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Chibi graciously made by Stolen By Faeries

Lady Momus: slayer of ptitles, assassin of red links, and mover of wicks.
Named after the Greek god of satire, biting commentary and writers.

Hello, I'm Lady Momus.

I am a bookworm with an unhealthy love of puns. I'm also a huge Nerd. Or Geek. Maybe both. (I never did understand the difference between the two.) My interests include anime/manga, comic books, mythology, and sci-fi/fantasy.

My blog


Forum Titles


  • Modelland Survivor: I survived reading Modelland by Tyra Banks. Twice.


  • Golden Age Fanboy: I was accused of being a Golden Age fanboy. I found this deeply amusing, so I made it my forum title. In spite of this title, I am a girl.
  • Red Link Assassin: Most of my edits at the time involved removing/fixing red links.

My edits on TV Tropes

Most of my edits on the wiki fall under one of these categories:

  • Moving wicks
  • Swapping ptitles with their redirects
  • Adding folders
  • Fixing red links and typos
  • Miscellaneous formatting fixes
  • Rare ventures onto the Spanish section of the Wiki using my sockpuppet Dama Momus.

Yeah, the editing I do isn't exciting, but it's a healthy outlet for my Grammar Nazi tendencies.

Pages I Created:

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    Useful Tools 

    How to fix strange symbols in the middle of an article 
Smart quotes are an abomination unto the LORD and should be removed on sight. - Micah

Ever run into odd symbols in the middle of text? Well, this can happen when copying/pasting text from a Word Processor into a page on the Wiki. Non-English characters, smart quotes ("curly" quotes), and punctuation marks are the main culprits.

See the Dama Momus page for a list of these mistakes and what the proper symbol(s) should be.

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Grobi: Correcting redlinks, removing wicks for Permanent Red Link Club-Members, fixing typos, not knowing/not caring for the difference between "Nerd" and "Geek"... You're not me, are you?note 

Lady Momus: You're right. We have too much in common. You're really my Alternate Universe twin, aren't you? The only question is: which one of us is the good twin? :P
There's no "Good"- or "Evil"-Twin — just Spear-/Distaff Counterpart ^^

Death To Squishies: You've been busy lately, it seems, fixing all the potholes to video game articles. Even on a couple of obscure-ish pages, it seems. Keep up the good work. C:
Lady Momus: Thanks. I appreciate the encouragement. :)

Alexia Inigo: You are brilliant. Too brilliant to handle. :))

Lady Momus: Thanks. :)

Hence the Fortress: It's Qwark-tastic!