ichi's treat for her and munches on it while looking away from Twilight, who's writing down everything that's happening right now.

6k1, meanwhile, sees that her guests have already started eating, but she's not hungry just yet. Frisk helps themself to the fries, but Sans "accidentally" spills ketchup on it. The child just shrugs and continues eating anyway. Sans then takes a bite out of his best friend's delicious pie while Ralsei takes a slice of his cake.

Toriel tries not to gag.

"What?" asks the goat wizard, "it's just chocolate, it can't harm you!"

"It's actually toxic to us goats," she explains. "It doesn't kill us, but too much of it makes us nauseated."

"Then why's there a chocolate bar in the fridge, Mom?" asks Frisk.

Toriel sighs. "It was for Chara. Asgore, however, just can't help but binge on chocolate every time he sees some!"

6k1 tries stifling her laughter when her mom implies that incident in OT S208 again. Her little sibling just looks back and forth between the two goats, confused.

"I guess my breed's immune to the poison or something?" asks Ralsei.

"If so, then the other Toriel should be immune as well," says Frisk.

"Well, I'm not an ordinary goat, you see... My body was formed from darkness in the fountain of my kingdom."

Frisk just puts a thinking hand to their chin and continues eating.

6k1 hears another knock on the door. She opens it to greet... Galis?!

"Hoo boy... this room's gonna be more crowded than I thought!"

She greets her and escorts her to another table. A young Latino schoolboy then strides in in a tuxedo version of his blue sweatshirt and points his fingers at Sans and Power.

"Heyyyyyy my fellow punsters!"

"yooooo, carlos!" The skeleton winks and points back at him.

"You guys ready to punish everyone at the party?!?!" shouts Power.

All of 6k1's tributes laugh with varying degrees of loudness except for Frisk, who just smirks a little.

Mr. Ramon then wheels Carlos's brother Mikey into the room. The former's in his bat costume while the latter's still in his red shirt and denims.

"Well, I wanna hang out with you all, so I'm going as a bat... even if it's not Halloween!"

More laughter fills the room, with Carlos's being the loudest.

"And before you ask why I'm not in a fancy suit like most of you," says Mikey, "it's hard to change when you're in a wheelchair."

6k1 escorts the family next to Sans, with the father making sure to keep the kids a safe distance from Kabal. Again, she reminds them of his job.

And last but not least, a blonde girl in pigtails enters the room with her violet Hunger Games Guidebook. She's wearing a dressy version of her purple turtleneck along with her pink bookbag: exactly like the one that the Dubchich dropped in the ocean in OT S239.

"According to my research... this must be the place where 6k1 conducts her pre-party meetings!"

Twilight can't help but chuckle at that statement.

"Hey D. A.!" says Carlos. "Come join us here!"

Dorothy Ann sits near the Ramons. She sees him, Sans, and Power slinging puns at each other and groans.

"Can't believe I now have to deal with three punsters this time..." she mutters under her breath.

Now that all her tributes have arrived, 6k1 goes back to her seat. To her left is one more seat reserved for Dave, and another table's there for his tributes. She gets a message from Timothy that he and his tributes are waiting outside, but more of them will be arriving soon.

Ness then asks her if she knows him and his friends.

"Admittedly I don't know much about you four, but Ness, I know that you're good friends with Frisk."

Mr. Star then asks her about the group tributes. She tells him who the possible culprit is, but not to worry about them right now.

She's suddenly interrupted by one more knock. She opens it to reveal... another nominator?!

"Long time no see, Weird Guy! I'm assuming that you've submitted your tributes as well? Because if so..."

She shows him the Reaping of the current season. Neither Fredbear nor Guy's Mewtwo are on the list.

"You missed the nomination period."

The robot enters the room as well. 6k1 sighs and turns to Ichi.

"I must be the popular one, right?"

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Sorry for the eyesore!


   "So ThEsE nOmInAtOrS aRe FrEtTiNg OvEr GrOuP tRiBuTeS? hOw PaThEtIc. ThEy AcTuAlLy ThInK tHaT tImEfUcKeR iS dOiNg ThIs.ThAt FuCkEr Is As DeAd As DiScO."   

   "LiTlLe Do ThEy KnOw TeRmIuS iS tHe OnE wHo Is GaThErInG aLl Of tHeSe GrOuP tRiBuTeS iN tHeSe GaMeS aFtEr HiS dEaTh. AnD nOw ThEy ArE bLaMiNg ZoRuA fOr ThIs! ThIs ShAlL bE eNtErTaInInG. "   

   "oN ThE oThEr HaNd,ThE pErFeCt TiMe To PoSsEsS tAbBy Is ApPrOaChInG.i CoUlD uSe ThIs SuBhUmAn To BrInG tHe FalL oF tHe NoMiNaToRs WiTh UsInG oNe Of tHeIr OwN. pErHaPs ThEy ShAlL lEaRn ThE nAmE oF aKuMo In ThIs tImE. "   

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