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—paraphrased from The Thing

Tropes for the Trope God, Memes for the Meme Throne!
CEO Nwabudike Morgan, MorganLink 3DVision Live Interview, Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri

Balmung is me.

I am too lazy to list what pages I have contributed to (mostly because I don't actually remember). I do more fixing of what's there than actual example and trope adding though, so it's not that relevant anyways. That said, I'm a Serial Tweaker.


I enjoy the Forum Games and On-Topic Conversations boards and frquent both of them.

I am the troper formerly known as Balmung 60.

I seem to be incapable of stopping making avatars once I start. If you want one, they're pretty much all up for sharing. Just look here and PM me which one you want, or go to this thread.

If anyone was wondering I am a male college student, age 22.

I'm on Linux, bitch, I thought you GNU.

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     Things I like 

     Tropes (that you guys think are) applicable to me (Open to Wiki Magic) 

Unless stated otherwise, all tropes here were added by others.


     Tropes I've launched: 

     Feats/Special Rules (from the thread for them) 
    Each time Balmung chooses to strike with five same-themed avatars (i.e., Fire Emblem or Touhou) he can choose to change the gameplay style for the next turn to reflect that theme.
  • Avatar Switch
    Whenever Balmung is losing a battle, he can switch to a new avatar with replenished life points. This can be done a maximum of five times.
  • Lego Coding
    Balmung can break, build and rearrange data freely. Useless in meat space, but godlike on the digital plane.
  • Reinforcements
    Heal 1 hit point for each avatar in your gallery
  • Summon the horde
    Deal five damage for each avatar present in your gallery
  • Cute Avatars
    Balmung gains a +2 bonus to all checks made to interact with people online, since they're distracted by the cuteness.
  • The Power of Rock
    Balmung may call upon Sabaton once a day to double the efficiency of any troops on the field.
  • Frigid Doom
    Whenever Cirno is on the field at the same time as Balmung, Balmung can boost her powers 10x.
  • Juggle State
    Once per battle, Balmung can hit more than once in one turn, regardless of the time spent between moves, the second hit will always connect with decreasing accuracy for each attack following it.
  • The Avatar of Avatars
    For every time that T Vtropes goes bork, Balmung may summon one of his/her avatars to do his/her will. The avatar fades away if it is killed, or after 108 hours have passed.
  • Blunt.
    Because of his ability to get straight to the point, Balmung's attack speeds up once every five turns. However, it can only happen three times within a battle.
  • Pow Pow
    Twice randomly per battle, Balmung's attack deals double the damage due to his massive amount of willpower points.
  • Master of Shapeshifting
    Balmung has the ability of completely changing his physical appearance unlimited times per day, which causes Confusion effects on low-level tropers.
  • First Person Person
    Balmung gets a +2 bonus to all intimidate and diplomacy checks by coming across as passive aggressive.
  • This Week's Trope Knight
    At any time when not in combat and in range of a town, Balmung may reroll their entire character sheet and store their previous character in the town for later use.
  • Trope-fu!
    Balmung can use any trope as Martial Arts and Crafts.
  • Avatar mob
    Balmung can summon a mob of avatars for attack or defence.
  • Shared Avatar Network
    Balmung gains a +2 bonus to deal with anyone using one of his avatars.
  • Share and Share Alike.
    The spirit of Sharing works through Balmung. He automatically gains experience when he chooses to share his equipment or other material wealth with others, scaling with the value (either material or sentimental) of the objects gifted. Consult the Feat-induced Experience table for scores.
  • Sword of Balmung
    When Balmung is in the possession of a sword, add +40 to Strength, Agility, and Luck. I think this one just be really frakking overpowered.

  • Hmmph! I didn't vandalize this page because I like you or anything. *blush* Do you get that? — jcruz

  • Hi. I am also a 20-year-old male college student. Well... taking a year-long job break for now. Skatepunk

  • Hmm, it looks like you could use a bit of help in the way on vandalism. Best of wishes, Bal. -Randomtropeloser

  • Hi! Black Lagoon is indeed a masterpiece. — Shichibukai

  • Excuse me while I take the liberty to do so...- Mr W

  • -spraypaints your entire page with vandalism- >:3 —CompassionateSadist


  • From what I understand, you're a Knight of Tropes. I'm not sure if the title is self-appointed or not, but I challenge you to a duel for it! - WUE

  • Hey, a fellow PSG fan! GOD MY FUCKING OH THAT FINALE - nohaynicklibre

  • Hello, nice to meet you, I hope I see you more! -Counterclock

  • Well, hello there, sir. Would you enjoy a taste of whiskey with me? -offers flask-

  • You seem pretty cool, Bal. ~ BlackDove

  • You're it, baby. ~WandereroftheWastes

  • Another fan of Advance Wars. =) -Nathaniel The Seeker

  • My rampant vandalism spree takes another innocent trope pa... -Looks up- Oh. - Phoenixor

  • I don't know much about the Bleach fandom, but I don't want to know what horrors you've gone through to find your current avatar. As they say in Perth, bloody good work mate! - betterthanstrawberry
    • I just made it from something I stumbled across on one of the 'boorus.

  • QR Code transmission received. Message as follows: white bears, white bears, white bears. End message. ~ SabresEdge

  • The faeries made me do it - StolenByFaeries

  • You have a great avatar collection, let me tell ya. - Earl of Sandvich

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  • -Wanders into your kitchen, steal a bag of your potato chips and crashes on your couch.- Hey. ~Game Spazzer

  • Godot was here.

  • I can't work out what gender you are. - Anthony Mercer

  • I shall now proceed to set your avatars on fire.note  - Nekoalexa

  • *Extinguishes Nekoalexa related fires* KuroFox

  • Unmatchable cuteness and Armchair Military (? for the armchair part): odd but definitely pretty cool mix of tropes. Hmm...would you accept a Kilo-class sub to be moe enough? Sabre's Edge

  • Hey, congrats on getting past that 1,000 mark! —Earl of Sandvich


  • You know, that burn mark on your wall should be painted over with something... *throws a bucket of red paint at it* It symbolises rage! ~KuroFox

  • You want MOOOOOOOOORE vandalism? -Tye Dye Wildebeest

  • I apologize but it would appear that the faeries are feeling restless on my page. They want yours now. - StolenByFaeries

  • Your avatar gallery would make a brave man cry. It makes this fangirl squee. -Burinnu
    • Thanks!

  • The best part of waking up... is vandalism in your cup! -Tye Dye Wildebeest

  • The faeries will steal your avatars... one by one. - StolenByFaeries

  • I need some inspiration to write on your page, but here you go anyways. ~Bella

  • Heeey. Nice avatar collection. :)- JJ
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  • Hey, I'm gonna use one of your avatars, okay? -StongRadd

  • Unpredictable vandalism by me makes you "a victim of coicumstance". Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk! - AlBundyFan365

  • I love Bollywood. It's SOOOOO terrible.Sean Murray I

  • Then something came into the chamber - I felt it through the door, and the orcs themselves were afraid and fell silent. It laid hold of the iron ring, and then it perceived me and my spell.

  • Revenge is a dish best served cold, m'dear. >:D No, I'm not really mad.> Sakan4k

  • The faeries are sending naval units in this direction. - a faerie

  • If you were stranded on a desert island in the middle of the ocean, but you could have one thing with you, what would you pick? I think I'd pick slave Leia. Joel Schumacher ruined the Batman series.Sean Murray I

  • Truly you are a god among avatar collectors. —The Ginkei

  • Lo, gauss. —Snicklin

  • Hiyo! Thanks for the avatars... sorry, again, about stealing one...-Enkufka

  • I sense a dynamic storm abounds!!! -what?- I dunno, don't ask me. Voids Empathy

  • READ Onizuka GTO Tropers/Vanthebaron

  • This isn't another new fashion, or a new wave plastic trend./Everybody's searching for something but in the meantime let's all just pretend./I've got this feeling and I don't know what it is./This room is overcrowded, man, and I need air to breathe, yeah./Big bang, big crunch, you know there's no free lunch./Kneel down and pray, here comes your judgment day./Big crunch, you know, it's gonna be quite a show./What goes around always comes around, yeah./A million hopeless faces dwell within protected walls,/All waiting for a moment in life when they can heed the clarion call./And it's all so oppressive my mind feels like a sieve./This city's overcrowded, man, and I need room to live./Big bang, big crunch, you/know there's no free lunch./Kneel down and pray, here comes your judgment day./Big crunch, you know, it's gonna be quite a show./What goes around always comes around, yeah./I think of the countless shadows that have all come and gone,/All suffering in the notion of better things to come./If you share these beliefs you know I wish you well,/'cause there's no room left in heaven and there's sure no room in hell, yeah./Big bang, big crunch, you know there's no free lunch./Kneel down and pray, here comes your judgment day./Big crunch, you know, it's gonna be quite a show./What goes around always comes around.-Tropers/Vanthebaron
    • Um... Sorry?

  • Over 3000! O_O The faeries are impressed and slightly afraid. - a faerie

  • Personally? I'm just into mages for the robes. Robes are awesome. Staves are awesome. Magic is awesome. Therefore, mages are awesome. Seriously, I love mages. Especially Loli Mages. -RenaTheArchmage
    • Also, the fact that you prefer mages over Pegasus Knights (ESPECIALLY Florina) means you have no soul.

  • Hi! O.O ~raigakuren

  • DUDE! YOU'RE AWESOME! Sadly, I have no song for you... but One Day I Will. Inhopelessguy

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  • I saw someone launched your trope without putting the mark up on the page. Here's your original, so you can fix that. Noir Grimoir
    • I know, I put it up there on the stuff I launched in the way I did because I fixed it.

  • Oh god, the avatars, there's hundreds of them! FlintTD

  • Hi, Balmung! Have a chainsaw! -Motor-Runner

  • It seems you're pretty overdosed for a troper. Greetings. - Amused Troper Guy
  • How long have you been in the troperworld, just wondering? ~Rockonman
    • Since November 2010 or so.
  • When everything else failed, try applying fire to your problem. Well, more fire. If it didn't work, you didn't applied enough. ~Dhana Ragnarok

  • Hmm, I just noticed you're posting from Omaha. I wonder if you could be anyone I know... -montagohalcyon

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    • Yes you are. =P
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