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Also known as Nero to, like two people on the planet. One of whom picked out this picture for me.

What is Darn Penguin, you ask? Of course not, you ask instead "who is Darn Penguin."

This is a very interesting habit you have of asking questions. Suppose you ran into a person who had a habit of blurting out surprisingly poignant answers, then I suppose you'd have a marvelous time emulating a coherent conversation.

Well, it was positively lovely talking with you, but I suppose I should very much be on my way. If you'd like to talk, send me a private message, or add me on Skype, Al Cook (darnpenguin).


Oh, of course, the question!

Let's get this out of the way quickly



  • Rap
  • Microsoft
  • Sony
  • Sports
  • most of the rest of the internet
  • writing this list

Stevebat was here


The faeries were here too.

Whodunit? Youdidit. — Iniquitus The Third

You don't have nearly enough vandalism yet. Allow me to fix that! -Phoenixor

Well well well it seems as if we have a lot in common..idkjklol -Gilly Girl 32

Yo-ho-ho! -looks miffed- Or does nobody actually say that? -Desdendelle

your underwear will always be rainbow -Commander Obvious

Hey... I think you need a poem! This is like a puzzle,
A puzzle without any clues,
If you know the truth,
It's easy to get through,
Because I like you,
You're funny and you're cool,
You have a neat avvie,
And you got awesome skills,
A really sweet guy,
Never one to lie,
Dude, you're awesome,
And that's the truth. - The Songseamster

The shadows have graced this page.

What's your favorite Heavy Mithril band? -Canidaemon

I am in this place, and it is a nice place. -Ikiniks


Who put this Darn Penguin in here!? - Eskay64

You're a cuddly penguin~ —Sixy