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AKA Boyo, Byo

Hi, I'm Matt. I'm 16, and I live in Germany. I have brown hair, brown eyes, and am extremely tall and skinny. I am terrible at writing bios about myself, so this will probably be the extent of it. :P

Feel free to fill up my folders, though. :)

     Tropes That Describe Me 
  • I shall do the great honour of being the first vandal to write on your wall. Pip pip! -adjusts monocle-Tools Of Destruction
  • Hello, my good friend. In due time, I shall write you a poem. Because you're cool like that. <sets up tent> Its for when I... return. InhopelessGuy
    • If you find any dead bodies in it when you return, I have no idea why they're there.
  • Seems like I'm the third coming here. Well, hi there, and keep having fun :P ~Dhana Ragnarok
  • NO U! -tendollarlameo
    • NUH UH U!!!!!
  • Hey... I kinda broke your fridge. But no worries! I bought a few hundreds... thousands... litres of ice. Next time, you might need to wear winter clothes. Inhopeless Guy
    • *coughcoughImperialcoughcough*
  • Me again. Ummm... there's some pengiuns that came with the ice. No worries... just... bring some fish when you get back. About... 15 tonnes would do.
    • The penguins can go get it themselves. :P
  • again... me. Uhhh... the penguins want to say hello too!
    • EEEEK EEEEEEEKKKKK! (That's penguin for hi back)
  • Germany! -cheers on for no reason-
    • Random Poster! *cheers*
  • I give you the power of colors. ~theindefiniteone
  • A wild Troper appears! Wild Troper uses tag page! It's super effective!—Quarterman
  • Umm, hey! :) Kurle11