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Telcontar /tɛl'kɒntɑɹ/ n. Pl. Telcontari [Quenya] 1 Strider, a name given to Aragorn II by the Men of Bree. 2 Me. Bit of a misnomer since I don't go striding anywhere, but it still sounds cool. Often misspelt as Telecontar or abbreviated to Tel.

I'm a troper who got known in February 2012, got heralded (for Wiki Talk) in June 2012, and got modded in January 2014. Wiki-side, I've worked significantly on the tropes Kaleidoscope Hair, Super Cell Reception, Rays from Heaven, and Limb-Sensation Fascination and also curate Lindsey Stirling, DethroningMoment.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, and Ears for Elves (don't we all have that one obscure and long-dead work we still love?), among other things. Forum-side, I read 'most everything in Wiki Talk and FAQ.

Shoot me a PM if you need help or have questions, whatever the topic; I'm usually around since I'm only in school part-time and when at home do a lot of stuff online. On a more personal note, I'm a teenaged British girl interested in maths, musicals, and written fantasy. I also enjoy making people, like you, lose The Game.