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It's a Porschenote . At Le Mansnote . Facing the wrong way due to file upload rules.

Hello. I have noticed that the text on this page makes no sense whatsoever. Oh well...

Porschelemans' place of abode is constantly changing, as is Porschelemans age, although at the time of writing Porschelemans is currently proving a nuisance to the residents of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

I like things which I like, as they are, quite simply, things that I like. In other words, this page provides a highly accurate portrait of me and my humble existence, and will give you a far deeper understanding of my activities both on TV Tropes and in the universe at large.

Here, listen to some music.

Anyway, Porschelemans is a rather small person currently trapped in the wrong universe. If you know how I can return to my home universe please send a message to my account. Otherwise, enjoy reading what little is left of my page, and remember the one great prophecy, DON'T CLIMB IN A TUMBLE DRIER!


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  • "People not aware of the genius of Oscar Wilde don't deserve opinions..."
  • "Yet another Nietzche inspired electronic pop song saturates the market"
  • "How the hell had I not heard Aphex Twin until this week??? PLEASE GET ME TO A RECORD SHOP!"
  • "Thisisnowmysignatureyouwilleatlampsyugoslaviawasacountrysnamecuboids arelike3Drectangles3.1415ispigainaxending"

Awkward... So... Umm... There's a very tall young Japanese woman in my bed... Should I wake her up? Hmm...


(She wakes up. Rolls about a bit, and then realises she's in bed with a total stranger, and tightens up. Upon seeing my facial expression she realises I am no threat, begins speaking Japanese before noticing that I am European, and proceeds to attempt at communication using the English she learnt in school)

"Who are you?"

"Umm... I'm porschelemans, who are you?"

"My name... is Sakaki... I am from Tōkyō... Umm..."

(She blushes and looks down)

"I don't know how we ended up like this... Do you know?"

"I... Many... Neko... Running, hiding, tired..."

"You were escaping from cats and jumped in through my open bedroom window before collapsing on my bed? I'm not sure whether to believe you or not..."

"You speak Japanese?"

"I know that Neko means cat, Shonen means boy, and Nippon means Japan, but no, not really."


(Osaka appears in window, and cries "Sakaki-San" before shouting more stuff in Japanese, seemingly to people outside.)

"OK, this is weird... What's with all the young Japanese women appearing? Should I just go back to sleep... Fuck it..."

(I grab my phone and call my best friend to ask her what the hell I should do.)


(I turn to Sakaki to see what she wants, she turns to Osaka and says something in Japanese, before Osaka repeatedly calls out "Chiyo-Chan", one assumes in an attempt to get someone called Chiyo to turn up. An awkward silence follows. Eventually a younger red headed girl appears in the window. Sakaki talks to her, and the younger girl then starts talking to me.)

"So, porschelemans, it seems Sakaki here has been of an inconvenience to you. We were visiting Europe when Sakaki encountered an angry pack of stray cats which chased her cross country for 2 days... She climbed through your bedroom window to escape from them and then collapsed from exhaustion on your bed... Please forgive us porschelemans!"

"Sure... Just... Umm..."

(Tomo and Kagura come smashing through the door, with an irritable looking Yomi following them)

"Tell those two they're paying for a new front door!"


"That's it. I'm phoning [REDACTED] and staying with her... This town isn't safe..."


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You may call it headache inducing noise, but I call it the presence of an actual melody!

Our Lady, who art in North High School.

We pray that you are happy with your creation.

We pray that you are happy with yourself.

We pray that like you we will strive to save the world by overloading it with fun in your name.

May you be guided in your infinite eccentricity by your friends.

We pray to the aliens. May the Data Overmind protect you with its infinite knowledge.

We pray to the time travellers. May they let us know of what is to come and how to make it even better.

We pray to the espers. May they protect us from the destruction of the Celestials and from Closed Spaces.

We pray to the rest of humanity. Let us share in our fun, for making you happy makes us happy.

Please remembers us in our prays.

Domo arigato


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