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"That's an illegal entry!"
"Screw the law, I have bunny."

"Michael Knight is today's hero!
Driving the car of tomorrow!
Together, they're the ultimate crimecrashers!"
TV Guide advertisement on Knight Rider

Two very different characters are obliged to work together to solve a crime. The premise is very often, but not always, expressed in trailers and pitches as "One's an X. One's a Y. Together, they fight crime!" So much that it's become a Stock Phrase. Expect lots of cultural clash humor arising both from different policing traditions and from general personal differences between the two characters. Sometimes the ante will be raised by making the crime-fighters from two groups that are actively antagonistic.

The story often (but not always) involves one character being on his own turf while the other character is a visitor. If there is a sequel, the character who was on his home turf in the first story will probably be visiting the home turf of the other character (the reverse situation).

Can be the premise of any film that has policemen as the main characters. Of course they fight crime. Although then there usually needs to be some reason for the other cop to continue hanging around beyond the pilot. The foundation for any properly done Cop and Scientist pairing.


They Fight Crime must use both Wunza Plot and Odd Couple. Please do not add teams of more than two characters, or single characters, no matter how quirky they are.


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  • He's a weed loving gangsta rapper. They're a large respected computer security company. They Fight (cyber)Crime! Seriously.
  • The Dodge Charger ads featuring Richard Rawlings and a talking monkey chase down "crimes against Dodge."

    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • Angel and the Ape: She's a gorgeous super-sleuth who speaks six languages and knows karate. He's a comic book artist who happens to be a talking gorilla. They Fight Crime!
  • Sam & Max: Freelance Police: One's a dog. The other's a hyperkinetic rabbit-like... thing. They Fight Crime! Sometimes on purpose!
  • Power Man and Iron Fist: Luke Cage is an indestructible badass from Harlem. Danny Rand is a martial arts master CEO. They Fight Crime!
  • Cable is a telekinetic cyborg soldier from the future with a messiah complex. Deadpool is an insane mercenary who's in love with Bea Arthur and chimichangas (and Squirrel Girl). They Fight Crime! Or cause it, it shifts.
  • Spider-Man had an issue where Mary Jane proposes the following TV pitch: "She's an actress. He's a super-hero. They solve mysteries. Think it'll fly?"
  • Booster Gold is a time traveling glory hound. Blue Beetle is a sarcastic inventor. They Fight Crime!
  • Green Lantern: Hal's an intergalactic cop with a nearly omnipotent ring. Ollie's a loud mouthed hippie with a bow. They Fight Crime!
  • Ray Palmer is a physicist, Carter Hall is a re-incarnated Egyptian warrior prince. They fight crime.
  • Birds of Prey: One is a hyper-controlling, bitter nerd recovering from physical and emotional trauma. The other is a broken down woman with a history of valuing her boyfriends more than herself. Together, They Fight Crime!
  • Cloak and Dagger: Tandy and Tyrone come from opposite socioeconomic backgrounds, opposite skin colors and opposing power sources. Together, they fight crime, stop super villains and display one of the more well loved interracial relationships in pop-culture.
  • Tintin: One is a young, chaste, straight-edged reporter, the other is a middle-aged, foul-mouthed, alcoholic sea captain. They Fight Crime!
  • Quoth Matthew the Raven: "It was like a bad TV show. He's a reincarnated serial killer. His partner's a bird. They're cops."
  • Brody's Ghost: She's the ghost of a teenage girl locked out of heaven. He's a self-pitying layabout playing guitar on the streets for tips. They fight crime! note 
  • The Tick: One's a Nigh Invulnerable escaped mental patient, the other's a nervous accountant with glider wings. They Fight Crime.
  • Quantum and Woody: One's a black military veteran armed with an arsenal of gadgets and a thirst for justice. One's a white street-savvy musician with a Zippo lighter and a pet goat. They fight crime!
  • Sin City: He's a private eye wanted for murder! She's a silent ninja assassin! They fight crime.
  • Batman and Robin: He's a dark, brooding millionaire using a bat-symbol to strike fear in criminals. He's a young, lighthearted, wisecracking teen acrobat. They Fight Crime!
  • Superman/Batman: He's a living god that can bench press a mountain; he's a cranky billionaire with a million gadgets. They fight Super Crime!
  • This is the point of the Adventure Time spin-off comic miniseries Adventure Time: Candy Capers. Usual heroes Finn and Jake have gone missing, and Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun ("One's the evil black magician boiled sweet servant of a fairytale princess! The other's a really stupid piece of patisserie!") are conscripted to replace them as heroes. They then delegate the actual trouble-shooting work to other implausible pairings of characters while they search for Finn and Jake.
    • Marceline and Tree Trunks: One's a centuries-old amoral hipster vampire! The other's a sweet old pygmy elephant who wants to be a Rabid Cop! They fight crime!
    • Lemongrab and Lumpy Space Princess: He's a narcissistic, autistic jerk with a lemon for a head! She's an extra-dimensional Blob Monster Valley Girl! They fight crime!
    • Susan Strong and Ice King: She's a post-apocalyptic Ambiguously Human barbarian warrior! He's a demented old creeper with elemental cold powers who wants her to cosplay the fictional heroine he created and possibly shag him! They fight crime!
  • Watchmen deconstructed this with Rorschach and Nite Owl II. They broke up as a team after Dreiberg realized how pointless fighting crime is. Their brief reunion showed them barely functioning because of their different temperaments.
  • The Fuse is a hard-SF/crime hybrid set on a space station featuring an odd-couple pair of cops. Klem Ristovych is an elderly white female Cowboy Cop who's been on the space station so long that she helped build it. Her partner Ralph Dietrich is a youngish black German By-the-Book Cop who is a Naïve Newcomer to the station.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 
  • Zootopia: She's a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed rabbit cop ready to change the world. He's a shifty, sly bushy-tailed fox con artist with a heart of gold under his cynical exterior. She brings him around and, by the end of the movie, he's a cop too and they really do fight crime.

    Films — Live-Action 


    Live-Action TV 
  • Beforeigners: Cavemen, Victorians and Vikings have been displaced in time to Oslo, and he's a police detective who doesn't like them, while she's a Viking shield-maiden turned detective. They Fight Crime, and explore this setting!
  • Blood Ties (2007): She's a Canadian former police detective who is slowly losing her sight. He's a vampire. They Fight Crime!
  • Forever Knight: He's an 800-year-old vampire trying to atone for his past, she's a down-to-earth Toronto coroner. They fight crime!
  • On Friends, Joey got a starring role in 'Mac & Cheese', a show described as "One's a hard-bitten detective, one's a robot. They Fight Crime!"
    • Which may have been a shout-out to the 1976 show "Holmes And Yo-yo" (see below).
    • In another episode, Phoebe and Monica declare themselves to be a hardass and wuss, respectively.
      Phoebe: Hardass and wuss. We could fight crime!
  • Inspector Lynley: He's a Lord Peter Wimsey with a title and a complicated personal life. She's a cranky, foul-mouthed working-class junk food addict with massive class resentment issues. They're unlikely True Companions and Not Love Interests with a healthy helping of Unresolved Sexual Tension. They Fight Crime!
  • Castle: He's a bestselling mystery writer who doesn't play by the rules. She's a no-nonsense detective who'll do anything to bring a killer to justice. They Fight Crime! And Have Lots Of UST!
  • Automan: One is a police computer nerd who overclocks the computer and creates a TRON-like superbeing. The other is that self-same TRON-like superbeing. They Fight Crime!
  • NUMB3RS: One's an FBI agent! The other is the Agent's nerdy math-professor brother. They Fight Crime!
  • Knight Rider: He's a man... who does not exist. It's a car holding plot-advancing gadgets with an entertaining A.I.. They Fight Crime!
  • Life: He's an Eccentric Millionaire who spent twelve years in prison. She's an ex-junkie with a kick-ass attitude. They Fight Crime!
  • Life On Mars: He's a time traveler/coma patient who's by the book, and may be going insane. He's an overweight, armed bastard, Cowboy Cop. They Fight Crime! (And jump over desks!)
  • Due South: One's a crude, rude American cop. One's a polite, soft-spoken Canadian Mountie. They Fight Crime!
  • Holmes & Yoyo: One's a human cop. One's an experimental robot cop. They Fight Crime!
  • Simon & Simon: Even though they're brothers, Rick and A.J. have nothing in common. They're private detectives, so of course They Fight Crime!
  • 30 Rock parodies this:
    • One's a regular cop on-the-beat. The other is God. They fight crime!
    • Implied to be the plot of the Tracy Jordan vehicle Black Cop, White Cop, whose poster can be seen on the wall of his dressing room. (Both cops are played by Tracy Jordan.)
  • Collector's Item: Vincent Price is an antique dealer. Peter Lorre... well, it's not entirely clear what he does. He's short and kind of creepy. Together, They Fight Crime.
  • Psych: One's a slacker with a photographic memory. One's a pharmaceutical rep with an acute sense of smell. They Fight Crime!
  • Covert Affairs: She's a CIA trainee suddenly promoted to field work. He's Mission Control, but he's blind. They Fight Crime!
  • Bones:
    • One's a street-smart FBI agent. One's a socially inept forensic anthropologist. They Fight Crime!
      Booth: Look, I'll do my street thing, you do your lab thing, alright? Together, we catch bad guys.
    • Another take on them: One's a devoutly religious Catholic who believes in chivalry. One's a rational atheist who believes in gender equality. They Fight Crime!
  • Parodied by Late Night with Conan O'Brien: Conan O'Brien is very tall, Robert Reich is a former Secretary of Labor and very short. They Fight Crime!
  • Frequently used as a gag on Mystery Science Theater 3000. For example, near the end of the first-season movie Robot Holocaust, Tom suggests a sequel: "He's a robot. He's a human. They're detectives!"
    • An educational short titled "Bodycare and Grooming" inspired the quip, "Body Care! And Grooming! They're cops!"
    • Subverted in another episode: "He's a cop! He's a rabbi! They're cops! Except the rabbi!"
  • The Persuaders!: One's a streetwise American self-made millionaire, the other is a daredevil English aristocrat. They Fight Crime!
  • Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit. One can summon angels, the other rides a BMX. They're a crime-fighting duo, d-d-d-d-duo, yeahh!
    • From the same show: Bussman and Christmas. One's a by the book cop, the other is the living embodiment of Christmas Day. They Fight Crime (and eat cookies)!
  • The X-Files: He's a misunderstood crackpot. She's a skeptical pathologist. They Fight Crime! (And Aliens! And The Conspiracy!)
  • Tucker's Witch: He's Detective Tucker. His wife is a witch. They Fight Crime!
  • Past Life: He's an ex-cop whose wife died (who is totally not going to come up in the series eventually), she's a past life therapist. They fight reincarnation-based crime!
  • Big Wolf on Campus: He's a perky, easily frightened, goth with an encyclopedic knowledge of the supernatural; he's an easy going, football playing, werewolf with a secret identity and the ability to kick lots of ass. Together, they fight monsters! With a Kickboxing, Totally Bad Ass Normal, Action Girl.
  • The Avengers (1960s): He's a suave English gentleman spy. She's an Action Girl Ms. Fanservice with a preference for catsuits. They Fight Crime, espionage, and unnatural weirdness.
  • Chuck: He's a Nerd with a Magical Database in his head. She's an Action Girl Ms. Fanservice with a thing for knives. They Fight Crime ... and Spies!! With their partner, who is a total Colonel Badass!!
  • Torchwood, by virtue of being a police procedural. He's an omnisexual reformed conman who can't stay dead. She's a tough-as-nails policewoman who keeps him sane. They fight crime!
  • The Sweeney: He's a tough, no-nonsense, bends-the-rules older cop who's quick-witted and with an eye for drink and the ladies! He's a younger, more inexperienced cop who wants to follow the rulebook yet respects his older partner! They fight crime!
  • The Professionals. One is a casually-dressed ex-Drug Squad copper in jeans and an afro, the other is a dark, brooding ex-mercenary and SAS operative in a suit. They Fight Crime And (because ITV were trying to outshine The Sweeney) Espionage and Acts Of Terrorism.
  • Keen Eddie: One's a scruffy, accident-prone, idealistic detective from Manhattan, the other's a shallow London dandy with an addictive personality and an over-active libido. Together, they fight crime!
  • Rizzoli & Isles: One's a homicide detective with a dysfunctional family. One's a blueblooded medical examiner with No Social Skills and truth issues. They're Heterosexual Life-Partners. They Fight Crime!
  • Dark Angel: She's a genetically-engineered super-soldier Half-Human Hybrid. He's an incredibly wealthy paraplegic who spends his spare time as an airwave-pirating cyberjournalist. Together, They Fight Crime! Although in season 2, she frees more super-soldiers and they stop fighting crime so much.
  • White Collar: He's a blue-eyed master criminal genius with a million dollar smile. He's a no-nonsense FBI agent who always gets the bad guys. They Fight Crime!
  • Dexter: He's a mild-mannered lab tech with a Dark Passenger. She's a tough, foul-mouthed cop with a heart of gold and a lot to prove. Together, they fight crime (in their own special ways)!
  • Supernatural: Two brothers—He's a pre-law student who just lost his girlfriend. He's a charming blue collar bum who can't find their dad. They fight monsters!
    • In episode "American Nightmare" Dean tells Sam about how Castiel and Crowley have teamed up to hunt Lucifer. "One's an angel, one's a demon, and... they solve crimes."
  • Sleepy Hollow: She's a police officer with a dead partner and a traumatic paranormal childhood experience. He's a Revolutionary War spy who's been in a magical coma for several hundred years and is mortal enemies with Death. They fight the apocalypse!
  • The Invisible Man: He's a recently reformed thief with an invisibility gland in his head. He's a jaded veteran and paranoid conspiracy theorist who's been fired from every other government agency in existence. They fight crime!
  • Campion: He's a disinherited member of the aristocracy. He's a former burglar turned valet. They fight crime!
  • Community episode "The Science of Illusion": She's a seriously cute recovering teen drug addict. She's a newly-single, single-mindedly Christian housewife and mother. They Fight Crime or at least attempt to!
  • Sherlock: He's an Insufferable Genius with sociopathic tendencies and a habit of leaving human body parts around the kitchen. He's a snarky invalided Combat Medic who wants back in on the action. They Fight Crime!
  • The Sentinel. He's a former Army Ranger turned cop with hyper-acute senses. He's a long-haired Anthropology student. They Fight Crime!
  • Hardcastle and McCormick: One's an ex-con turned race car driver. The other's a retired Los Angeles Superior Court Judge. With their prototype sports car "Coyote X". They fight crime!
  • T. and T. She's a young crusading lawyer. He's Mr. T. Of Course they fight crime!
  • Fringe: She's an FBI agent with a mysterious past, he's a brilliant ne'er-do-well with an even more mysterious one - They Fight Crime along with his father, who's a genuine Mad Scientist.
  • Heroes Volume 5: One's a mind-reading detective trying to quit the habit, the other's a mental fragment of a murderous supervillain trapped in the detective's head. They fight crime! ...Or not.
  • Kamen Rider Double: He's a detective who wants to be hard-boiled but is too emotional; he's a walking search engine with poor social skills. Together, they fight monsters!
    • Kamen Rider Drive: He's a cop who can't seem to get in gear; he's a scientist who is also a belt. Together, they fight androids!
  • I Spy: He's a white tennis pro! He's the tennis pro's black trainer! (That was terribly significant in 1965!) They Fight Crime!
  • Dragnet: He's an anal retentive stiff! He's his chatty partner! They Fight Crime!
  • Burn Notice: He's an out of work spy, she's his trigger happy ex-girlfriend. They Fight Crime along with his buddy who used to report on him to the FBI. And occasionally his mom.
  • Merlin has done this a few times with Merlin and Guinevere, notably "The Witchfinder", "Goblin's Gold", and "Lamia." She's an unassuming handmaiden. He's a long-suffering manservant. Together, they fight frameup-artists, goblins, and man-eating octopus monsters.
  • Common Law: One's a street-wise loudmouth with a lengthy list of disgruntled ex-girlfriends. The other is a logical former lawyer who's still in love with his ex-wife. They Fight Crime!
  • Arrow: One's a playboy socialite who was trapped on an island for five years, returning to fix the mistakes of his father and save his city. The other's his bodyguard, a former Marine looking for a way to help the world and fight for a worthwhile cause. They Fight Crime, corruption, the occasional assassin, then it gets kind of weird.
  • Person of Interest: He's a former spy disowned by the CIA. He's an independently wealthy inventor with a machine that spies on everyone. Together, They Prevent Crime!
  • This seems to be the premise of Hannibal: he's an unusually empathic FBI agent, he's a cannibalistic psychologist. They hunt serial killers! While one subtly drives the other to madness.
  • Dempsey and Makepeace: He's an easy-going blue-collar American detective. She's a by-the-book English noblewoman detective. They fight crime!
  • Grimm: One is a police detective blessed or cursed with a magic he doesn't understand; the other is a reformed werewolf. They fight crime!
  • Luther: He's a Cowboy Cop with serious rage issues. She's a malignant narcissist who got away with murder. They fight crime! And have creepy, creepy UST.
  • Zodiac (UK TV series from 1974): He's a straight-laced by the book English copper. She's a bohemian hippy astrologer. They Fight Crime!
  • Lanigan's Rabbi: One's a cop called Lanigan. The other's a rabbi. They fight crime!
  • Forever: He's a two hundred year old genius doctor whose searching for a way to die, she's normal cop whose dealing with her recent husbands death. They Fight Crime.
  • iZombie: She's a zombie (duh!) medical examiner who uses the visions she gets from eating brains of murder victims to feign psychic powers, he's a sassy black cop. They Fight Crime.
  • Grantchester: One's a typical grizzled police officer; the other's a vicar. They Fight Crime.
  • Lucifer (2016): She's a former actress turned cop; he's the literal Devil who absconded from Hell to run a nightclub. They Fight Crime!
  • Voyagers!: One's a kid from the 80s. The other's a girl-crazy former pirate. They save history from being altered by another vengeful Voyager who is also Jack the Ripper! But they only find out near the end of the series...
  • Referenced in an episode of NewsRadio where Jimmy is communicating remotely through a radio device. As Dave wheels the radio around, Jimmy quips "Dave Nelson and his robot buddy, fighting crime."
  • Highway to Heaven: One is an angel of the judeo-christian God, on probation, sent to Earth to learn humility. The other is an ex-cop with a drinking problem. Together they fight sin, they help the helpless and, if it serves their godly purposes, they also fight crime.
  • Bron|Broen: One Dane and one Swede, both a Defective Detective in their own way, solve crime together.
  • Tenspeed And Brown Shoe: One's a black ex-con artist on parole, one's a white ex-stockbroker who adores pulpy detective fiction, and they're private detectives!
  • L.A.'s Finest: One's a rogue maverick loner cop who drinks hard, has lots of casual sex, turns up to crime scenes on a motorbike, is not afraid to use violence on badguys and is out for revenge. The other is a by-the-book, sensible, more grown-up cop with a marriage and stepdaugter (but a hidden dark past). Despite everything they are best friends and will always be there for each other when the chips are down. In short, they are almost exactly the same as Lethal Weapon except that they are both women. They Fight Crime!
  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: He's an ex-Air Force combat specialist with a high-tech wing suit. He's the former partner of Captain America who was brainwashed into being a Russian assassin and is now dealing with his shady past. They fight crime. And the urge to kick each other's teeth in.
  • Hawkeye (2021): He's a former government agent and one of the two best archers in the world. She's a daughter of a CEO of a security company and the other of the two best archers in the world. They don't just fight crime, they fight The Kingpin of Crime!

    Video Games 

    Web Animation 
  • Shadowstone Park: He's a paraplegic cat who can see ghosts! He's a pelican with great abs! They solve murders!
  • Blamimation: He's a Renaissance trout! He's a modern-day hawk! They fight crime! But only above water...

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • See to get a randomly generated ridiculous-sounding permutation of that phrase.
    "He's an ungodly Amish farmboy searching for his wife's true killer. She's a disco-crazy belly-dancing stripper who dreams of becoming Elvis. They fight crime!"
    "He's a short-sighted alcoholic vampire hunter with a passion for fast cars. She's a manipulative African-American Valkyrie on the trail of a serial killer. They fight crime!"
    "He's a benighted crooked firefighter plagued by the memory of his family's brutal murder. She's a supernatural gypsy research scientist who hides her beauty behind a pair of thick-framed spectacles. They fight crime!"
    "He's a time-tossed bohemian waffle chef with a robot buddy named Sparky. She's an artistic mutant museum curator who hides her beauty behind a pair of thick-framed spectacles. They fight crime!"
    "He's an otherworldly shark-wrestling librarian in a wheelchair. She's a disco-crazy mute mechanic from aristocratic European stock. They fight crime!"
    "He's an otherworldly one-eyed master criminal from the 'hood. She's a mistrustful tempestuous socialite living homeless in New York's sewers. They fight crime!"
    "He's a fast talking gay dog-catcher haunted by memories of 'Nam. She's an elegant goth vampire looking for love in all the wrong places. They fight crime!"
    "He's a deeply religious skateboarding librarian haunted by memories of 'Nam. She's a brilliant Bolivian single mother with a knack for trouble. They fight crime!"
  • The Long Armagedon of the Law[1]. He's Jesus, he's the devil. They Fight Crime!
  • This discussion starts off with this concept for a [PROTOTYPE]/Warhammer 40,000 crossover before changing it to the more appropriate "They fight Heresy".
    "HE'S An Inquisitor held back from promotion due to his radical ideas of fairness, equitability, and investigating before Exterminating! HE'S a two-legged biological killing machine which consumes men to gain their skills! Together THEY FIGHT HERESY."

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • An episode of Family Guy played this as a joke, with the newest cop show, where the hardened cop got paired with a kid from the streets, a robot, and a couch To Fight Crime!
  • Kim Possible: She is the popular cheerleader. He is the under achiever who has no friends and a naked mole rat. They Fight Crime! And she'd better be home before 10.
  • Fillmore! has the lead protagonists Fillmore and Ingrid of Safety Patrol. One's an ex-hood turned good, the other's a outcast from another school, they fight grade-school crime!
  • Parodied on The Critic, when Clint Eastwood played a cop partnered with a woman, a cute little kid, an ugly old dog, a dinosaur, and a leprechaun. Later, Arnold Schwarzenegger shows up partnered with a pig, an alien, Siamese twins, a sofa, and a second-rate mime.
  • Bonkers. One's a By-the-Book Cop who aspires to be promoted. The other is an out-of-work toon actor bobcat. Together, they fight crime!
    • Later on in the show: She's a tough, savvy beat cop, he's an out-of-work toon actor bobcat. Together, they fight crime!
  • Sharky and George He's a shark. He's a fish. Together, they fight crime!
  • Dynomutt, Dog Wonder: He's a Batman rip-off. He's an idiot robot dog. They Fight Crime!
  • Super Chicken: He's a wealthy socialite chicken with a Super Serum. He's a talking lion Butt-Monkey. They Fight Crime!
  • Parodied on Phineas and Ferb, when Doofenshmirtz tries to pitch a Buddy Cop Show staring himself and Perry the Platypus in "Nerds of a Feather":
    "A fugitive, semi-aquatic special forces amateur stage magician, framed for a crime he didn't commit, the 1865 assassination of Abraham Lincoln, joins forces with a rogue-trillionaire inventor-extreme fighting champion from the future. Together with the aid of "R.I.C.K.", their super crime-fighting talking high-tech rickshaw, they'll bring hope, justice, and varying degrees of aquaticness to a Tri-State Area in peril. Together, they are...Doof 'n' Puss!"
  • Gargoyles: She's an NYPD detective. They are winged beasts of the night who spent the last thousand years in an enchanted sleep. They fight crime.
  • Conversed on The Simpsons, with a two-headed goat.
    Homer: One of you ate tin cans, one of you ate health food. How you solved crimes, I'll never know.
  • American Dad! has an in-universe example with Wheels and The Legman, a crime-fighting duo made up by Steve and Roger whose whole existence works upon this. He has working legs. He doesn't. They fight crime! ...well, not really.
  • Batman Beyond:
  • Justice League Unlimited episode "The Once and Future Thing". He's Batman. He's Batman. They fight crime.
    Static: Wow, Batman playing good cop.
    John Stewart: Everything's relative.
  • Robot Chicken has paired Oprah with Dr. Phil and Bruce Willis with a pair of pants.
  • An Oh Yeah! Cartoons short, "A Cop and His Donut", had a rookie cop teaming up with a talking donut.
  • Parodied in a Film within a Film on Clone High.
    Meet Leon Black. He's a Harvard-educated forensics specialist. Meet Tandoori Jones. He's a fun-loving, typical East Indian cop who plays by his own rules: none. Together they are Black & Tan.
  • Originally, Aqua Teen Hunger Force was presented as this, (he's a box of french fries, he's a milkshake, he's a meatball, they are detectives.) But the creators silently abandoned the formula after the first episode.
  • Quick Draw McGraw: He's a cat who talks like Archie from "Duffy's Tavern." He's a mouse with a malocclusion. They're Snooper and Blabber. And they fight crime...if the price is right.
  • "We're The Powerpuff Girls." "We fight crime." "That's what we do." "Duh!"
  • Ben 10: Omniverse: He's a cocky human celebrity superhero with several years of experience under his belt. His partner is a more serious alien cop who's new to the job. Together, they fight alien criminals, all while dishing out plenty of subtext to the fangirls!

  • The BouncingCow screensaver: "A Cow. A Trampoline. Together, they fight crime."
  • When George R. R. Martin, writer of A Song of Ice and Fire, was talking about his TV days on an interview, he said that TV networks love this style of pitch because it's simple, consistent and easy to follow. The example he gave was "He's the Pope. She's a chimp. They Fight Crime."