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Hi. I'm Nine-Tailed Cat, although I go by a wide variety of aliases throughout the internet. I'm a guy who likes writing, comics, cute animals, writing comics, writing about cute animals, comics about cute animals, and writing comics about cute animals.

    Tropes That Apply To Me 


    Stuff I Like (A list in progress) 

Vandals can vandalize below. Oh, and members of other Germanic tribes can do their things there too. It's not like I'm stopping you.

    Vandalism, now with a neat little folder! 
  • Putting my stamp on this page.-Xiphos Orochi 666
  • Vandal inbound to give a thumbs up to a fan of Star Control. NE Sgamer 190
  • It's mine!-Xiphos Orochi 666
  • I thought the Flutter Ponies were extinct... -Demoralized Ant
  • Another Brony? So awesome! /)(^3^)(\ And as you mentioned Germanic tribes...Wenn man schon Wortspiele macht, muss man auch erwarten, dass andere sie ernst nehmen. -Savato
  • Well, I'm rather pleased to see another of pony-kind. I know I kinda vandalized before, but well, I did think you deserve a second. NES
  • Mane Six for the win.-Xiphos Orochi 666
  • Gotta go Fast! Gotta go Fast! Fast,Fast,Fast,Fast,Fast,Fast!-Xiphos Orochi 666
  • Myon. -The Mike
  • Boom Vandalized -Mokona Zero
    • Vandalized again without your permission!
    • Your page has been molested. -Mokona Zero
      • Gotcha! -Mokona Zero
      • Oh, now I see what you're doing. Very sneaky. - Nine-Tailed Cat
  • ... Vandalism strikes. S Bane N
  • You're such a nice person, your page needs to be vandalized. And how do I do that? With a piece of practical advice: If you see a bomb technician running, try and keep up. ~ Bresher
  • Rule of Three kinda hit... so I suppose a small inquisition's up... favorite pony of the mane 6? NES
    • Applejack. She's a very underrated character. - Nine-Tailed Cat
  • So the vandalism continues yet again. And so much randomness is left out D: - S Bane N
  • Responding to the previous vandalism here, Fluttershy's the favorite, with Applejack being a second. (The two I happen to resemble most.) NES
    • Well, I think the one I most resemble is Fluttershy, so she's second best to me. - Nine-Tailed Cat
  • I wish you a merry Christmas Fluttershy. Tomodachi
  • From one cat to another, a haiku.
    Meow, meow, purr.
    Hiss, hiss, nyan, meow, growl, growl.
    Meow, meow, nyan.PretentiousSkyCat
  • Meow~. Randomness appeared. The randomness is so random that the randomness becomes vandalism. - S Bane N
  • Um... EXTERMINATE! *PEW* *PEW* Eldritchseer
    • PEW PEW to you, too. - Nine-Tailed Cat
  • It appears I have visited here a fifth time... Either I'm as stubborn as Applejack, or just plain lucky. Either way, I don't mind much. NES
  • Totally unoriginal comment here.-Xiphos Orochi 666
  • And once again I find myself on an unfamiliar page. But did I come here intentionally, or did I make a wrong click at Autobots, Rock Out!? You'll never know, will you. - Completely Normal Guy
    • Given that I haven't touched the page in question, I'm guessing the former. - Nine-Tailed Cat
  • I thought I tagged here already. Huh. Welp might as well get on with it. Starfy64 \/\/4Z |-|3R3. L337 r19|-|7?
  • D —> Rarity is the most magnificent hoofbeast - Equius Zahhak
  • Seems like you have a half-dozen vandal entries from me. Cupcake? NES
  • Seven vandal entries? Gosh... I can't seem to shy away... -faints upon a fainting couch- NES
  • So, looks like I am finally back for more vandalizing! But for how long? Find out... in the future, I guess. With random things that come to mind, probably. - S Bane N
    • I vandalized your page again. I guess I win a squirrel sword. Whatever that means, because it's random. = S Bane N
  • Here's some more vandalism! - Quag15
  • Meow, meow meow meow, meow, meow meow, meow, meow. So much randomness... It has vandalized your page again... - S Bane N
  • Vandalizing.... completo! -Mokona Zero
  • Vandalized. How are you? - S Bane N
    • Pretty good. I've been having a lot of fun with the TV Tropes Werewolf games, and I've been able to plan some new writings. - Nine-Tailed Cat
  • That's great! -Mokona Zero
  • Ciamar a tha thu? -Uilleam
  • Guten morgen. You seem pretty cool. c: -Danniiee