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Deerhoof are a band from San Francisco. Their style, though extremely eclectic, blends noisy guitars, catchy pop hooks, and the distinctive, sugary-sweet vocals of Satomi Matsuzaki. They began in the mid 90s when bassist Rob Fisk recruited drummer Greg Saunier, a classically trained musician with two degrees in music. Searching for a vocalist they recruited Japanese film student Satomi Matsuzaki, who had no musical experience whatsoever upon joining the band.


After their first three abrasive, noisy and experimental albums, Fisk departed from the band, and guitarist John Dietrich stepped into his place. With this three piece lineup the band released Reveille, which received critical acclaim, before Chris Cohen of The Curtains joined to play guitar for their next two albums, the rawer styled Apple 'O and their concept album Milk Man, before switching places with Matsuzaki to take up bass on his last, more pop oriented album with the band, The Runners Four. After this Deerhoof continued as the same trio they had been on Reveille, releasing one album, Friend Opportunity, which was their biggest commercial and critical success up to that point. They were then joined by guitarist Ed Rodriguez.

Their first album with Rodriguez was 2008's Offend Maggie, before 2011's Deerhoof vs Evil. Their most recent album, released in 2012, was called Breakup Song.


Deerhoof continue to tour constantly, and release new material at an astonishing rate.

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