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...I have a contributor page?

Eh, may as well put something. Don't want to stand before my fellow tropers all bare and naked, now. ...Or do I?

Or would that be a perfect way to describe oneself? After all, when making contact over the internet, every fact is shrouded by distance and anonymity. One can say the strangest, most outlandish things, and as long as none of it can proven to be implausible by simple logic (in exemplis: "I am a half-unicorn demon". This is obviously false, because everyone knows unicorns can't be demons. ...Or can they? Note to self: investigate and disseminate. Not the unicorns, because they're nice. Hang about, no. Unicorns were originally a part of folklore that stated they were rampaging beasts, the better of any mortal knight in combat, and only became docile when presented with a virgin princess' bared breasts. Thus, perhaps a different method of investigation is appropriate. Kill 'em all. Shut it, Donnie. I'm trying to talk to an audience over here.), then it may as well be true. The idea of chance is an alluring one, and it must be said that many women and men are drawn to this place in the hopes of finding a mate, because of the implicit possibility that the stupid, boorish persona is but a façade, which when torn down will unveil the person of their dreams...


...At any rate, I had a proper contributor page lying around here somewhere. If found, please drop off at the bottom of the page. Reward offered, no questions asked.

Gi hi hihihi

(For no real reason beyond some people guessing otherwise, I'm a bisexual male 18-year-old university student.)

"GENGHIS MOTHERF*CKING KHAN?!!" Hehe, this made my day. -Game Chainsaw


... - Evil Children

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Fire the Terry-buches! - Desdendelle



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