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“If you had a bath big enough and a sort of sieve…” – on feasible ways of keeping a pet dolphin.

Hey there! Guess I’d better introduce myself or…Something. 19, British, and trying to get a handle on the adulthood. Determined to bring back bards and cloaks, which I have convinced myself should get back in vogue, Cloaks are fancy! And politics could be made considerably more lively with the application of song. I also have a recurring fantasy of owning a small, continental bakery with a regular clientele whom I can cultivate a small scale Rom-Com between two unrequited lovers which may become unexpectedly complicated with the introduction of an alternate match for one of previously mentioned lovers so as to provide an intriguing study of human idiosyncrasies and motives between batches of Croissants and Apple turnovers. But I fear this is just me.


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First, eh? Well, here I am! Hey, Cosmy! - Inhopelessguy

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